Get the 411 on iodine

Growing up in my family you asked what kind if cancer when someone died. My older siblings and parents are all downwinders. There are times that I have let cancer put me into fear mode. Fear does not create health. Adding iodine does.   Tell me how you take your iodine?

8 tips to catching zzz's

8 Tips to catching zzz’s

Optimal rest is crucial for optimal health. ‘Im tired’ doesn’t have to be your excuse anymore. Kristen Podcast On Sleep Ready.. set.. catch those zzz’s! 1 Don’t overwhelm yourself now, change one thing at a time and track it! Find the best way for you to track and monitor your sleep, we’ve got modern gadgets and gismos a plenty, so find …

coffe scrubbin benefits

Coffee scrubbin’ benefits

“I don’t want no scrub…” Wait, yes I really do! Blue Bossa body scrubs have benefits that your skin is going to fall in scrub with. Your skin works pretty hard to protect you during weather changes and in all of your daily doings. It might be time to give it some needed attention. A little scrub-a-scrub could even help …