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Do you know what your superfoods are? Because your superfoods and my superfoods could be totally different. So let me backtrack a little bit and help you understand. I have a daughter that traveled and got really, really sick, and so when we brought her home to help her heal, I gave her all of my superfoods. I gave her bone broth. Bone broth is my superfood. It calms down my immune system. It heals and seals my gut, helps my brain function, makes my skin glow.

So I kept giving her bone broth. Guess what? Bone broth is not that girl’s superfood. It is not. It is just not her superfood because it has histamine, and at that point, her body was having a hard time breaking down histamines. So one of the things we’re working in the discovery portion of Project Radiate, which is an online group of women that I meet with every single week, it’s my favorite part of the whole week.

We’re discovering what their personal superfoods are. Do you know what your personal superfoods are? Because if you have a low energy day or you get a weakened immune, if you know what your personal superfoods are, boom, you can jump right back on board and add those superfoods and really boost your energy levels up.

So let’s go over, and this is not a complete list of superfoods, but let’s just talk about some of the superfoods. There’s chia seeds, bone broth, raw milk yogurt, raw milk,  kafir,  fermented foods,  grapefruits,  kale,  and broccoli. 

A superfood is just something that’s loaded with nutritional value. Dandelions. Did you know dandelions were brought to the New World because of their nutritional value? And we spend so much money nuking those things? They’re so loaded in nutrition. So finding your superfoods is so important. One of my superfoods is grapefruit on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. The reason is, I tend to lean toward thicker bile, which slows down my energy.

And did you know that grapefruit is a natural bile thinner? And so when I start my morning with a fresh grapefruit or fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, I have more energy during the day. Now if you don’t have thick bile, it’s not going to make a whole hill of beans of difference for you. It’s massive for me, so understanding your superfoods, so just start isolating those foods that you eat and for example, chia seeds. Do you add chia seeds? How do you feel on the days that you add chia seeds? Do you think better? Do you function better? Is your energy better? Just focus on those chia seeds for a couple days, and then drop the chia seeds for a couple days. Notice what the difference is.

Is it time-consuming? A little bit. Is it worth it? All the way, because when I start to feel a little down, a little discouraged, a little low-energy, I know exactly which foods will nourish me quickly and easily, and that’s what Living the Good Life Naturally is all about.

Facebook Live: Natural Hair Loss Solutions

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Okay, natural hair loss solutions. Please understand I’m not a doctor, I’m not diagnosing, I am just sharing some things that worked for me. Little short backstory in that when I had my total and complete health crash I was having seizures, I was in a wheelchair, tubes, colostomy, it was bad, it was just bad. Let’s just say that, it was bad. One of the hardest emotional components for me was when I started losing my hair. Now that sounds crazy because I had lost bladder control, I had lost functionality of my body working, and the thing I was the saddest about was my hair when I started losing my hair. And so when I got asked this question I realized something about myself that you may have already known, I’m a talker not a writer. And so I told her, I said, “I can so do this on a Facebook live. It would take me hours to write it out where I can quickly cover it on a Facebook live.”


And so we’re not talking male pattern baldness here. So for example, if my cute little hubby hops on and says, “Is this gonna help me grow my hair back?” My answer to him is going to be no, absolutely not, it’s not going to. This is geared toward women who are losing their hair in clumps. And again, not a doctor, not diagnosing, just sharing what I did to get my hair back after my body went a little wacko.


So number one we need to bring in grandma wisdom. Grandma wisdom rocks. And sometimes we kind of forget about the grandma wisdom and we need to remember that. So sugar, this process and protocol and these layers that I’m going to give you aren’t going to work if you’re a sugar addict. You can’t counterbalance all the detrimental things that sugar is doing for your hair loss. And so just listen to everything though that filter.


Number two, adrenals are always a part of hair loss. So anything we do to nourish our adrenals is going to help the hair loss issue. Adrenals need magnesium. So you might have heard me talk about this. Soaking, doing a 30 day challenge in magnesium. That’s where you soak every day for 30 days. You’re going to miss a couple days, it’s okay. Get back on the next day and soak. 30 days, 20 to 45 minutes. Magnesium is crucial in nourishing adrenals. Magnesium is crucial in nourishing adrenals.


So I want you to have that filter that everything I talk about you don’t have to do all of the layers. Any layer that you add of what I share from now on will work better if your magnesium numbers are up. Everything in your body works better when your magnesium numbers are up. So committing to the 30 day challenge is one of the most important things that you can do to help restore and bring your body back into balance.


So a super simple thing that I have seen make a difference for people is when we are losing our hair our gut can actually be involved. And so when your gut is involved in that process anything we do to support digestion is crucial. One of my favorite products is carried by E3Live and it’s powdered enzymes. Now you’ll notice these are not in a pill, they’re not in a tablet, they haven’t been compressed, they’re powdered form. These are just my favorite. I see them create amazing things for people. Adding enzymes to help break down your food better to increase your digestion will actually help the hair loss. The cool thing is this helps a lot of other things too, hormones, sleep, energy, brain funk. So this can be a crucial component. So there’s one thing that you can do.


Now remember, as we go through this, you have a decision to make. Are you going to get overwhelmed with all the information or are you going to recognize, “I trust the fact and I’m going to find the very thing for me that puts me back into balance so my hair doesn’t keep falling out?”


So another thing is Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. I love Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. You can pick this up pretty much anywhere now. It used to be you could only go to specialty stores. Now there’s a certain way to do it though that makes it more powerful and that is if you will mix it about a teaspoon of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar to about a quarter cup of water and add a local honey local to your area. So here in Cache Valley we are so lucky we have Cox Honey and we have Slide Ridge Honey, and both of them are beautiful local honeys. Is what adding that local honey will do is number one you’ll be able to get it down because vinegar water to my water is not anyone’s favorite. I don’t know, maybe you love it, but the honey helps you to get it down, it makes it a little bit more palatable to take in.


And the other thing that it does is hair loss is related to high cortisol levels, your stress levels. And so the honey in with all the good enzymes and minerals in the apple cider vinegar, the honey is dropping the cortisol out of your blood and that’s a beautiful thing. And so adding that honey into that mixture is crucial.


Now there are some people in my family who shall remain unnamed that just cannot get this down. And if you’re not going to get it down it doesn’t matter how many times you think about it, read about it, set your intention about it, go to the store and buy it, it’s not going to make a difference. And so there is an apple cider vinegar pill that I picked up at Natural Grocers. Now I went to go grab it so I could show you and I gave it away to somebody who needed it more than I did. So I’m going to describe it. It’s at Natural Grocers. It’s the one in the icy blue bottle, really pretty icy frosty blue with a yellow lid. And it’s an apple cider vinegar pill. Now does it work as well as this? No, it doesn’t, does not work as well as this. But if you’re not taking this because it tastes so nasty that apple cider vinegar pill is a great option. It’s a great option. So this is option A and the apple cider vinegar pill is option B.


Now remember that honey we talked about? So let’s take that into other areas of your life. So for example maybe you use the My Miracle Tea or you have some kind of drink that you love to drink. Mix a little bit of honey in that and the honey will help lower the cortisol levels because hair loss is always connected to high cortisol levels. And sometimes we’ve been doing it so long that our cortisol isn’t high anymore, we’ve burned it out and it’s tanked. The honey is still beneficial, and so that’s a really beautiful thing. So that can really help with the hair loss.


Another thing that can help in supporting adrenals is cordyceps. This is a really … Oh Brad, I’m so excited, you’ve been soaking, that is great. So excited. So cordyceps are really good to help support adrenals. And remember, if you’ve got hair loss going on, if your hair is coming out in clumps it’s an adrenal issue. Now a lot of times people will say, “Well I have hair loss because of this,” or, “I have hair loss because of this,” and they’ll give it a name. It still had adrenal issues involved in it. So we’ve got to support those adrenals. And so cordyceps can be a really beautiful way to support people’s adrenals.


Now another layer, and remember, well you can choose, you can go into overwhelm with all the information or you can go, “Oh, there’s lots of layers and I’m going to choose the one that’s best for me.” Another layer that I love is building a stronger Omega-3 6 fatty acid balance. So when your hair’s coming out it can indicate that you have too many Omega-6’s and not enough Omega-3’s. And so we want to build those Omega-3’s. Now the beautiful thing about building that is you just start to feel better. In fact I had a lady that came in the shop and she said, “I’m just not sure what I’m doing. This has gotten better, this has gotten better, this has gotten better.” Well she was soaking in magnesium and then she’d added cod liver. And so between those two things it had made a huge difference for her. Yes, you feel the difference when you start adding those layers that are foundational because I don’t chase symptoms. That overwhelms me and exhausts me. I don’t chase symptoms. I build a strong foundation.


Okay, so another thing that I want to talk about is your T4 T3 conversion, T4 T3 conversion. Did you know that happens in your liver? That is totally a liver thing.


Okay, so [Shara 00:09:50], oh I hope I said that correct, Shara, is there such a thing as a shampoo hair care doing this? Seems like you just wash it down the drain. Okay so definitely the quality of the products that you use. I love the Loma products. They’re a sulfate-free … They’re just a really nice small company that makes a beautiful shampoo. Usually though Shara it’s an internal. So the shampoos and things that we put this way are dealing with the external but the problem started internally. And so we’ve got to work from the inside out. That’s the way that I like to work, from the inside out so that I’m pushing everything this way and stimulating that good hair growth and making sure that my hair’s not coming out in clumps.


So that T4 T3 conversion is crucial. And you’ll know, you can actually … Now this isn’t across the board but a lot of people you can actually find out how your T4 T3 conversion is going if you look down and you’ve got some extra weight around your middle. That is a decrease T4 T3 conversion. So think of T4 like Eeyore and T3 like Tigger. And we need the energy happening.


So Brad says, “Hope it’s not too off topic but I have reoccurring uric acid kidney stones.” Oh, you know what Brad? As soon as I’m done this specific Facebook live I’m doing for a lady, because I told her it was easier for me to talk it than type it, and so at the very end of this let’s absolutely, let’s talk about that Brad. Yeah, we’ll talk about that.


So that T4 T3 conversion issue, it shows up as low energy, it shows up as thyroid issues, it shows up as hair loss, it shows up as candida issues, and we need that T4 converting to that T3. So my very favorite way to do that is the acerola cherry powder. This is the most powerful thing that I’ve ever found to convert T4 into T3. And the reason is the copper ion in the middle. Now this cherry powder, the reason that we went to the effort to even bring it in and import it is because it’s grown in a permaculture system. So a permaculture system has more nutritional support. You can grow food in a soil and even though it looks like the same food it doesn’t have the nutrient value. A permaculture system shuttles nutrients in its ecosystem in the soil, and so the nutritional quality of the food goes through the roof. And so this is grown in a permaculture system.


And then the second thing that makes it different is the way it’s processed. If you process that cherry, the acerola cherry, and it’s a little berry like thing, if you process that at high heat you lose the copper ion. And then if you throw in tons of maltodextrin you’ve got maltodextrin punching holes in your gut, not the benefit of that copper ion in the maltodextrin. So there’s like numerous reasons why this is my favorite. That T4 T3 conversion. In fact [Sherry 00:13:35] who just hopped on was the one who gave me this tip because my kids are all grown and launched, and she has kids in her home, and it’s not my favorite taste I have to tell you. Some people like it, I don’t care for this one. And so Sherry came up with a brilliant way to get it down her kids and it’s a powder and she mixes it with honey. So she’s putting two super foods together, one that’s got the sweetness, the other that has a tartness, mixes them together and kids just take it right off the spoon. So I thought that was brilliant and I literally think of her every day because I’m telling people that all the time. They’ll come back and go, “Oh my kids love it that way.”


And the other beautiful thing about the whole food vitamin C is part of the reason that hair’s falling out is because of the liver. And so that whole food vitamin C is not only helping to clean up the candida but it’s restoring the balance in the liver that broke down. Now this Facebook live we don’t have enough, we’re not going to go into detail of all the steps that broke down. It is crucial that we mend that and one of those steps is the zinc copper. And so the acerola cherry powder, not only is that whole food vitamin C, but helps restore the zinc copper.


Oh, let’s talk about another thing that is does. So remember we talked about any time there’s hair loss we’ve got tired adrenals? We need better adrenal support. So your body takes the acerola cherry powder and creates collagen with it. And as we get older collagen starts to drop in our body and you can tell on your face. Like as you start to age it’s because your collagen levels are dropping. And so that’s another benefit of the acerola cherry powder is you start to see the difference in your skin. My skin looks better now than it did 10 years ago even though I’m 10 years older obviously. That was kind of dumb. So the acerola cherry powder gives your body a building block for your adrenals to sit in and be supported so they work better that way too. So just lots of things going on for hair loss with the acerola cherry powder.


Okay, so I think … Oh, we talked about cordyceps, supporting adrenals though cordyceps. Oh, let’s go to some grandma wisdom, okay? Grandma wisdom. Water. If you’re not washing and flushing your body with good hydration all throughout the day you’re walking away from just grandma wisdom. So we sometimes we forget those basic things and we want to look to all these other things to find the solution. And we just need to get our butts back to grandma wisdom. And on this one grandma wisdom is don’t stay up till 1:00 in the morning, it’s trashing your adrenals. And drink that water and make sure that you’re properly hydrating and nourishing your body with water.


So for the sweet lady who asked for help on losing hair we covered a lot of things. But remember, everything works better with magnesium. And so getting that magnesium in, I can’t tell you how many people will come in and say, “Oh I tried this one thing you talked about but it didn’t work for me.” And I’ll say, “Did you start with magnesium?” You have to start at the beginning and the first place that it went off was the magnesium. And so bringing the magnesium levels back in is absolutely crucial in making sure that hair loss is slowing down and not in the process of just getting worse. Because as your body loses that hair it’s your body giving you feedback, “Hey, we got a problem.” And so if you address that problem all sorts of other things get better. Your sleep will get better, your hormones will get better, we’ll just have all sorts of stuff. So there was the question for the lady who asked about hair loss because I’m a talker, not a writer. Much easier for me to talk it than it is for me to write it, which is why I do Facebook live versus blog posts.


Okay, so Brad, let’s get back … Oh, [Christy 00:18:01] has a question. Christy [Paskett 00:18:03]. Hi Christy. “How many times a week are we supposed to soak?” So Christy, here’s what I recommend in that the first time do a 30 day challenge. Do the 30 day challenge. Soak every day for 30 days. Let’s get your magnesium levels up. We know that sugar, stress, refined carbs, smoking, alcohol all decrease magnesium levels. And so do the 30 day challenge, soak every day for 30 days, and then evaluate. And some people need to soak three times a week, other people only need to soak once a week. It really depends on your lifestyle.


And I’m pretty convinced that as women we have allowed ourselves to become addicted to cortisol. It’s a short term fix that helps us in the short term but takes us down in the long term. And it’s through cortisol, through stress, and we use the stress to give us energy to get through the day. But when we have the stress that pushes the magnesium out through our urine. And so it depends how addicted you are to that cortisol to getting you through the day how fast you burn through your magnesium. So that’s why there’s not a standard answer to that, Shara. I can’t say, “Soak twice a week.”


Now I have autoimmune. I started getting diagnosed with autoimmune in my early teens. I’ve been diagnosed with numerous autoimmune. And people with autoimmune burn through their magnesium faster. So I have to take that into consideration. So I don’t know about Brad, Brad jumped on. Brad may not have autoimmune. My burn rate of magnesium is probably going to be higher than Brad’s because he doesn’t have autoimmune. My burn rate is higher than my husband’s because he doesn’t have autoimmune and he doesn’t stress about things. And so you really, after that 30 day challenge, I like to get the magnesium RBC tested so you know exactly where your magnesium is and then you can evaluate from that number. I got mine back and I’m a 6.9. Between 6.3 and 7 is where we want to be, and I just got mine back at a 6.9 so I was really happy. And so doing the 30 day challenge, paying to have that magnesium RBC test done will help you evaluate your individual burn rate.


Now I run a group of women online that we meet once a week called Project Radiate, and I actually have them do the 30 day challenge, do the magnesium, back off their soaking and determine, okay, one soak a week to three soaks a week, and then retest, because that will tell them did that three soaks a week lift your magnesium, did it stay the same, or did it drop it? And so then you’re going to have feedback right in your hands with a lab test of your individual magnesium burn rate. And it’s really powerful when women determine and discover their magnesium burn rate. It just turns a light on and they have this deep connection with themselves. So there’s a little tip for those of you that want to go deeper.


So Shara said, “Do these ideas work for autoimmune disease such as lupus?” I was diagnosed with lupus. Shara, do you have the butterfly rash? The butterfly on your cheeks? I was diagnosed with lupus when I was probably 14 or 15 I think. I was living in southern Utah with my family. And I have no symptoms from lupus whatsoever. Now I do have some symptoms from some other autoimmune, but lupus I’ve totally, I conquered that one. And so yes, all of those suggestions are powerful when it comes to autoimmune. And here’s the really cool thing about autoimmune because it can be overwhelming to chase autoimmune symptoms, like because there’s a lot of symptoms. If you just build your foundation strong you start just knocking out those autoimmune things. You just boom, knock it out, boom, knock it out, boom, knock it out. Oh, that was kind of like a song I was singing.


Anyway, so as you build a strong foundation it starts to take care of all the symptoms, and then that way you’re not chasing all these symptoms and trying things that don’t work. Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried something that didn’t work. And then you try the next thing and you try the next thing and then you get frustrated and give up and eat cake for three weeks. And then you try again and then it doesn’t work. And I call that just the stop start cycle, and it’s killing people. It’s literally killing people. And so that’s why I do the three day class.


Ooh, if anyone, we have a three day class coming up in St. George in September, the three day stop starting over, and then we also have our three day class here in Cache Valley in February I believe that’s come up. Both of those are on the website and we’re so excited. We are going to the San Francisco area and we’re setting up a class in the San Francisco area. Right now I’m working with a lady there and so I’m going to fly into San Francisco and teach that class, that three day class in San Francisco. So if you’re in those areas and you’d like to participate in that three day class it’s the foundation. It’s the foundation of what you need to build a strong body so you don’t have to chase symptoms. And I keep the cost so affordable, it’s $3. Or $3. No, it’s not that affordable. It’s $97 for three days, $97 for three days. It’s not $3, it’s more expensive than that.


So let’s go back. Brad had a question that I wanted to make sure I was staying on track for that lady on hair loss. But Brad had a question that I promised him I’d answer at the end. He has reoccurring uric acid kidney stones. Can you recommend anything? They are miserable. Miserable. So high uric acid means high inflammation. When you have high uric acid that means your body is not feeling good. And so Brad when you got on you shared with me that you were soaking in magnesium and that is where you start to bring inflammation down.


Now another thing that we can do to keep inflammation in check is boron. Boron is crucial to keeping inflammation in check when it comes to high uric acid. And so I’ve done a Facebook live video and it’s called magnesium + boron. And so you can go back and reference that boron and magnesium video and it will show you how I make my boron to get in my body. And let me tell you I wouldn’t be able to move out of bed without magnesium and boron. I have osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, and it gets me. And if those two things fall I’m in so much pain I can’t move. And the other day I realized something. Okay, I’ll share this and then I’m gonna go. Sorry, this ended up being way longer than what I anticipated.


So I realized something about myself and I was able to have gratitude for my pain. And I don’t think I’ve ever had that before. So a dear person in my life that I just love and is such a support to me was not remembering to do the supplements and morning routine and stuff that made a difference. And so I thought, “Ooh, I want to help her. I so want to help her.” So I just sent a funny snap. Like don’t you love those SnapChat filters like the puppy dog tongue? So I just send her like the rabbit nose and, “Take your supplements. [Hair 00:26:13]!” One of them I said, “If you want your hair tomorrow take your supplements today.” Just little silly things just to remind her to take those supplements. And it was so interesting to me because the one day I forgot, and so I usually was snapping her in the morning and I didn’t snap her till late at night.


And I was like, “Oh my gosh.” I’m in pain. The pain had set into my hands and I was really hurting and I was like, “Okay, I’m gonna go drop into bed.” And I realized, because I have people ask me that all the time and I’ve never had an answer for it. “Kristen, how do you stay on top of what you do?” And I realized in that moment I am motivated by my pain. I don’t like to have pain therefore I take really good care of myself to avoid the pain. So my question for you as we end this time together, what motivates you? What’s your motivator? Now for you it might not be pain. Now Brad, it sounds like it is pain for you, it sounds like you and I have got the same thing goin on there, and that pain is a motivator for you. Are you using that motivator to help you follow through so that you’re not in that pain, you’re walking away from that pain?” And so in that moment I had such gratitude for my pain because it’s my little daily constant remind. I wake up in the morning and most of the time I remember to follow through on my morning routine because I don’t want to have pain that day. And I’ve figured out and tweaked the foundation from what my body needs to walk me away from that pain.


Now does that mean I never have pain? Absolutely not. There are some days that okay I need to tweak. If I eat too much corn my pain goes up. Corn is not a friend to arthritis. And so there are things that I need to do to be accountable for to walk away from that pain. But you need to figure out what motivates you, what motivates you. And sometimes it’s a positive. I love my grand babies, I want to climb trees with my grand babies and run down the ocean. That motivates me to take care of myself so that I can live that way. Pain is a negative and it also motivates me and I’m okay with that because it motivates me to take care of myself so that I can create those things in my life that I want to.


So hope that that helped about the hair, hope that our time together was beneficial. Hope it helped remind you that there’s good things out there, but you’ve got to invest in yourself, you have to invest in the time, you have to invest in the tools that your body needs. Think of your car. You get the oil changed in your car all the time, like every 3,000 miles or 5,000 depending on the age of the car. Your body is worth so much more than that car. And you need to make sure that you’re investing in it and maintaining it and taking care of it so you can live that rocking lifestyle, love on those people that you’re meant to love with, and do all those great things that are in your heart.


So thanks for being with my today. My name’s Kristen Bowen, I am the founder of Living The Good Life Naturally. Oh and this week our magnesium lotion is on sale. I forgot to tell you that. Back to mag. Don’t forget, back to school’s crucial for [inaudible 00:29:41], books, outfits, shoes, what you’re wearing, but don’t forget to get their brains ready for back to school because a magnesium rich brain has better memory retention and better stress resilience. And that’s what we want in our kids. So thanks for being with me, have a great day. Talk to you later, bye. Well maybe if I can turn the dang thing off. Okay, so I’m hitting it and it’s not going off. My screen is frozen. It’ll be the never ending Facebook live. Like it’s never going to end. Oh this is funny. Okay.



Podcast: Gelatin, my mandatory superfood.

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Bovine Gelatin 

Oh, you’re going to love this one. Well, I think you will. Well, let me say this. I’ll love it and I do love it because it’s simple and easy and that’s what I like. I think it’s easier to add things to your life than take things away. We’re talking gelatin. It helps sleep. It helps hormones. It helps energy. It helps adrenals. It helps brain function. It helps joints. Wow! It does so many things.


Now, I have a very specific way, though, that I see gelatin making a difference, in that I know there’s great recipes, and any time you get gelatin in that’s good. I don’t see the gelatin little cubey jiggler-like things making that much of a difference, though, when it comes to all of those things that I listed. Is what I do see is when you’re drinking it in liquid form that it really starts to make that difference.


I take my gelatin any time I have broth. I boost it with gelatin. Any time that I drink Crio Bru, which is basically every morning, I boost it with gelatin. Gelatin absorbs xenoestrogens, therefore making it a huge boost to your hormones. It supports joints for those of you that are like me and are working on arthritis-like symptoms. It helps heal and seal the gut, so you uptake nutrients better from your food, and that’s what helps you to sleep better. The gelatin actually helps heal your gut so that you can tap into that melatonin that your body needs to relax.


But did you know gelatin supports thyroid. Any time we do anything for adrenals, we’re opening up the door to help our thyroid to be better, because that was the first door that broke down. Gelatin is so good to support adrenals because adrenals sit in gelatin, and as we get older, our gelatin and collagen starts to break down, and so adding it is just a dang super food. Really helps with brain function. I love what it does for my brain.


You have to find your spot, though. I personally want the least amount for the most amount of benefit. The least amount of product or food for the most amount of benefit. Now there for a while, when my health was really crashed, I was taking three scoops a day at separate times. I have noticed more than a scoop doesn’t really make a difference at the same time. It’s almost like it’s too much for your body to uptake. Now, I only need one scoop a day for the same benefit because I’m so much healthier because I paid the price and added lots of layers to get me where I’m at today.


Really play with your gelatin intake. How much does your body need. You’ll tell a difference in your nails, in your skin. It really supports nails and skin. Now for those of you losing your hair, this can be a real trigger. Seriously, I could have seizures in public and urinate in public, and I cried over losing my hair. I know, I know. A little backwards. It was traumatic, though, to lose my hair. Gelatin can be a huge layer for those of you who are losing your hair because adrenals are almost always a part of that.


The other thing gelatin does is it boosts liver function. Any time you boost liver function, everything gets better. Do you see what a super food it is? It’s amazing. I do have a very specific brand that I like. It’s the Perfect brand. I used to say Great Lakes, but Perfect brand has a better amino acid profile, and so right now currently, I’m using the Perfect. And we’ll throw up a link in the show notes for this brand of gelatin. Getting it in drinkable form makes such a difference also. You can’t even taste it.


I do have a little trick for how I use it, and that is, I put a scoop of gelatin with about two scoops of water, so a couple tablespoons of water, cold, and I mix that and it congeals. Then I put that little ball of super food goodness into whatever hot drink that I’m drinking. Now the reason that I do that is it has a little bit of a different mouth consistency, a mouth feel, if you don’t do that. Some of my kids don’t need me to do that. They can’t tell if it’s in there or not. Others are like me and they can tell. It’s worth that little bit of extra effort for me to make sure I’ve mixed it in cold water and then plopped it into the hot water.


You do want to be careful. For example, my Crio gets really, really hot while I’m infusing it into the water through the French press. I wait until the very end and I’m protecting that amino acid profile from the heat and I’m putting the gelatin in at the very end. You do have to make sure that you drink it while it’s warm, or else it will start to set up and you’ll need a spoon to eat your gelatin. But even if you eat it that way, it’s still an amazing food. It’s a super food.


Have you added it yet? I’d love to hear. Let me know. Tell me. Has it made a difference for you? A lot of the people it does. And boy, the more we can layer and get you feeling better, the faster you can wake up feeling amazing, and my belief is that when you have a woman who wakes up feeling amazing, she lifts all the people around her and changes the world. We need more women doing that. Lean in. Add something today.


My name’s Kristen Bowen. I’m the founder of Living the Good Life Naturally. You can find more about Living the Good Life Naturally on Facebook, Living the Good Living Naturally; on Instagram, Living the Good Life Naturally; and on our website site page. Can you guess it? Thanks for joining me.


Hey, it’s Kristen here. Two favors if you enjoyed that podcast. Go ahead and like the podcast wherever you are listening in from. Want more info and updates about free classes, paid classes, products, go to Enter your email in for the email newsletter, and that’s where I send all of the updates about all of the amazing things that are happening at Living the Good Life Naturally. Remember, you are the CEO of your life. Today is the day to create health and live the good life naturally.


The content of this program is for information purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease. Individual health conditions may vary. Always seek competent medical advice from your medical or holistic health provider before starting any new health protocols.


Playlist: Get me dancing!

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Big huge double triple thanks to our More Money Now 30 Day Challenge class for helping us put this playlist together. Moving your body moves your emotional and physical blocks. Money is all around you, we want you to step into the flow with some dancing. Below are some of the break throughs those in this class have experienced.
I am choosing to celebrate for others with gratitude.
Embrace & send love and gratitude to the negative/jealous feelings.
Tap into power of movement and celebration.
Love on it!
I am capable of feeling ALL my feelings so I can choose something new.
Recognize broken patterns and love on them.
Don’t push the feelings down embrace them so they don’t drive you.
Physically recognize where the emotion is coming from.
Tap into the power of celebrating for others.
I am creating a strong mind-body connection.
Is this mine to take on?
Our 2018 More Money Now 6 Week Online Course is open for registration!


Facebook Live: How to supercharge your magnesium soaking.

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*We only post the best and the most information packed Facebook live videos here on our site.  If you would like to watch all the others please hop on over to our Facebook page Living The Good Life Naturally Facebook Page

Three of our magnesium sell and warehouse just stocked us back up again because we were totally out but couple things I wanted to share with you. Today while supplies last, it might be tomorrow too, I’m not sure, we have this beautiful little organic cotton wick honey beeswax candle. I love these. Did you know beeswax candles have the same flicker that the sun has? Really, really good for those of you that are like me that in the winter months dip down a little bit. This little flicker is a great little way to pick yourself back up. The other thing I wanted to share with you was we got some fun new flavors in of Crio Bru. We got peppermint Crio Bru. We’ve also got the pumpkin spice Crio Bru. Why do we love Crio Bru? Because it helps you hold onto that magnesium that you just soaked in better. Crio Bru is loaded with magnesium, one of the richest sources of magnesium that you can take internally because it’s a whole food source.


Now let’s see. Oh, there was one more thing that Angie talked about that I wanted to talk about. That was a gentleman called in yesterday and bought magnesium for his entire family like his grandkids, his kids, his sisters. He was excited about what magnesium did for him and bought it for all of his family. He had the best question. He said, “Kristen, what can I do to make my soaking effective?” Ah, brilliant question. I realized I do this, but I don’t know if I’ve talked to you about it. I put in a quarter cup of baking soda and a quarter cup of Epsom salts. The Epsom salts will have sulfates which the magnesium chloride does not. The baking soda will help the magnesium get to the mitochondria where it affects the telomeres. That’s where the real magic happens of magnesium. Two really simple ways that you can utilize and supercharge that magnesium soaking that you’re doing because August is back to magnesium.


We need to focus in the month of August, get our magnesium levels up. One soak in August is worth three soaks in the winter because our vitamin D is higher in the summertime. Now is the most effective time. Really think about it. It’s on sale too right now. Warehouse just stocked us back up. I don’t know if it’ll last until the end of the week though. Warehouse is doing a great job, but I just don’t know. If you want it, get on it. While we have enough of these little candles left, for every purchase in the store, not online, so a little bit different there, in the store, we’ve got this great little candle.


We’re located at 253 North 100 West in beautiful downtown Logan. Our store hours are 10 to 5 Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 10 until 2. It’s back to mag month. This is back to mag month. Our focus is getting back to magnesium, getting to cell saturation, so that in the wintertime, our immune is strong, our mental health is strong, and we just celebrate all those beautiful holidays with family doing our very best. August is back to mag. We have it on sale. The best price of the year is happening this week. The best price of the year is happening this week. Come on down and see us and grab your candle.


Facebook Live: Magnesium and how I take boron.

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*We only post the best and the most information packed Facebook live videos here on our site.  If you would like to watch all the others please hop on over to our Facebook page Living The Good Life Naturally Facebook Page

Welcome. My name is Kristen Bowen, and I am living the good life naturally. Quick little disclaimer, and a little bit about me before I go into magnesium and candida, so that you have an understanding of where I’m coming from.


In 2000 I had a total and complete health crash. I was having up to 40 seizures a day, I was in a wheelchair, I was being fed through a tube, I had a catheter. It was awful. Lost my hair. That was the worst, lost my hair. So, western medicine gave up on me, and it was in the process of taking my own power back that I was able to create better health for myself, and now I have this business called Living the Good Life Naturally, sharing with other people what I learned. I didn’t create better health by thinking inside the box, I had to step outside of the box. Now, for me, it took a total and complete health crash to get me to do that. I recognize not all of you watching this video are wanting, or even looking, to think outside of the box, but this is for those of you who are willing to look outside of the box.


And for those of you that struggle with candida, because we know that the toxins, just the toxins from the candida, can take our energy down, and make it so that we’re not waking up in the morning feeling awesome with energy. And when you wake up going, “Ugh, how am I gonna make it through this day? Five more minutes. Five more minutes,” you’re not waking up sharing your gift, serving those people that you love, and connecting with those people that you love. When you wake up with energy, your first thoughts are, “What can I do today? What can I create today? And how can I connect?” And it’s just a life changing, was a life changing difference for me.


So today our entire focus will be on magnesium and candida. So, yeast infections, if you’re getting yeast infections, if you go to the mirror and put your tongue out and you’ve got white all over your tongue, or a great big long crack, that’s a way that your body is saying, “We’ve got some candida overgrowth.” So candida grows when we drink chlorinated tap water, when we have sugar, when we have stress, when we have hormones that aren’t balanced. But this video today is prompted by my friend Julie who sent me a text, and she said, “Kristen, I feel better soaking in the magnesium, there were some benefits. But there were some downsides too.” And as what would happen was, her candida, she felt like, would flare.


Well think of magnesium, when you’re soaking in the magnesium and getting to cell saturation, because that’s our goal with magnesium, is to be at cell saturation, where every cell is surrounded. That’s when the real magic of magnesium happens. And so, the way to do that is to do the 30 day soaking challenge, and then evaluate your personal individual boxy chemistry. And so, is what was happening when Julie was soaking was, she would get some flareups of candida. Well, that happens quite often when people have candida, but if you know what to do next you can make it so that you’ve got a better balance of candida. Because you never completely get rid of candida, you always have some candida. It’s a matter of balance going on in your body.


And so, is what I wanted to share with Julie, I thought, “Hmm, maybe that would make a good video.” So, now remember, I was willing to think outside the box, you may or may not be, okay? So I’m not saying you have to do this, I’m not a doctor, I’m not diagnosing, I’m not prescribing. I am sharing with you something that costs pennies, that you may already have in your house, and made a life changing difference at clearing up my constant candida issues. And that is, when I would soak I too would get candida flares, until I added a co-factor for magnesium.


Now, magnesium is like my marriage, I am better with my husband. I think better with him, I laugh more when I’m with him, I just work better with him. He fills in all my spots. We’re better together. Magnesium works better in a team, and one of the players of that team is boron. Now, for many people, they can get enough boron from chia seeds. Chia seeds have boron. Boron is a great nutrient, because it holds the magnesium in our cells and it kills off candida, and that’s a good thing. So, chia seeds weren’t enough boron for me though, I needed more boron. So, I had a decision to make.


Now, many of you, if you’ve driven down that Mojave Desert, and there’s that boron mine where they mine the boron, you’ll see that in that Mojave Desert. Here’s what happens; boron is a mineral that’s in the ground, and they mine it from the ground, and then some of it goes in a box, and some of it goes in a supplement. When they put it in a supplement, sometimes they add some other things so that they can encapsulate the boron in a pill, and then they put it in a little gelatin tab. Well, most of us have decreased digestion, and so we’re not uptaking that boron very well because of what they have to add into it to get it to go into the capsule with the machine.


So remember, the boron all comes from that mine. Some of it goes in the supplement, they charge you like 3,000% markup, some of it goes in a box. The box, and this is where we’re thinking outside the box, the box is 20 Mule Team Borax; it’s a cleaner. And the reason it’s labeled as a cleaner is because it changes the pH, and that’s what it does in your body too. So, I don’t buy the supplement that goes in the gelatin pill, that’s had additives added to it, that’s been marked up super high; I go to the cleaning supply. Now, I’m not saying you have to do this. I don’t want any e-mails telling me how crazy it is. Well, you can send them, but I’m not gonna reply to them. I got too many things to do, and too many people to love on.


I will share with you though, how I take mine, even though that box says, “Harmful if swallowed and ingested.” I know it says that. It’s that mineral that’s mined from the earth. So, is what I do, is I take a teaspoon … I don’t know if you can see that. Can you see that? Give me a thumbs up, can you see that powder in there, anybody? We’ve got a couple. Christina, can you see that powder that’s in there? Anyway, I’ve got a rounded teaspoon of boron right here, okay? Rounded teaspoon of boron in my little pretty container. And I also have a quart of the best water I could get … Oh, you can’t see it? Okay, you gotta trust me on this one, it’s a rounded teaspoon of 20 Mule Team Borax, right there. And I’ve got my quart of the best water. We don’t want tap water, we want it at least filtered, good spring water, the best water you can get your hands on.


So you’re gonna take your water, you’re going to add, okay … Oh, I hope you can see that. I’m pretty sure you can see that. So I added my 20 Mule Team Borax, that remember is a mineral, it’s mined from the earth, and I’m going to shake it. Shake it, shake it. And it takes … We’ll do the shake dance. Oh my gosh, it’s leaking on me. Put the lid on tight. Put the lid on tight while you shake, or you get a little boron wash. Okay, so you shake, shake, shake. So we’re just gonna pretend that I just shook that for six minutes, ’cause I don’t wanna do a livestream of me shaking boron, but it takes about six minutes. See how with … Oh, can you see how on there you’ve still got some sediment? You wanna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, like [inaudible 00:08:31]. That’s my boron shake. You wanna shake it until that’s totally gone.


And then that, right there, becomes your boron concentrate. This is your boron concentrate. Now, too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Boron’s incredible, in fact, the last couple days in the shop, oh my gosh, we’ve had … I’ve shared with people, and they were willing to think outside the box, and they tried some, and it’s so interesting. If someone’s got pain, they’ll take the boron and then they’ll stand there and they’ll start, like, moving their shoulder, and you can tell they’re doing this body scan. They’re checking their fingers, and moving their back, and doing all this, because the pain goes down while we stand there and talk. That’s how fast it works. Boron is also, it reduces inflammation, and if you have pain you have inflammation.


And so, the boron can be that powerful for people. It’s incredible. We’re not getting what we need from our soils anymore, our soils are deficient in boron, and boron plays in that magnesium family, and magnesium works better when you have boron. So for Julie, who was soaking in the magnesium and that candida flares would get worse, her body was saying, “Hey, I need some boron.” Because boron also balances candida, and brings it down.


Okay, we’ve got some questions coming in. Christina, “So easy and cheap, I drink two teaspoons twice a day, to equal about 12 milligrams of boron.” Excellent. Because here’s the thing, too much boron is not good. So, the Day brothers, when you google the Day brothers, say, “Don’t go over 20.” I’m not comfortable going over 15. That’s what I do good, like Christina, at two teaspoons in the morning of the concentrate. So does that make sense? So one teaspoon of the concentrate, you’re not gonna drink this all day long, one teaspoon of the concentrate is equal to approximately three milligrams of the boron. So one teaspoon of this concentrate equals approximately three milligrams of boron. So I do two teaspoons in the morning and two teaspoons at night. I don’t know what’s a good balance for you. You’ve gotta play with that, you have to discover that. Start with three milligrams, build up. I’ve been giving people just three milligrams in the shop, and they feel it. They’re like, “Oh my gosh, the pain is going down.”


And so, when we’re soaking in magnesium and we’re getting a candida … Okay, I can’t … I’ve got an issue with my screen, with the new iOS 10, and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Okay, so when we’re soaking in magnesium, and you are getting a candida flareup, that means your body is saying, “I need more boron. I need boron to help balance,” because the magnesium’s going, “Oh, let’s get rid of the candida.” And this is super overly simplified, but the magnesium’s going, “Let’s get rid of this candida,” bringing it up, letting it go, but then your body doesn’t have enough boron to finish the process. And so, if you’re soaking in magnesium and you’re getting candida flareups, it’s your body going, “Hey, bring on the boron.” And so, that’s a really simple way.


Okay, so Jessie has a question, and she says, “Do you mix the concentrate with more water to drink it?” Jessie, you can, absolutely. I don’t personally, but you can. I just drink it straight. I just drink just the two teaspoons in a little glass, but some people need to mix it in, because it does have a little off taste. It’s not bad, it’s not … Like, the acerola cherry is my hardest thing to get down, it’s got that bitter/sour quality. The boron’s not hard for me to get down, but if it helps you to mix it in a little bit of water and drink it, go for it.


Okay, so Lorrina says, “Do you dilute it in water?” So, I don’t, but you can Lorrina. If it helps you to get that down, dilute it in water. “Flare up, like today, I feel miserable and achy,” Sonya. Boron. In fact, Sonya, if you’re in Cache Valley, in Logan, come in the shop and I’ll give you some. I have a really pretty glass. I have this really pretty, it’s a little fluted glass, that I’ll even serve you your little boron. Oh, in fact, hold on, I have to show you. How pretty is that? Like, boron should be taken in a beautiful glass, and I have the pink lipstick mark on there to prove that this was my boron glass. You don’t have to take boron in a pretty glass, but this is how we take our boron, we like to do things elegantly. We’d put our finger up, anyway. So funny.


So, boron is crucial. And if you are having a flare up, if you’re feeling achy, if you’ve got inflammation, you need boron to support the magnesium. And here’s the other thing that happens. So, with that candida you’ve got to make sure that you’re drinking enough water to flush it out of your system, and so many times when we get achy and when we’re not feeling good, we lose sight of those really simple, basic things that we need to do. So, Sonya, drink some, you know, make sure your water … Not too much, we don’t wanna wash electrolytes out, but make sure your water intake is up. And I personally, I’m not telling you what to do, but I, on days that I’m achier, and I’m just feeling a little … I will up my boron, and it almost always helps. At least 50%, and sometimes 100%.


So fun, I love it. So more boron on board today. Oh, you’re in Wyoming. Okay, so Sonya, get a beautiful glass, I think this is from IKEA, and put your boron in and then sip your boron, and then celebrate like crazy that you’re doing such good things for your body. But anytime I have a flareup, a candida flareup, an arthritis flareup, any type of pain going on in my body, I will offset that with some boron. But don’t go too much. Too much boron is not a good thing, and so we don’t wanna do too much.


And so, I just wanted to share that question that Julie had, that the magnesium, she goes, “It’s making it worse.” No, it’s … I guess my filter is different. It’s not making it worse, it’s your body communicating to you, if you understand what it’s saying, “I need more boron.” So for example, the other thing that happens when people soak, and their heels start to crack like crazy, well, that’s your body communicating, “I need more omega-3’s.” And so, do you see how you just have to understand that communication that’s going on.


But candida, it’s so you … Candida people tend to have lower boron levels, and so if we can get you soaking in that magnesium, opening up that pathway of detoxification, and then adding the boron; oh my goodness, magical things start to happen, and you start to feel better. And when you start to feel better, you love on those people a little deeper, and you dream a little bigger, and you start creating all these beautiful things in your life. And that’s what I want for you.


So, I am going to mentally have a little party with Sonya today, she’s in Wyoming, I’m in Logan, and we’re gonna take our boron and we are going to know that that boron is also holding magnesium in ourselves. Because when we get high stressed, the high stress levels, the magnesium gets pushed out through our pee. And so, when we have adequate levels of boron it holds that magnesium in the cell, so your body can take the magnesium and signal all of the things that it needs to signal.


So, candida flareup during magnesium soaking could be your body saying, “Give me so me more boron.” And so, join me with a little beautiful boron shot. And you know what? It’s okay if you’re not comfortable doing the 20 Mule Team Borax, no problems, because it does say right on the box, “Harmful if ingested.” I had to think outside of the box to reclaim my health. You can get boron from chia seeds, so if you’re drinking chia seeds that’s a great way that you can get boron. I believe dates are also a good food source of boron, but there can be a little problem there because the dates can feed the candida, until you’ve got that better balance, so be careful on that one.


Facebook Live: Decrease cortisol and experience energy

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*We only post the best and the most information packed Facebook live videos here on our site.  If you would like to watch all the others please hop on over to our Facebook page Living The Good Life Naturally Facebook Page

You want more energy, right? That’s one of the reasons that drives you to eat healthy, be healthy, exercise. You want more energy. I’ve been trying to figure out a way, how could I teach this? How could I teach this? In my classes, I do over a three day period, and they get it, but how can I do it quickly and easily on Facebook? I think I came up with a way.


Now remember, the story I’m about to tell you probably isn’t your story, but it’s the principle behind it, that’s what I want you to take away. Imagine boom, boom, boom, that we’re coming into Living the Good Life together. Boom, boom, boom, do you see this? Do you see this? Oh my goodness, like look, look. It was really busy last week, and the plants totally need to be trimmed. They’re totally in your way.


Now it’s so interesting, when little kids come in, they’re like, “Oh, it’s a magical forest,” and adults were coming in completely irritated. Your body doesn’t know the difference between being under attack and irritated. Now, for those of you that had to walk through my jungle forest, I am so sorry and my son’s here today to help me get it taken care of.


They handed their energy over to irritation. Irritation increases cortisol, leaks your magnesium, and decreases your energy. It can take up to 12 hours to get on line. Your body doesn’t go, “Oh, that was a little irritation.” It goes aggravation, same as little irritation. See, look just right here, boom, little teeny irritations. So, we’ve got to learn how to manage our magnesium levels. That’s why we call it a magnesium mindset.


When you’re low in magnesium, you overreact to things, “Ah, yikes,” therefore losing the very magnesium that you need to be healthy. You have to take the soaking in magnesium and taking on the magnesium mindset, and ask yourself this question, will it still irritate me in five seconds? Will it still irritate me in five days? Will it still matter in five months and five years?


Sometimes just asking yourself that question will help you recognize first world problem, I’m walking away from it. So super excited to start my day today. Really excited to have a son come and help me get rid of the bush here that was irritating so many people when they walked in the shop. We realized oh man, we have really thrown people for a loop. Not our intent, just a super busy week. We all get irritated. It’s our reaction to the irritation that either walks us toward health or away from health.


Remember, there is no supplement to offset high cortisol. There is no food plant that offsets high cortisol. Now, those things are important, some supplements to help support, great food options, cortisol is etching and leaking your energy. Today, take your energy back and create those things that you want to, because it’s going to be a fabulous day. Remember, this week at Living the Good Life Naturally, magnesium spray is on sale. Most fabulous spray bottle to hold magnesium because magnesium is a salt, and if you don’t have a good spray bottle, you just keep burning through the spray bottles.


We’ve got it on sale. It’s like 24% off I think. It’s 9 instead of 13, so fabulous price. Run as fast as you can to and click on that magnesium spray bottle. I have it in my car, in my first aid kits, everywhere. We need our magnesium levels high so we’re not getting irritated by the jungle of life. Have a great day. Bye.


Podcast: Do You Know Your Stored Vitamin D Verses Active Vitamin D

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Active Vitamin D Test

Stored Vitamin D

Have you heard about vitamin D? I bet you have. There are so many things to learn about vitamin D. This is why I’m absolutely opposed to synthetic vitamin D. Let me clarify what synthetic vitamin D is. Synthetic vitamin D is a supplement, whether it’s D2 or D3 or liquid or pill form or put into food. That is synthetic vitamin D.


We know how important vitamin D is. Every single cell has a receptor, I think of the receptor site like a keyhole that you put the key in and the vitamin D is the key that opens up the keyhole to open up all the good stuff happen in the cell. That’s crucial. So when we realized how important that vitamin D is, we thought, “Oh, we’re really smart. Let’s make vitamin D supplement.” Well, that vitamin D supplement isn’t as smart as the sunshine. We haven’t figured out how to put sunshine in a bottle, because even though it’s a vitamin D3 and it’s from a real source, it has to go through a synthetic process.


And so what happens in your body when you take it, is it goes to that receptor but remember sunshine opens up the cell, puts the key in and opens it, synthetic vitamin D only sits in the receptor of the keyhole. It sits there like sludge, it doesn’t open it. And synthetic vitamin D, whether it’s pill form or liquid form, can only move your stored vitamin D. So we have stored vitamin D and active vitamin D, and in the show notes I’ll put the two tests to test that, because in my opinion it’s crucial that you know each number, because we don’t want your stored to get higher than your active. If it does, it slows down healing, it aggravates autoimmune, it increases pain.


We need to know where’s your stored and where’s your active. Then, the other ratio that we want going on, is we want your active one and a half to two times what your stored is. It’s really important that you know your stored and your active. Now here’s the kicker, are you ready? Your vitamin D dropped because your magnesium dropped. That’s why your vitamin D dropped, magnesium creates both of those things and helps both of those things to get processed.


Two people can go stand in the sunshine and the person with more magnesium is more effective at building vitamin D than the person with low magnesium. Do you see how we start with magnesium? Magnesium is crucial to your vitamin D status. One of the reasons that August is back to mag, we use the little hashtag #backtomag, is because so many people come in in the winter and they’re just crashed. Their depression has kicked in, their anxiety has kicked in, their energy has dropped.


Right now is the time to be working on that, not waiting until it crashes on you in the winter. You know it’s coming. You know it’s coming. Work now to create what you want later. Soaking in magnesium in August does more for your body than waiting until you’ve crashed, because we have access, most people have access to more sunshine in August than they do in November and December. You add soaking along with more access to sunshine and bam, you’ve got a beautiful combination.


What are you waiting for? Go soak in magnesium and learn about your  You know it’s coming. Become the CEO of your health and know your active and your stored numbers, because you can’t change it unless you know where you’re starting at.


We’ll post in the show notes active, stored, the names of the tests. Remember, you want your active one and a half to two times higher than your stored. A lot of people will ask me, “Kristen, what do you do if you took vitamin D and your stored is really high?” Are you ready for this? Magnesium helps bring that down, and one of my other favorite products, blue green algae by E3Live, it helps to clear up that receptor site in case it’s gummed up with stored vitamin D. It’s kind of grandma wisdom, you can’t put sunshine in a bottle, you have to walk the real path, get outside and get that sunshine.


The more magnesium you have, the more efficiently your body will produce the vitamin D that it needs. Did you know that vitamin D is crucial for strong bones? If you’re working on bone health, you need strong vitamin D patterns but not just stored, you need to know your active too. If you’re like me and depression is a part of your story and your history, you need strong vitamin D. My gosh, maybe you’re like me and we’ve got some autoimmune stuff going on, vitamin D levels are crucial. But not just vitamin D levels, not just stored, and typically we’re just testing for stored. It’s the active we need to know. The ratio of the active to the stored, I’m so excited for you to get on top of this in August with me because August is the month to get your magnesium levels up so you stay strong in the winter time.


Start checking your supplements. How many of the supplements that you take have vitamin D synthetic added? Does your milk? Does your pastries? Does your bread? They’re adding it even in orange juice. You really have to start reading those labels and staying away … Well, I choose to stay away from those synthetic layers of vitamin D, because getting on top of my stored and my active has been a game changer for me.


Now, has it completely annihilated my depression? No, it’s still a part of me, and I’m okay with that. Has it made a day and night difference in managing it? My gosh, absolutely it has, just ask my family what a difference in managing my depression. If you know that you have a little crash coming up in the winter and you don’t do as well, your immune goes down, you get sick all the time, your depression kicks in, your anxiety, your arthritis gets worse, your autoimmune flares, your skin gets worse, your eczema gets worse. It has to do with that stored and active vitamin D. Check out the show notes, we’re going to put the tests. We’ll link to the actual test so that you can know your vitamin D levels and become the CEO of your life.


Hey, it’s Kristen here. Two favors if you enjoyed that podcast. Go ahead and like the podcast wherever you are listening in from. Want more info and updates about free classes, workshops, sales and products? Go to Enter your email in for the email newsletter and that’s where I send all of the updates about all of the amazing things that are happening at Living The Good Life Naturally. Remember, you are the CEO of your life. Today is the day to create health and live the good life naturally.


The content of this program is for information purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual health conditions may vary. Always seek competent medical advice from your medical holistic health provider before starting any new health protocols.


Prepping for back to school with magnesium

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You’ve seen it slowly start to trickle into the stores for the past few weeks…
The backpacks, the folders, the un-sharpened, number two pencils. You can practically smell the untouched, brightly colored wax crayons wrapped in paper just BEGGING to be used on some construction paper. You can see the waves of homework coming in and proud evidence of finished projects that will soon adorn your refrigerator. Back to School season is upon us!
Some of you may have prepared for this day a long time ago, and some of you may feel the calm before the great storm of panic, stress, and your child’s most wanted/needed items selling out right before your eyes! Maybe there’s a great sense of relief, thinking, FINALLY! A house that will stay clean longer than an hour! Some of you may be in denial that the summer has already flown by, you’re not ready for your littles to head back to school all day. One thing that all mamas have in common is the love that they have for their babies! You want them to feel prepared, ready for a brand new year. Ready to make new friends, handle new schedules and regimens, and expand their genius little minds.
The clothes, the new shoes, all the supplies, the lunchboxes, backpacks, and even more supplies that you’ll inevitably pick up after the syllabus comes home is a great deal to tackle and help them feel at ease the night before school starts.. But what if I told you there was something else to help them prepare and perform at their best that you could be doing long before the school bells ring?

Did you know that magnesium is a VITAL nutrient to our bodies but deficient in our modern day diets? It’s true! Have you ever heard someone utter a phrase like, ‘that just didn’t happen back then’, or ‘back in the olden days, we didn’t have problems like that’. Well unfortunately, that’s also pretty true. Long ago, our ancestors didn’t have to worry about magnesium deficiency. They maintained good levels of magnesium just by what they ate! Meats, mineral water, seafood, fruits and vegetables all proved to be great sources of magnesium. Even taking a dip in the ocean once upon a time boosted your RDA (recommended daily allowance).

In this day and age the magnesium rich soil and waters are just not there anymore. Which in turn, means that the magnesium levels aren’t even traceable in the fruits and vegetables that are grown. If they are, they’re usually extracted by various forms of treatment.

Right now I want to talk to you about how your child could be affected by magnesium deficiency. Signs are very similar if not the same in adults with low levels of magnesium but some may be trickier to spot in young ones depending on their age, ability to communicate, or what stage of development they may be in.

Here are some things to look for:

Difficulty sleeping
Muscle spasms and/or twitches
Irritability (this one can be the hardest to decipher if dealing with a teen, haha).


Magnesium not only helps your child with the ailments above but it can also help prevent and aide in coping with disorders such as ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Long-term deficiency in magnesium is linked to high blood pressure, Parkinson’s Disease, Restless Leg Syndrome, kidney stones, and diabetes.

Magnesium so SO important, that magnesium deficiency is responsible for more disease than lack of any other nutrient. It’s the most critical mineral required for electric stability in every single cell in our bodies. Wow!! Because magnesium affects our cells, including the cells in our brain, which are very, VERY MANY, and that’s where the MOST electrical activity takes place, it makes perfect sense that a brain that has healthy levels of magnesium can perform much better than one with low levels.
Here’s just a handful of ways that magnesium affects the brain:
Strengthens the pre-frontal cortex, aka short term memory
Boost’s the brain’s recall function, ensuring it the ability to pull up memories/knowledge
Strengthens the hippocampus! The hippowhatis?? That’s the part of our brain where long term memory and where objects and locations are stored. (Fun fact: Every time you’re on your way home and you don’t even have to think where you’re going.. You can thank your hippocampus for that).
Strengthens the synoptic nerves. The stronger your synapse is, the less impulsive you are. Less impulsivity leads to better made choices. It also aids in jogging memories fast and correctly.
Nourishes your entire nervous system

Let me kick you a hypothetical scenario.
Max starts school, his diet is fair. Buckling down, back into stricter schedules proves to be a bit of a challenge for him. He is very bright but sometimes has trouble concentrating. Max feels overwhelmed. Fellow students and possibly even teachers tease him for mentally wandering off all the time. Max again feels another wave of frustration, driving his cortisol up and losing any remnants of magnesium he had to begin with. He starts down the path of self doubt and negative self talk. Thoughts like ‘I’m stupid’, ‘I’m a bad student’, ‘I’m going nowhere’ begin an even further downward spiral and the snowball effect begins and now he’s an adult with scarily low self esteem and a detrimental mental block that he can’t do anything worthwhile. Like Kristen Bowen says, ‘If you play a pattern anywhere, you play a pattern everywhere’. Many of the patterns we play and may be unaware of we actually pick up in our childhood and early adult years.

This scenario is obviously is fake and very dramatized. Also, this article in NO WAY is saying that magnesium is the sole determining factor in your child succeeding in school. This could be a typical day for any student no matter what level of learning they are at and even if your child is soaking in magnesium, these days can happen. This article is meant to inform and perhaps inspire parents who might see signs of deficiency to get their children soaking NOW. Plus, there’s a bonus! People who soak during the summer months where there is plenty of vitamin D to be stored actually retain healthy levels into the winter months when they’re extra crucial to the body.

Why not try it? See if you notice positive changes in your child! If they are babies, the magnesium lotion is such a calming and mild form. It helps baby’s digestion, sleep cycles, and is great to aid with acid reflux. If they are 2 years or older, pour ⅛ c. of the soak into the bathtub while they’re playing. You can even try to have them soak their feet while watching their favorite T.V. show for 30-40 minutes in a glass or stainless steel bowl. Once they are over 4 feet they are able to soak in ¼ c. Deeper sleep, heightened memory recall, corrective thinking, memory/knowledge retention, the list could really go on and on!! Also, if you are interested in trying any of our magnesium products they’re all going on sale in August! We will be featuring a different magnesium product every week during August and since there’s a fifth week we will be featuring our best selling Magnesium Soak twice this month! Back to school means back to magnesium! Let’s get soaking!

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Here at LTGLN, we import magnesium from the Zechstein Sea, near The Netherlands. It’s never diluted and it goes through a very clean salt mining process to get the best source, free of impurities. It’s used in all of our magnesium products! You can read more about the mining process as well as more benefits of soaking in magnesium in our other post found here.