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There are simply three types of people when it comes to magnesium.

  1. take it orally enjoy the short term benefits and never look at the damage that is done to digestion because they will deal with that when it becomes a massive issue. These are also the people who do not care about cell saturation. They are short term haul kind of people.
  2. those who do not care about their health and wait until it crashes
  3. those like you that research and want to build a strong foundation so that they are healthy today and in 20 years from now( I am in this category)

So come on tell me. What category are you?

For those like you and I who are invested in the long term and do not buy into short term fixes there is the 30 day magnesium challenge

It is actually a really simple way to increase your chances of being at cell saturation

5 simple steps for the 30 day challenge

Pick your day to start

buy your magnesium

pick your bowl

Celebrate like crazy that you invested in your health and that you kicked into action

Now here is what will usually kick in.

The pattern of perfectionism. Your mind will kick in and say but you do not have 30 days to soak every day (this is also called time poverty)this is happening or aunt mary is getting married and you know you will not have time. Not to worry. Your goal will be to soak 70% of those days. We do not have to be perfect to be healthy.

The next question is usually how long do I need to soak the answer 20-45 minutes. In 20 minutes most people have actually utilized about 80 percent of the magnesium. In 45 minutes most people have utilized about 98 percent of the magnesium. So after 45 minutes very little uptake is happening.

Then you will wonder about water. After extensive testing we found temperature of water only made a difference in the comfort of the soak and not in the uptake.

Then many people will wonder if they can soak in the bath tub. That is how I get mine in because I love the ritual of a long hot bath. If you are not a bath person though no worries just soak your feet and your lymph system will do the work for you and uptake just as much as those of us that sit in the tub.

which magnesium product do you need?

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4 types of magnesium

Which magnesium product do you need? Living the Good Life Naturally we have several amazing magnesium options for you to choose from. So, which one is the best for your situation? For some clarity, I want to introduce some of my very favorite products and the best use for each one.

Magnesium Lotion: our magnesium lotion is great for spot treatment. While it will not get you to cell saturation it is fabulous when used daily to keep you there. One of our families favorite ways of using it is self massage along trigger points on the body that you can reach  yourself. We also love rubbing it on the bottom of your feet.

This product was also formulated with babies and small children in mind. Specifically babies that are not sleeping well or have acid reflux. While magnesium is not a “cure all”, it is the foundation that affects both of these conditions. During pregnancy a mother can only share as much magnesium with her baby as she has, so if she has not been keeping her magnesium levels up, we have a baby that is born with out enough of this key mineral. My big vision goal is to have every expectant mother understand the role of magnesium in the health of her unborn child. When you know how essential magnesium is to the development of a baby the decision to regularly soak in magnesium is an easy one. What a difference there would be in the health of our newborns if every doctors office recommended soaking during the 9 months we have to create healthy babies.  I’m holding space that one day it will happen and that magnesium soaking will be understood  by every  expectant mother.

Magnesium Spray: with magnesium spray, uptake is much more efficient than what the lotion can provide but a little messier to deal with. . The undiluted spray will leave a white residue as it dries. For those of you who are very deficient in magnesium you might experience a tingle while your body uptakes the magnesium. I love having magnesium spray in my car and at my desk in case my neck and shoulders get tight while driving, working or stressing. Sometimes trying to figure out what to write for my blog stresses me out and makes me tense. Have I told you talking on the radio is a much easier option for me? The magnesium spray can help alleviate some of that tension.  After 16 years of using and loving magnesium I’ve never seen the spray get anyone to cell saturation however, it can hold you there once you invest time to soak but it’s not enough on its own to get you there.

Magnesium Muscle Creme: this cream is the newest member of our magnesium family product line. Because it’s a cream, it has the ability to hold more magnesium than our lotion. We’ve also added emu oil which helps pull the magnesium right down into your muscles. Be careful of the menthol, it’s very strong and not intended for delicate areas like around your eyes. Magnesium Muscle Creme can help relax and repair overworked, sore, and tired muscles. It works great for a foot cream as well.

Magnesium Soak:  this is the best way to get your cells saturated with the magnesium they crave. Soaking in magnesium is a great way to enhance overall health. Get started by taking the magnesium 30 day challenge. #Mag30Challenge.