12 pieces of grandma wisdom that will keep you healthy

12 pieces of grandma wisdom

health tips | March 13, 2017 | By

grandma wisdom, those little treasures of a truth-bomb that will never let you down when it comes to creating your very best day!

1.  go to bed early (adrenals start resetting at 10pm and need their time to rest)12 pieces of grandma wisdom

2.  eat a big hearty breakfast (a big hearty breakfast sets your circadian rhythm in the cell and connects you to the leptin hormone)

3.  have gratitude for what you already have (people with gratitude have lower cortisol levels)

4.  spend less than what you earn (staying on budget creates abundance and reduces stress)

5.  eat food at the kitchen table (you actually digest your food better when seated at the same place)

6.  chew your food well (grandma rocked digestion tips as chewing decreases constipation levels)

12 pieces of grandma wisdom7.  chicken soup helps you feel better (homemade stock contains glutathione which eats up virus and bacteria)

8.  eat more veggies (phytonutrients baby!)

9.  do not forget your prayers (kneeling and offering gratitude for your day and asking for help keeps cortisol down)

12 pieces of grandma wisdom 10.   be kind (she knew what goes around comes around)

11.  forgive others (even if they do not deserve it you do)

12. drink more water (a hydrated colon is a healthy colon)

So share some of your grandma’s wisdom with us. What was her best tip that has made a difference in your life?


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