19 Thing That Outrageously Healthy People Do

19 Healthy Habits

19 Healthy Habits

Do you remember those old Encycopedia Brown books? The ones where you chose your own adventure.  I loved those books. I would re and reread and change how the story moved along. It was the ultimate freedom to determine how it ended.

“Freedom lies in being bold. Robert Frost.”

cut your eating off two hours before going to bed

experience gratitude no matter the circumstance

eat veggies every day

 hydrate your body

track your temperature for thyroid function

don’t get caught up in researching

do not participate in the “I am starting a diet on Monday” game and gorge all weekend

speak powerfully

understand that there is no perfect diet

allow imperfections in your eating

track and evaluate your progress

keep bowels healthy and moving

laugh every day

monitor cortisol spikes and take action to decrease them promptly

know your own personal superfoods

support adrenals

stay deeply connected to people

know your Magnesium RBC and soak to maintain strong magnesium levels

Evaluate  Your Adventure

Did you opt to see what you had done?

Did you focus on all of the things left to do?

Read the list again. This time focusing on what you have done well. Put a small victory dance for every thing you have done. This small shift is what walks more women toward creating health than any other thing I can share with you.

Celebrate More Than You Ruminate

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  1. How can I monitor my cortisol
    Spikes? I realize my stress actually increases my weight gain though I am not an emotional eater! How can I figure these out and bring them down to a stable and healthy level! Thank you for all the time you put into this, your podcasts/radio show and beautiful Shoppe! Love it all!

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      Watch for those moments of frustration or anger. that is when our cortisol spikes. i play the 5/5/5 game. Will i remember this in 5 minutes? 5 months? and finally will it matter in 5 years? it helps give me perspective and manage my cortisol spikes.

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      Hi Julie,
      When we do a workshop in another area it is because someone helped us set it up. We would love to do one in layton but would need someone to reach out and be willing to earn some free magnesium and help us set it up.

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