Podcast: Rising Through Depression w/Supplements

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Sending love. My name is Kristen Bowen. I’m the founder of Living the Good Life Naturally. If you’re listening to this recording about rising through depression and the supplements that make a difference, it means that you or someone you love struggles with depression. Please understand if there’s a little bit of laughing or if something comes across as I’m making light of this serious situation, it’s just so you and I can get through this conversation without feeling heavier and darker and twistier inside.

I’ve struggled with depression since I was a young girl, and I have put together layers that have made a difference for me. Before we go into those supplements, I want you to understand something. I want you to understand that part of the problem is in how we deal with whether the supplement works for us or not. Number one, it’s not going to work overnight. It’s not going to work in two weeks. It’s maybe not even going to work in a month. It is with long-term, a sustained dedication that we’re going to make a difference. Here’s what can happen for many people who struggle with depression, they try a supplement, maybe for a full two weeks, and then it doesn’t work. Then, they’re even more frustrated and more discouraged because what they tried didn’t work.

They start picking up patterns, sayings, and thoughts that go like this. “I’m never going to change”. “Nothing works for me”. “I’ve done everything”. In actuality, those are a lie. You haven’t done everything. Something’s going to work. You just have to keep moving forward. That’s why it’s so crucial that you build your board of directors. There is more about building a board of directors in part one of Rising Through Depression. Your mind is your greatest supplement, and I want to teach you how to take that supplement that you’ve been given and utilize it. That is that, if you’re trying something and it hasn’t worked, instead of becoming more discouraged, instead of telling yourself nothing ever works for me, I’ve done everything, instead of buying into those lies, I want you to celebrate. Yes, you heard me right. I want you to celebrate. I want you to put on some Bon Jovi or whoever you like to listen to and celebrate like there is no tomorrow.

Why would I want you to celebrate? Very simply, you’re one step closer to finding out what did work, and you will save yourself the agony of all of those lies that take us down into darker, twistier places. You won’t have to buy into the lie that nothing is going to work for you. You won’t have to buy into the lie that you’ve tried everything, because you are moving your body and celebrating. Get those hips going. Get those hands going. Dance with someone else. Dance for a full entire song. That’s usually about how long it takes to break through that feeling of being stuck, where you think that nothing works and where you think that you’ve tried everything. Remember, here’s the truth bomb, those are lies.

So let’s talk about foundational supplements that are the foundation because you’re a human being. They build the foundation for everything. Did you realize that the WHO organization, the World Health Organization, I’ll refer to it as WHO, the last study that they did, 300 million of us, you and I or maybe someone you love, struggles with depression? That’s an 18% increase since 2010. The numbers are going up. They’re not getting better. A recent study showed that inflammation and depression go hand-in-hand. If you or someone you love struggles with depression, getting a C-reactive protein blood panel done is crucial, because that’s your inflammation marker. Now, it is interesting. If your C-reactive protein is high, another study also shows that prescription drugs won’t make that much of a difference for you, because the depression is connected to the inflammation. More and more valued, valid research is coming out that depression and inflammation go hand-in-hand.

So let’s go to the two foundational things that every single person needs to add to get on top of depression. Now, you will notice that I didn’t say that it takes your depression away, because I am spot-on consistent about these two things. I do not miss them, and I still struggle with depression. It’s still a part of my hardwiring and my DNA. I’m not saying it cures it, it takes it away, that everything is going to be easy, and that you’ll never experience a dark and twisty spot. I am saying it makes the lows not as low and not as long. That’s pretty incredible.

After you get that C-reactive protein panel done, you know your inflammation marker. The next mandatory piece of blood work is your magnesium RBC, which is for someone who deals with depression and/or anxiety. That can be taken at walkinlabs.com. It’s a $49 test. Someone with depression or anxiety has higher cortisol levels. Higher cortisol levels mean your inflammation is going up, and magnesium is mandatory in bringing the inflammation down. That high cortisol means you’re losing your magnesium through your urine. So we’ve got to get the magnesium levels up to control the levels of inflammation. Then, here’s a current-day plague that’s happening. We’re walking around stressed out and depressed with low thyroid function. Eating sugar, that depletes magnesium. Having more stress, that depletes magnesium. Then, we take these supplements that contain synthetic calcium. Excess calcium not utilized by your body increases inflammation. Magnesium is what holds that in check. We need more magnesium and less synthetic calcium, but we’re doing just the opposite, the absolute opposite.

I personally do not take any supplement that has synthetic calcium in it. It is so easy to get calcium from our foods, where we should be getting our nutrients from. It is not easy to get magnesium from your food. I get calcium from my food, and I get magnesium from soaking. Now, they can make synthetic magnesium in the lab. It won’t get you the cell saturation as fast. You can take magnesium pills, but that will decrease your body’s ability to uptake nutrients from food, and we need better nutrients from food to battle the problem of depression and anxiety, so that’s not a good fit. Soaking in magnesium chloride from the Zechstein Sea will help bring those magnesium levels up without costing you your ability to digest food and without bringing in more excess calcium. Calcium ratios should be one to one, so simple to get from foods. We get calcium from greens. We get calcium from good, clean dairy, and we get calcium from chia seeds. Very, very simple to get your calcium from foods. So I want you to go look at your supplements and determine how much excess calcium am I getting? When you have that synthetic calcium, it is increasing inflammation, we simply must bring it down.

The next mandatory layer I want to talk about are omega-3s. Now, ideally, we would have three omega-3s to one omega-6. That’s the ideal omega-3 fatty acid ratio. You can have a test done to test your omega-3-6 fatty acid profile so you can know where yours are. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I love eating out with my husband. That’s one of our favorite things to do, to go discover some fun little restaurant and have a date. When you’re eating out, you’re taking in an excess of omega-6s. Vegetable oils, corn oils, trans fats, and canola oil, those are all high in omega-6s. We need to be bringing in more foods with omega-3. When I share that with people, their first response is, “Oh, I take  fish oil capsules from a big box store.” Well, guess what? That fish oil capsule that you take, the fish oil breaks through the capsules, so the manufacturer has to make those capsules so thick, that they won’t burst, which means they are very hard for your body to digest. The fish oil now is testing very high in heavy metals. When you have high heavy metals, it aggravates the depression. So you think you’re doing something really fabulous when, in actuality, you’re really not.

So taking omega-3s in the proper form is crucial. You want to take it in liquid form. My favorite is cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is loaded with omega-3s. I want you to start thinking of your omega-3 fatty acid profile like building a bridge in your body. Omega-3s build this beautiful bridge, and your neurotransmitters walk across that bridge and communicate with each other. Your hormones walk across that bridge and communicate with each other, so brain function gets better. Sleep gets better and inflammation goes down. When omega-6 and omega-3s are in their proper balance, inflammation is dropped. Depression is aggravated by inflammation. Anxiety is aggravated by inflammation. Now, do you take a week’s worth of cod liver oil and all of a sudden your depression and anxiety are gone? Absolutely not. So we have to be realistic. We need omega-3s every day. We need magnesium every day. Building two foundational pieces can make such a difference for you in managing your depression and anxiety.

Now, here’s a little tip on the cod liver oil. We love the Carlson’s cod liver. Currently, right now, it’s the cleanest one that I can find when it comes to heavy metal toxicity. Sometimes when people take cod liver oil, they get what’s commonly referred to as fish burps, and they’ll say, “Oh, this stuff is making me sick.” No, it’s not. It’s actually shining the light that you don’t have enough hydrochloric acid to break it down. It takes a lot of hydrochloric acid to break down cod liver oil. That is another reason that you’re struggling with depression and anxiety, because you’re not creating the neurotransmitters that you need, to keep your body functional and your brain functioning at peak performance.

If you have that problem after you take cod liver oil … Remember, you never take more than a teaspoon of cod liver oil, because it’s loaded with vitamin A. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, and if we get too much of it, our bodies start storing it in our fat, and that’s not good. Now, for children, a half a teaspoon. You would never take cod liver oil if you were allergic to fish. If you do get what we call fish burps, that is your body saying, “Hey, I don’t have enough hydrochloric acid to break this down.” Now, we’ll do another podcast on how to deal with hydrochloric acid, but recognize that’s another layer that is aggravating the depression and anxiety. We’re all about building a strong foundation. We don’t want to chase symptoms. Chasing symptoms is exhausting. You do all of these things, and you try all of these things, and you give up, then you start your research. It’s such a waste of time and energy.

Instead of chasing symptoms, start building a strong foundation. In doing so, you’ll start noticing that your lows aren’t as low and that they don’t come as often, and that is a reason for celebration.

Podcast: Rising Through Depression

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Depression, a board of directors, and medication, these are all some of the things floating around in my brain that we’re going to talk about. Sit back and get comfy. Grab something to drink. This podcast might be a little bit longer than my typical podcast. You see, I have to set the stage for you to know where I’m coming from, so you can understand my filter on depression, and studies, and all the confusion in studies that are out there. Let me do a quick introduction.

My name is Kristen Bowen and I have struggled with depression since I was a young girl. Now, here’s the deal. When I say that to people they like to put it in my past.They feel more comfortable putting it in the past. Excuse me, I do. I do, I struggle with it. In the past, there was a definite reason for the depression. There was some abuse involved, and so there was a reason. I don’t have abuse happening in my life any more. In fact, I’m in a marriage that rocks my world. In my head, there should not be any more depression, but there is. I want to share with you some things that I’ve learned, some tools that I’ve put into place to help me through the hard points. I’m hoping you’ll celebrate with me like crazy because I just came out of a fiveday low that came out of nowhere. It was one of the hardest I’ve ever had. I made it through. I am dancing. I know you can’t see me but I am literally dancing right now. It really snuck up on me.

First of all, let’s talk celiac and depression, and gluten and depression. Did you hear me pronounce that T? I did very well. I was raised in Southern Utah and they don’t pronounce their T’s there, so I’m very consciously working on pronouncing my T’s. That was a squirrel moment, sorry. Gluten, celiac, and depression. I am a diagnosed celiac. It’s an autoimmune disorder. Most celiacs do better once they go off of the gluten and the depression gets a little bit better. Now, does that mean that non-celiacs get better going off of gluten and having a lift in their depression? It depends. There are studies, in fact right before this podcast, I was devouring studies, and they were so contradictory. One said this, another one said that. I want to share with you, not from a study, but from my personal life and the thousands of people that I’ve worked with, and what their experiences are.

For me, personally, I needed to evaluate this last five-day hit. I wanted to know what prompted it. Was I not doing something? Was there something I could have done better? How could I have managed it better? In doing these, I call them loving evaluations, I’ve been able to really minimize the effect of my depression. Sorry, got a little teary because the effects are many. My family, I quit reaching out to them. If you know me, I love my family. For some reason when that depression hits, my filter is I’m alone, and I need to wait until I’m better to reach, which is such a lie. I need to reach out to get feeling better and to connect. I always do evaluations. Through those evaluations, I’ve learned what my triggers are. I’ve learned what little things come up before a big dive. That way I can see it when my thinking is still good, and clear. I can see it coming, and I can reach out for help before I get into that deep, I call it, a dark and twisty place. Sorry. I’ve got little sniffles going on from some tears that dropped.

This one, I didn’t get any little indicators. Boom, it hit me. Last night I was journaling. What did I eat? How has my sleep been? How has my supplement routine been? How has my exercise been? My water intake? Those are all things that make a difference in my depression. I realized what I’d done. Oh my gosh. Now, I’m not blaming this restaurant. It is totally 100% my responsibility. I have a hard time with canola oil, it flares up my arthritis. Since a lot of salad dressings have canola oil, I’ve learned I needed to keep some healthy alternatives in my car in case I get stuck and have to order something.

Going to Wendy’s, I had my salad dressing pack, and I got the Power Mediterranean salad. It was dark. I was tired. I was eating too late. I was kind of frustrated. Not kind of, I was. I was very frustrated with myself. I should have planned better. Sitting in my dark car, enjoying my salad. I was talking to one of my daughters as I was journaling. I said to her, “Have you tried the Mediterranean salad from Wendy’s?” She responded, “No, it has wheat in it. Cracked wheat mom.” I hadn’t realized I was eating wheat. This last round of depression I went through, was very much facilitated by an introduction of gluten in a salad.

Since we always want to find something to celebrate in.The thing I’m celebrating is, I have healed my intestines. Typically, in the past, if I would have gotten any type of wheat at that level,  this was a whole serving of wheat, I would have had massive digestive issues and I didn’t. Which is amazing. Which means my gut is getting better and healing. I am over the moon about that. It still takes a toll on me and my neurotransmitters. Man oh man did it hit. It hit hard. It hit fast. It hit furious but I made it through. Yay.

If you’re not celiac, and you struggle with depression or anxiety, I want to know if you have gone off gluten go for a while? If you’ll give yourself a 45-day complete vacation from gluten, then evaluate if it made a difference for you with your depression and/or anxiety. Now, going gluten-free is like being pregnant. You either are or you’re not. I don’t mean just reducing the gluten, I mean completely going gluten-free. There are studies that will tell you it does make a difference. Journal of Psychology has a study that says 90% of people who are not diagnosed celiac, who go off of gluten, who experience anxiety and depression, experience an increase in mood and a decrease in symptoms, 90%. I mean that’s amazing. There was another study by the National Institute of Health that says it’s garbage, it doesn’t do anything. This is where you get to be your very own CEO of your body. If you struggle with anxiety or depression, try going gluten-free and seeing if it makes a difference for you. Do it for 45 days and do it 100%.

Now I have to tell you that the people I’ve worked with, the majority of them feel better. Some of them don’t though. However, after going gluten free for 45 days you can determine, you don’t have to rely on the study. You can basically find whatever study you want that supports your belief system. They’re both from credible places. One says no, one says 90% yes. That way you understand your body’s chemistry and if you’re going to feel better. For me, it hits within about 12 hours. Now I didn’t even realize I had gotten gluten this time so I didn’t understand what was happening as the black abyss encompassed my soul, my heart, and my thinking. As I did my evaluation after the black abyss had passed, talking to a daughter, I realized, oh, I got hit with a full serving of wheat that salad because I didn’t pay enough attention. I was busy. I was so busy. A Mediterranean salad. To me, a Mediterranean salad has some feta cheese, maybe some Greek olives, some peppers, that kind of thing. I need to take 100% accountability to check the ingredients.

Typically, I always wonder, is it in my head, am I making it up? Am I just assuming that’s going to happen so that’s what I experience? This one was really interesting in that I didn’t know that I had gotten it and I really got hit 12 hours afterwards.

Now the next little piece of the puzzle is the studies. Some people really get overwhelmed by studies. You can find a study that basically supports eating tons of meat, eating little meat, being vegetarian, eating gluten, not eating gluten, sugar is okay, sugar is not … You can find a study that supports just about anything. Test it out on yourself. Determine what fits for you. My husband was actually in a study for his eyes. We saw the holes in the study. They were missing some of the questions and some of the criteria. They’re now making massive medical decisions off of this eye study that my husband was in. After that experience, I always look at those studies and think, “I wonder what they were missing.”

When you’re wanting to figure it out for yourself, because you are the CEO of your body and your life. You change one thing at a time. Then determine, did it make a difference? Here’s what I see happening, especially with women, you’ll become an up-cycler, and you’ll get feeling a little bit better but you’ll just put more on your plate to do. You don’t notice that you feel better. That, my friend, is when a board of directors kicks in and is a beautiful fit.

I have a board of directors. Those I invite, people on my board that I trust, that have my back, and that are willing to give me the feedback even if it’s hard feedback. Now, one of the people on my board of directors is my husband. Some of the people on my board of directors are paid help coaches. Some of the people on my board of directors are my naturopath. You have to put together a board of directors that fits your needs. For example, and I’ve told this story a lot, but I love it. My oldest son is a thinker. He’s linear and a thinker. He is on my board of directors.

Now, if I put him on my board of directors, and I went to him, and I said, “What …  When I do video work, I plan my outfits. Will this look good on camera? Will it wash me out?” That kind of thing. If I went to my oldest son who is a financial investor and said, “Hey Bren,” his name is Brennon, but I call him Bren. “Hey Bren, do you think these shoes will look okay on camera? What do you think of this color? Does it bring out the read in my skin?” He would not even look up from the numbers he’s working with and say, “Yeah, it looks fine.” Style not his strength. That’s not his zone of genius. He just doesn’t even care about the shoes. The only thing he wants to know is, were they the cheapest that I could find so that my financial in numbers are good. That’s how he thinks.

When you’re building your board of directors it is so important that you choose people for areas that they’re strong in. Now, if I went to a daughter. I don’t mean that in a sexist way, it is just how my kids are. You can go to men or women. In my case, if I went to a daughter, she would respond to my questions with, “Oh mom, you know that pink probably isn’t the best thing on camera because the wall color behind you and you’ll kind of wash away into it.” You have to determine your board of directors. For example, if I went to my son to talk about warehouse procedures, weights and measurements for lotion, he wouldn’t have anything to give me. If I went to my daughter for warehouse procedures, cost of goods involved, milliliters, ounces, all that kind of thing, she would be all over that. That’s her zone of genius.

As you build your board of directors, make sure you put people in an area that they’re passionate about. When it comes to investing in 401Ks, that’s the conversation that I have with my son Brennon. You have to make sure that those are matched up. My board of directors has some people that are paid, I pay them to be on my board of directors. Some people are there because they love me, and they have my back. They want to make sure that I make it through when that dark and twisty abyss surrounds my heart, soul, and thoughts. Building a board of directors doesn’t happen overnight, but oh my goodness is it worth it to start building. Because my board of directors saw that my depression had kicked in. They started reaching out to me, talking to me, making sure I was okay. It is a natural safety net that I have to make it through, when that dark and twisty days comes up.

The next thing I want to talk about with depression is medication. A lot of people, when I talk about my depression, they always think it’s in the past. Like I don’t experience that anymore. Sometimes I want to say, “Today, it’s consuming me. It’s all I can do to stand here and even move.” You can tell, personally, on me, the muscles in my face quit moving, and I become kind of monotone. Sometimes I just want to say, “No, it’s today.” There isn’t a face to depression. Sometimes we think of a person that struggles with depression and they’re always crying, and they’re always sad, and you can tell, oh, they have depression. There’s not a face to depression. I really wanted to dispel the myth that my depression is in the past. Because a lot of times people will compare their journey to mine and they think I’ve totally conquered it. I haven’t conquered the depression, I’ve just built up a support system and tools to help me to get through the depression.

Now let’s go to prescriptions. A lot of people assume that I would never use a prescription for depression. That’s not the truth. Now, for me personally, there are different families of medications that do different things when it comes to depression. There are six actually. I have tried each of the families of medications to see if it’s a good fit for me, to help me, and I’ll tell you, if any of them have worked, I’d be on it. I would just be doing things to support my liver and make sure that I was getting optimal nutrition since medications will pull different layers of nutrition from your body, and strip them. If there was one that worked, that helped my journey to be a little bit easier when it came to that dark and twisty depression, I would be on it. I personally never found the benefits. I only got the side effects.

Now I have people around me that I love very much that also struggle with depression. They found one that was a good fit, that it really made a difference. Really determine … I see so many people that say, “No, I want to do it naturally.” They walk away from a tool that could benefit them. I know there’s a lot of publicity that the negative side effects of medications, and I’m with you on that, I’m very, very conservative. However, don’t push it away as this horrible thing without doing some investigating to see if there’s something that could benefit you. I look at it as leaving no stone unturned. Now I’ve looked at all of those stones, I experienced those stones, none of them worked for me. I moved on and figured out what would help me. For me, water intake is crucial, hydration. Staying gluten-free. Did you hear that T again? Staying gluten-free. Exercise is important. Being outside in the sunshine, being connected to people, and my sleep schedule is crucial.

Another thing for me, I have this thing for murder shows, and murder mysteries, blows my husband’s mind, but I do. If I get too into those and start doing that a lot, it kicks in. It triggers. I just start to feel hopeless like there’s no goodness left in the world. I have to make sure the visual images, and the sounds that I put into my body, are really uplifting and lift me to that place where I want to be.

I hope if you struggle with depression and anxiety that you remember today, you are not alone. Please realize, my depression is not in the past. It’s something that I still deal with. I just came out of a dark place.  Celebrate with me. I’m going to celebrate for you too, that you and I are connecting here today because it’s something that I still experience. If you are ever feeling alone, remember, that’s a lie, you are not alone. There are others, we are out here, and we are walking that journey right along with you. It’s a matter of sharing and connecting, that helps our journey to become a beautiful place instead of a lonely, dark and twisty place.

Leave a comment. Talk to me. I’d love to know what have you tried and what works for you? Another podcast that might be really good to do is supplementation for depression. I think that would be a super interesting one. I’m making a note of that right now. Supplementation for depression, because there are some really good supplements out there. That’s for another podcast. This one has gone a little bit longer.

My name is Kristen Bowen. I’m the founder of Living the Good Life Naturally. If you’d like to learn more about the tools that I put into place, specifically for my depression, come and join us on February 8th, 9th, and 10th. It’s my three-day class, building a strong foundation. It’s called Stop Starting Over. I share those tools, those foundational pieces I used to help bring me out of that depression and to help me maintain, and experience fewer dips, and more happy spots. If you are interested, go check that out at livingthegoodlifenaturally.com. February 8th, 9th, and 10th. I’d love to have you be a part of that. It happens in beautiful Logan. We have people flying in from all over. There are beautiful hotels here. We’re about 90 minutes from the Salt Lake International Airport. Cost of the class? $97. I don’t want anyone not to be able to take this class because of the cost. I can’t wait to connect with you there.

Hey, it’s Kristen here. Two favors. If you enjoyed that podcast. Go ahead and like the podcast wherever you are listening in from. Want more info and updates about free classes, paid classes, or products? Go to livingthegoodlifenaturally.com. Enter your email in for the email newsletter and that is where I send all of the updates about all of the amazing things that are happening at Living the Good Life Naturally. Remember, you are the CEO of your life. Today is the day to create health and live the good life naturally.

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Facebook Live: Offset Fluoride with Iodine

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Here is our favorite brand of iodine. 

Want deeper understanding of thyroid and mucin? We’ve got a Podcast for you, Thyroid + Mucin Over Production 






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Benefits of a Liver Flush

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Benefits of a Liver Flush

You and I both have heard that the liver plays an important role in our body, but what exactly is that role?

The liver plays the essential role of filtering blood from the digestive tract, then sends it to the rest of the body.  It converts nutrients from our diet into matter that our bodies can use. It also stores this matter for later, sending it to our body when it’s needed. It also filters out all unnecessary matter and toxins and turns them into nontoxic substances or it tells your body that it needs to just flush it out.

All of your efforts to be healthier, such as working on balancing your hormones, trying to decrease brain fog,  amp up thyroid function, and SO MUCH MORE will be rendered next to useless if your liver is congested.  It’s such an important organ and it must be taken care of.  Think of your body as a fish tank.. yep a fish tank! Inside a clean fish tank, all is well. The fish are happy, you can see right through it.  It’s its own functioning ecosystem.  If your liver is the filter and it gets clogged, what happens? Everything gets a little dingy, right? The walls start growing moss, the fish aren’t as vibrant,  it gets full of ‘plaque’ and other build up.. it’s still a fish tank but it’s not as appealing. If you keep it dirty long enough.. soon it will be a stinky, dirty water tank and all of those beautiful fish will be belly up.  A clean liver is not only a happy liver but will result in a happy, healthy body, too.

Now let’s talk about the difference between a liver flush vs. a liver cleanse.

A liver flush actually opens up the bile ducts to release stones while a liver cleanse could be classified as maintenance for your liver such as taking My Miracle Tea & Milk Thistle Dandelion.  Laughing and soaking up some sun are also really great things to cleanse your liver (hands up because these are easily available and FREE)!

Benefits of a Liver Flush:

  • Improved digestion
  • Glowing skin
  • Enhanced mood
  • Balanced hormone function
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Detoxes
  • Heightens Immune system
  • Increased energy
  • Deeper Sleep


There are many flushes you can find online!  HERE and HERE.

Did you know that Kristen will be doing a condensed and easier liver flush just so you can see what happens? You can totally join in with her or just watch from the sidelines if you’re at all curious, here. If you’re interested or feel you could benefit from a flush, I HIGHLY recommend you see for yourself what the hype is all about.


You should not do a Liver Flush if you have any kidney issues or you  have had your gallbladder removed. Those without a gallbladder find adding Ox Bile into their daily routine helpful. Ox bile helps to break down  fats. Your body need to be able to break down those fats to create new cell walls.


The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only.  NEVER DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY SEEKING MEDICAL TREATMENT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ ON OR ACCESSED THROUGH THIS WEB SITE.

Podcast: Thyroid and Mucin Overproduction

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Adrenal Thyroid Drink Recipe

Kristen: Are you ready to talk mucin and your thyroid? If you’re struggling losing weight, if your hair is thinning or falling out, if you’re tired all the time, if your weight is going on a spare tire, and if the shape of your body is changing you probably have a thyroid issue that isn’t showing up on your blood work. Let’s talk about what it is and what in the heck is happening to your body. So here’s the deal, mucin protects your body in small amounts from friction. Think of mucus, mucin. It’s a glycol protein but when your thyroid isn’t functioning, your body creates too much of it and then we have a problem. Here’s how you’ll know if you have a mucin problem. I want you to go to your deltoid muscle on your forearm. I didn’t know what deltoid was until a couple of years ago. I knew it was a muscle but I didn’t know where it was. It’s on your forearm and I want you to pinch that muscle. You should be able to grab skin over your muscle.

Now a lot of people pinch that and they think that big gap between the pinch of skin is actually muscle, but let me tell you, it’s not. That’s mucin built up in your muscle. You should be able to grab that skin. If you can’t, that’s the first place your body starts depositing mucin. Now the second place, I want you to put your hand right underneath your chin. Are you starting to get a little double chin there? Is your face getting more round? That my friend is mucin from an under functioning thyroid. Now let’s go the next place. Take your hand right at the top of your spine. If that’s starting to get rounded and a little puffy, that is mucin.

Now let’s go to another place. In your thighs, you know right inside of your leg at the top of your thigh? If those touch, that’s a mucin issue. Did you realize that? So now we’re going to talk a little sensitive areas now, are you ready? Clear the room of any men. I don’t know why, but they get uncomfortable talking about some of this stuff sometimes. If your breasts are changing shape and starting to look pendulous, that’s a mucin issue. That means you don’t feel good and your body is pushing so hard. Think of excess mucin like pouring karo syrup in your car’s engine and expecting it to run. It’s not going to and neither is your body if you have excess mucin. Now, here’s the deal, it’s not an overnight fix. We can fix that together. We can do it. I’m here with you. I got you, but it’s not an overnight fix. I don’t see it clearing up until about six months in of solid foundational layers being built upon to clear up that mucin.

Let’s talk about where you need to start, because now you’re like, oh my gosh I have mucin. Do you know I have toddlers come in the shop that you can pinch their little arms, and they already have mucin. Before we talk solutions, can I talk one more thing with you? I want to share this with you. Did you know the levels of fluoride in our tap water are proven to shut down thyroid function? In the early 1920’s, there was a lot of testing done, that showed the levels in our drinking water is actually the level that suppresses thyroid function. If that’s not enough to get you drinking something besides your tap water, I don’t know what will. That level of fluoride is suppressing your thyroid. Suppressing your thyroid means your body goes, oh no, create mucin to protect. In actuality, it’s just slowing you down and making everything not work.

In fact, do you know high blood pressure almost always had a mucin component? What happens is the thyroid stops functioning, the mucin is created, and your body has to work harder to maintain your blood pressure. Therefore whacking it out with high blood pressure. I can’t tell you how many women I’ve worked with, as they clean up their mucin their blood pressure normalizes. It’s pretty incredible. Number one, we need to see where your temperature is at. We’ll put a link in the show notes to my very favorite body temperature thermometer that you take your body temperature with. It’s crucial you do it first thing in the morning. Do it for five days. If you’re cycling, do it on the second day of your period. That will be the most realistic picture of where your temperature is at. We want that temperature between 98.4 and 98.8. If it’s low, your body is producing mucin to protect itself. If it’s high, that’s a whole other podcast.

The majority of people are low. If it’s low and you’ve done that little pinch test on your arm and you’re not grabbing skin, then you know you’ve got mucin. The next thing we need to do is balance hydrochloric acid levels. It’s crucial that we do that. If it’s a small hydrochloric acid issue, we can do that with enzymes, honey, wine vinegar or Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar. If it’s gone further than that, we need to go into a betaine protocol. We need to help the hydrochloric acid so that your body can start breaking down those glycol proteins called excess mucin.

The next thing we need to do is nourish adrenals and thyroid with Living The Good Life Naturally’s adrenal thyroid drink. It’s crucial. It’s got potassium, it’s got micro and macro minerals, enzymes, B vitamins, all the goodness that you need in a one and done drink. We need to start supporting those adrenals. Now the next step that we need to do, is to determine if you’re needing a little thyroid boost with some desiccated thyroid. There’s several ways that you can do that. You can get a prescription from your doctor. I much prefer the Westhroid prescription over armor. You can buy it at over the counter as a thyroid gold. You can work with Dr. Christopher’s herbal pack that he has, that supports thyroid. It just depends on where your thyroid’s at, what you’re needing. We need to add that desiccated thyroid or herbs to get that thyroid functionality up. That’s crucial.

After we’ve got all of those done, we need to make sure that you are walking away from foods that inflame you. For example, nightshades inflame me. Red peppers and spicy peppers, they just cause some inflammation. While I’m working on my mucin, I have to walk away from those foods. Realizing all of this is done with the foundation of a magnesium level at six. It is a minimum of six that we want to maintain it at. Now our goal is between 6.3 and seven. I do see this working and starting to really kick in to clean up that mucin if you hold a solid six on your magnesium level. So are you ready? Join me. This doesn’t happen overnight. Let’s clean up that mucin, let’s get your body working really well and let’s be realistic. It’s not something we’re going to do for a week and then it’s going to clear up. It’s a good six month journey but what a difference it makes and I promise you’re worth it.

You didn’t get where you’re at in six months, but we can get you feeling a lot better in six months, if you won’t give up. If you don’t do the start, stop and overwhelm and starting over. That’s where we get in trouble. If you’d like deeper support of learning how to clear up the mucin, how to build those foundational layers, then come and join me on February 8th, 9th and 10th. I have my three day class. It’s held in Logan, Utah. We have people flying in from all over the place to join us. I do it once year. The cost is $97.00 and we are going to give you the tools to build your foundation strong. When you have a strong foundation, your body’s not creating mucin. So go check it out over at livingthegoodlifenaturally.com. Click on shop, then click on workshops and it will be right there. I want to see you there.

If you’re interested in learning how your body works, understanding that those little swollen puffy knees is a mucin build up in many people. If you want a deeper understanding of that, then you will love my three day class of stop starting over, February 8th, 9th and 10th. I’ll see you there.


Facebook Live: Create Power Moments + Get More Done

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I’m really excited to share this with you. Do you ever have those days that so many things get accomplished and it just flows? Then you have those days that you just feel like you’ve worked all day and you’ve gotten nothing done. Well, I want to share with you what you can do and what I do to create power moments. The more power moments I create, the more I’m able to accomplish during the day. I had a lady that came in the shop today that said,  “Kristen, how do you get done what you get done? I know how distractible you are,” which was a really nice way of saying, “I know you have shiny object syndrome.”

It got me thinking. “Kristen, what do I do, because I do have some days that I just rock it and so much gets accomplished?” I realized, the answer is simple. I create power moments. I am going to share with you what I do to create power moments. Your power moment list will be different from mine, so don’t try to make it the same. I’m just going to share with you mine to get your ideas flowing. I was so inspired by Jill today and the clarity that she’s created in her life and the purpose with which she’s moving forward with. It came because of power moments.

I have a list of things that I do that just make me feel like, oh I can conquer the world. Do you ever have those moments? Now, some of them are kind of silly. I hope you don’t laugh, you can if you want, I won’t take it personally. One of them is getting my hair done. When I get my hair done, the Braidy Lady does my hair, Whitney.  I call it a Whit day. When she does my hair it looks so good, and I feel like I can conquer the world. That is a power moment for me. That’s something that I do because I know with that feeling that I have created with a good hair day, boom, I get more done. I know, kind of silly, but it works for me. I don’t know if your hair is going to be a power moment for you. I want you to figure out what your power moments are.

I see some people hopping on, so mention if you have any thoughts or ideas of what you do to create power moments. Another power moment for me is journaling. After I’ve had a good journaling session, I have more white space in my brain and clarity. Clarity creates a power moment for me. Another power moment for me is a clean car. Now, I have to tell you, I have Bowen dreaded car disease. We live in our cars, and it can get disgusting. I just feel so shrinky and yuck. I took the time yesterday and I went and I drove it through the car wash and I detailed it. I keep these little car wipey thingys and I wiped everything down. I realized when I got back in my car that was all sparkly clean, I felt amazing. That got put on my list of power moments. I got so much more done because I was driving around in a clean car.

Now, I don’t know if a clean car will do it for you, but I want to know, what will do it for you? What will give you that feeling of, “I can do anything,” that your brain just starts to flow, and you get things done? Another one for me is after working with Amy Atkinson. Oh my gosh, can we talk about clarity and power moments? That woman is a power force herself, and she just leaks it to me when I go in to have an appointment with her. She does cranial sacral, and I love it. I had an appointment with her last week and created a power moment. I got so much accomplished. Come on, tell me, what are your power moments?

Creating those power moments when you feel like you can conquer the world. Another one for me, and I don’t know why this is so hard for me. The way I grew up, you got out of bed, you made the bed. I don’t always do that now, and sometimes my bed doesn’t get made. When I’m in my bedroom and there’s order to my bedroom, and my bed is made and the pillows look all beautiful and inviting, that is a power moment. If I go about my day and make sure that I’ve just created one or two power moments, those help me move forward and it’s like I become this force to be reckoned with because I feel so good.

Creating health is about taking your power back. It’s not about leaking it to a foot zone therapist. It’s not about leaking it to your doctor. It’s not about leaking it to your supplement. It’s about saying, “I recognize how powerful I am, and I am tapping into my own power and creating that power and pushing it out this way.” Because, when the world pushes this way, that’s not health. That’s not power. That’s you collapsing because all the things that are coming at you, emails and tweets and Instagram and Facebook and all that stuff.

When you create it here and you push out, that’s a power moment, and that’s what’s going to get you healthy. I would love for you to post. Just pop on and say, “Oh my gosh, this is my power moment,” because yours might not be a clean car or a good hair day. Another power moment, this one’s kind of funny, and I didn’t even realize it until just now. I went lipstick shopping with a daughter of mine, and she loves really bright lips. She can pull them off, so we were trying on all these lipsticks and different things. Good lipstick can be a total power moment. Now, it is for me. I don’t know if it is for you.

I want you to find your power moments because when you start creating your day, you also create health. There’s a pattern that goes hand in hand. Today as Jill and I were talking on Facebook about Project Radiate, which Project Radiate is about a woman so healthy that people lean in because they can see it and they want to be a part of it. That woman who feels so good and so amazing starts lifting other people around her. Jill leaned in and became a part of Project Radiate. I want you to also, I want you to lean in.

I want you to wake up with so much energy that you feel so good and you have all these amazing ideas. You just go about creating all day long, because when you create you’re lifting other people around you. It’s not just about you. It’s about the people you love that you’re connected to. When you have power moments, they feel it and then they get excited and they lean in. Then you’re creating with other people, and it creates this whole tribe of people creating power moments, health, and doing great things. It changes your family, then it changes your community, and it just starts changing the whole world. It all started because you did one little teeny power moment and recognized, “Dang, I feel really good. I feel strong. I feel capable.”

Sabrina says, “I love that I really needed this at the exact moment. I’ll have to pay more attention to my power moments.” When I leave Whit, now, today was not a Whit day, so please do not take my hair and think Whit did it. Today is a Kristen day. I did my best, but it’s not as good as when Whit does it. When Whit does it, I leave that chair and I feel strong, beautiful and powerful. When you feel like that, you can do anything.

I love what Sabrina said. She’s not sure what hers are, but she’s going to tap into them. She’s going to start noticing. When we’re disconnected from what creates power, we’re disconnected from our health, we’re disconnected from our wealth, we’re disconnected from people we love, we’re disconnected from support, we’re disconnected from all sorts of things. The fact that Sabrina’s going to start noticing and connecting back into when she feels powerful, is going to make a difference that will land her in a completely different place. Sabrina, I’m celebrating. Woo hoo! When you find out, if you remember, come back and throw it up in the chat section, because other people’s power moments won’t be what mine is.

Another one for me, a good pedicure. When I look down at pretty toes, boom, I love it. I don’t know why it does, but it does. Notice when you’re creating those power moments, because when you can create a power moment, you can create health. You can do it. If I can do it, anybody can do it. Math is not my strong point, spelling is not my strong point. It doesn’t mean you have to know rocket science and understand exactly how your body works. It means you have to learn how to create power moments.

Then, once you start creating them and you create more and more and more, and you just start moving forward, moving forward, moving forward, and then all the sudden you’ve been in a power moment all day long, and you’ll realize, “Look at all the stuff I did today because I am creating my own energy. I’m not running around trying to find it. I’m not running around trying to find the perfect supplement, find the perfect protocol.” There is no perfect supplement and there is no perfect protocol. Your health starts with you creating power moments here.

Jill, you inspired me today, and I hope you start noticing what your power moments are. Once you do and you start recognizing them, then you can start creating more, and the synergy just happens. Then all the sudden you wake up one morning and you realize, “Oh my gosh, I am feeling awesome,” because health starts here. Now, there’s great things we can add to it, but it doesn’t matter. I have so many women that come in and say, “I’m doing all of this and I’m eating all of this perfectly and I still don’t feel good,” because they started in the wrong place. You have to start here. Noticing your power moments, I promise you, is going to get you healthy. Tell me what your power moments are. I can’t wait to hear. Bye.



Facebook Live: Feminine Energy + Mind Mapping

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Oh, awesome, we’re live. Rachel had the best question, “Kristen, you’re saying that feminine energy isn’t about making lists. You’re operating in the wrong system if you’re making lists and it actually walks you away. What in the heck do I do if I don’t make the list so I don’t forget things?”
Today, we had the most powerful, amazing breakthrough as a team here at Living the Good Life Naturally, one of those days that you almost want to introduce yourself as a different person, because there’s been so much growth. It was beautiful. There was moments where it was hard. We did it. You may have hard moments in your life as a family in your business, in your relationships. Mind mapping can help create more clarity and as you create more clarity, you have better connections.
So, I wanted to show you our mind map. I’m standing in front of our glass whiteboard? Glass board? It’s like the old-school whiteboards, but it’s glass. We love it. We have a ton of different colors. My cortisol level had been going through the roof. Remember, when your cortisol goes up because you’re frustrated, you’re leaking your magnesium.
We’ve had a huge growth surge here at Living the Good Life Naturally. Massive. What I was doing wasn’t meeting the needs of the company and the team to get done what needed to get done. I was so frustrated, and it was coming out all sorts of sideways. We needed better clarity. So today, in our team meeting, this is what we created behind us because I don’t want to soak every day in magnesium. I want to soak as needed and live a great big, full life. I don’t want to soak in magnesium, be a drama mama, soak in magnesium the next day, be a drama mama, and lose it all through cortisol.
Let’s see, I think if I stand this way, can you get a visual of that? We could have made this into a list. I see some people hopping on! Tell me where you’re from, what your name is. I’d love to know who’s here, because if you ask me questions, that’ll help guide where this little time together that we have is going. I would love to if you’ve been on one of the Facebook Lives before. I’d just love that, let me know.
Behind me is this glass board. Now, if we were operating out of a mail operating system, we would have made a to-do list. Here’s what I’m convinced of, a to-do list supports good girl energy. Good girl energy is where you have to be perfect to get all the things done, so that you can deserve more health, more money, a better job, all of those good things. It’s a lie. It’s a broken lie. You don’t have to be a good girl to deserve the things that you want. When you make a list and you check those things off, you’re actually trying to prove to yourself, “See, world? I’m good enough.”
And here’s what I know. You are good enough right now. You don’t have to check it off a list. When we’re operating in a linear list, we’re operating in a male operating system. Now, we have Mac and PCs at the shop. If I’m on a PC, and I’m using Mac commands, it doesn’t matter how good my intention is. It doesn’t matter how hard I try. It doesn’t matter how perfectly I do it. It’s not going to work. When we’re operating from a male operating system, it’s not going to work for us, because we’re wired differently.
I wish team was still here so they could be a part of this, because this was a collaborative effort. One of my frustrations was, we weren’t getting stuff done that needed to be done, and there was all these things swimming around in my head and I’d say, “We need to do this! We need to do this!” I’d run around and I’d get frustrated. I didn’t know how to handle it. I didn’t know how to say without sounding like this witchy boss. It was just so bad. So what we did is we created a mind map. Can you see all of that?
Whitney created this. That’s her, because mine would just be writing. We created this mind map of all the things that needed to happen. What we did in our mind map is we talked about what’s the most important thing that drives everything; our health, our relationships, our ability to serve here at Living the Good Life Naturally. We realized for us right now, where we’re at, it’s our voice. I lost my ability and my voice to communicate clearly what I needed. There was no amount of magnesium on planet Earth to make up for the cortisol drama I was creating. So we realized at the core, we needed to know what’s something that drives this and connects all of it? It’s our voice. Our voice gives us the ability to serve and communicate and create clarity.
Hey there! Oh, Anne, how are you, good friend? It’s so good to see you. So, we realized it was with our voice that all of this was connected to. If I didn’t have a voice to communicate and team didn’t have a voice to communicate back, then none of this would work. So we put voice at the middle.
Oh, Lisi says, “I’m from Mount Pleasant.” Oh my gosh! Oh, do you love my hair? Thank you. I gave my husband a gift. I had a pixie cut, and I grew it out. The Brady lady does my hair, and she actually did it today. I love Brady lady days, they’re the best kind of days, so thank you so much.
Up here, we put a quote that, “Hold the vision, trust the process.” Because when you get to a new level, you have to trust that the things you need will come up to serve you at that new level. I loved this reminder of, “Hold the vision, trust the process.” Then down here in the corner, it says, “The comeback is always stronger than the setback.” Because today at team meeting, we kind of had a little bit of a breakdown. Well, my perception on it just felt very hard. We always want to remember that the comeback is always stronger than the setback. We had a setback, but we’re better. We’re back, and we have more clarity of purpose and deeper connection as a team, if that’s even possible, because I love those women.
Those are things that anchor us. We need anchor spots on our mind mapping. We have our middle, that core that’s voice. Then we have holding the vision, trusting the process. Then down here, Whitney put a great quote, “The comeback is always stronger than the setback.” Then, over in this corner, let’s see if you can see that. It says, “Focus.” Focus. That one’s kind of for me, ’cause if you haven’t noticed, I can kind of go lots of places. I need to train my brain to be focused to follow through. As what I was doing, I was calling out all of these things. They couldn’t get all of that and get it done. I need to be focused and communicating what needs to be done to serve more people, which we’re really excited to do!
Those are kind of our cores, and then as what we did is we all did a brain dump. Okay, take all the things that are inside our brains, and we got them out. Oh my gosh, my arm’s getting tired. This is good exercise. For example, we have right here Project Radiate. Oh, I could cry. I’m not going to. I’ll save you my tears. This is my heart and my passion and my soft place to land. We’re prepping for Project Radiate because it opens up in November. We need some things to set that up.
Let’s see. Oh, over here. One of the things that’s happening is Amazon gift cards. We need to set up some gift cards, because people are wanting to come in and buy gift cards, and we don’t have it set up. That needs to happen. So it got out of my brain and on my mind map. Our More Money Now class. Tomorrow is our last day of our More Money Now, and it’s been a game-changer. I’m a different person today than I was yesterday because of the women that I’ve been hanging out with in More Money Now.
Theresa, love you so much. Oh, from Mount Pleasant. I love that, I missed that you were from Mount Pleasant. So, the More Money Now, I want to update that video, because the video that’s on the More Money Now for the class that we just finished? The video we have on there now does represent what the More Money Now class in 2018’s going to be. Because the 2017 More Money Now, we created basic awesome sauce together. Everybody leaned in. I’ve never had a class where so many people leaned in and created action, and showed up. It was amazing.
I realized in that More Money Now down there, the video that’s on the website doesn’t represent what the class is anymore. I have more clarity on it because of the women I’ve been hanging out with for the last 30 days. When it was just in my head, I was frustrated because it wasn’t getting done. But because we created this mind map of all the different things …
Oh! See up here on snap? I love Snapchat. Does anybody else love Snapchat? Are you guys on Snapchat? I’m going to do some meal planning prep on Snapchat. Now, it may not exactly fit for you and your family, but I bet you can take away some good ideas from it. I’m going to do that on Snapchat. We’ve got it up here, a couple things that we need to tweak on our Snapchat.
Now, I’m going to stand out here so you can see all of those things. Getting all of those things out of my brain, onto the board in a mind map, created white space in my brain. It’s interesting. A little TMI, my weight has gone up, up, and up and up. I’m eating good, I’m exercising, all that stuff. Guess what? Had nothing to do with my eating, my exercise, or my supplements. Had to do with my stress level. My stress levels were through the roof because we hit a new level. I needed better clarity, and our mind map did that. I feel amazing. My energy increased just getting this up.
Now, you may not want to do it on a whiteboard or a glass board. It may not be what you put yours on, but you could do it on a piece of paper and get all of the things that need to be done in a mind map and give yourself some anchors. The anchors are crucial. So voice. We realized if I’m not using my voice, if team isn’t using their voice to lift and create clarity, it doesn’t matter what’s happening. It’s not going to happen. For us, voice is crucial. We put that anchor of hold the vision and trust the process. We all needed to trust each other today that we could make it through a hard conversation, and we not only made it through, we thrived. It was beautiful.
So maybe with your family, maybe you’re stuck in some frustration with your family. Get it out on a mind map. It will create white space in your brain, then new ideas can come in, and the new ideas are amazing! We came up with so many ways to answer the questions that people ask us to serve at a deeper level. That’s what Living the Good Life Naturally is all about and it’s because we did our mind map.
Oh, Erin! I’m so glad it helped you! I’ll pull out again. That’s our mind map. It was literally a brain dump, and it created so much less stress inside my body. I have felt like I was just going to pop trying to meet all the new things I’m supposed to be doing, and Living the Good Life Naturally didn’t feel so healthy. It is now, because I got it out in that mind map. A mind map is a feminine way to open up space in your brain. If you don’t open up space in your brain, how will you get the insights that you need if your brain is so jammed up with all that stuff?
Okay, people, here’s what we need to do. Martha just hopped on. I have known Martha since I was probably 17 years old. Martha, I still make your chicken enchilada recipes. But let me tell you this, Martha; they’re not as good as yours. We should have a Facebook party and all get together in the same place. I’ll do dishes, I’ll do prep, if Martha will cook chicken enchiladas, because they are the best chicken enchiladas you’ve ever had on the planet Earth. Oh my gosh, so good to see you, Martha.
Now, when I say to a woman, “A list isn’t feminine energy,” her claws can come out. So I wanted to show you this is a much more powerful way to work in your operating system than a list is, and it creates white space. Do you see how Whit connected everything on there? Boom boom boom boom boom with the dots? She connected. Oh, like today. I call it a Whit day when I get my hair and makeup done. Whit does that for me. A Whit day is connected to my voice because I have power days when I have hair and makeup done, and it strengthens my voice. Now, does that mean I can’t have a voice if Whit’s not doing my hair and makeup? No way. It’s just one of those boosts for me that I really enjoy, and it’s connected to the voice.
See all these little black dots and lines? That’s how we connected everything back to our core, our center. That’s our voice, our ability to serve and educate people, and help them get healthy faster. That’s what we want to do. We want to teach you all the shortcuts that we’ve learned and help you get there faster. If we don’t have our voice, that’s not going to happen.
So for example this says money class graphic. Our old money class, the graphic didn’t match what the money class has become. I needed Whit to update the money class graphic, and you should see it. Our mind map is so beautiful. Has a pair of shoes on it, it totally represents feminine energy and women working with how they heal their relationships with their money. We got the clarity because of our mind map.
We did this one as a team. So this one happened as a team. You can do them on a personal level. You can do them on a family level. Mind mapping is such a powerful way to bring your cortisol levels down. Let me tell you this, so you understand, because I so want you to understand. There is no supplement, there is no diet, there is no protocol, there is nothing that offsets high cortisol stress in your body. Nothing. There’s nothing you can do to offset that. You can help make it better, but this last two weeks with my stress through the roof, I could have swum in magnesium, ’cause we get the containers. Did I tell you magnesium’s on sale? Best price of the year! $6 shipping. It’s on sale in the store until Saturday at 2:00, ’cause that’s when our retail shop in Logan closes. It’s on sale online until Sunday night.
That high cortisol when you get stressed, when you feel frustrated, and when you get angry, causes you to leak your magnesium out through your urine. Sorry TMI, but that’s what happens. Cortisol goes up, magnesium gets pushed out, and your foundation gets annihilated. Understanding that magnesium mindset is crucial. It’s more than just soaking friends. It’s more. You want 100% accountability for walking away from that stress, these last two weeks, I didn’t walk away from it. It just bubbled and bubbled and boiled and came out sideways, and I made decisions that weren’t good and hurt the very people that I love the very most. So today, this was our breakthrough. It was amazing. It was life-changing, and it’s going to help me hold on to my magnesium, because I stepped into a better magnesium mindset.
I want to know. Tell me, do you make lists? Are you a list person? Does this make sense to you about the feminine energy and the operating system, or are you like, “What in the heck? Oh my gosh, what is this woman talking about?” So does that make sense to you about the feminine operating system and operating in the correct system to lower your stress levels? When you make a list, I’m 100% convinced you’re trying to prove that you’re good enough to deserve more money, to deserve more health, to deserve more connection, to deserve more friendships, to deserve more of all those good things. A list, you’re trying to prove. You don’t have to prove it, you can have all of those things right now.
Here’s my challenge to you. If you are a woman, if you want better health, if you want better energy, if you want to hold on to the magnesium that you’re soaking in, dump your dang list. Get rid of it, and switch over to mind mapping. It’s a game changer. It’s amazing. It’s incredible. Oh, Anne, I’m so glad that makes sense to you! Anne, tell me. Erin, if you’re still on? I just invited somebody to come on, ’cause she could share some insights.
I want to know if you’d be willing to walk away from your list. Do you ever feel like you’re a perfectionist? Does that come up for you? Do you feel like you have to do it perfect and if you can’t do it perfect, you don’t do it and you don’t get healthy? Do you feel like if you can’t do it perfect, so you just walk away from it? If that comes up for you, in my opinion, it’s good girl energy. You have to prove that you deserve to be healthy, and that’s like a lie in your head. Letting go of that list steps you into a more feminine operating system, and guess what that’s that word for a feminine operating system is called? There’s one word for it. Love. It’s just love. That’s a feminine operating system. Love. Loving yourself, loving other people, and doing it more. Love.
Creating that mind map is day and night difference from trying to prove that you got your list done, to prove that you’re good enough, worth enough to be healthy or have more money or have better friendships or have a better marriage. You don’t have to prove it, because you’re worth it right now. Remember that L’Oreal commercial? I’m worth it. Yeah. They nailed it. You are worth it.
Theresa says, “Oh, that’s me, and I have huge cortisol issues, and the list-maker. Changing to mind mapping right now.” Theresa, I kind of quit talking about it. I’m a people pleaser (and oops, sorry, I didn’t mean to knock that) I’m trying to get everything set up here. Theresa, I quit talking about it because people were getting so angry. Then I realized, oh, wait a minute. They’re getting angry about it because it’s a truth bomb. Truth will walk us toward the very thing that we want, but our subconscious wants to keep us the same. So the subconscious starts getting frustrated and throwing up walls. I realized, wait a minute. Being a people pleaser is not using my voice. Remember, voice was at the core. So find out what’s at the core of your map? What’s at the core? What drives it all? If I’m not tapped into my voice and willing to talk about it, then how are we going to create the change that we want to?
So, I shut up like, okay, I’ll talk about other stuff that doesn’t make anybody upset. That’s good girl syndrome. Good girl syndrome is when we shut up, sit down, look pretty, and spend all your money on clothes and makeup. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love clothes and makeup. You don’t have to love that to be in feminine energy. I personally do. But the shut up and sit down and don’t make waves? I’m not buying into that. Because that spiked my cortisol, because I knew I had something more to share. I let other people stop me, ’cause I wanted to please them. So Theresa, the fact that you leaned in on that gave me evidence. I need to be talking about this more. Thank you for helping me find evidence that I need to use my voice and I’m safe to do that.
“I saw your video last night, and I feel like you’re speaking directly to me.” Here’s my goal. I hope one day, you and I can sit down and have lunch together. Any time I meet somebody on social media, my goal is and one day we meet in real life. I would love to. “Total good girl over here. I’ve always had trouble connecting with my femininity. Always been a self-proclaimed tomboy.” There’s nothing wrong with that! You can be a total tomboy. I have a sister that goes to Walmart every year, I think she gets two pairs of shoes, exactly the same, and wears those. She can still operate from her feminine energy. I’m not saying you have to like shoes and makeup. I personally do. You don’t have to. You can be who you are and what you like, because feminine energy is coming from a place of love. You have more love to offer yourself and more love to offer other people.
I thank you for giving me another little piece of evidence that even though some people unfollowed me and sent me some comments and things, I can’t let them determine what I talk about. Especially because I’m in Project Radiate and More Money Now. Those are my two programs right now that are running. Lives are changing. Not just a little bit. We’re talking massive transformation. This is the key topic that we’ve been talking about. The deeper we go, and the more clarity we get, the more amazing things they’re creating. It’s breathtaking, so I’m not going to stop talking about this. I’m not. Thank you for giving me evidence on the days that I want to be small, and just do this beat myself up, sit there, be good and not make a difference in the world. Thank you so much. I’m so glad that we got to connect.
Oh, you are so very welcome. I want to ask this, does it make sense to you about the magnesium and the cortisol? Once you understand that process, it’s a game changer. Living the Good Life Naturally is not just about soaking in magnesium. It’s so much more. It’s so much more. Have you guys seen the station studio in Cache Valley? It’s this beautiful photography loft, and we’ve rented it. We’re going to go get some videos up so people have a better understanding about what Living the Good Life Naturally is. The foundation is to soak in magnesium. Your body needs more magnesium to sleep better, to have better hormone function. If you don’t buy into the magnesium mindset, and if you’re someone who says, “Soaking hasn’t done anything for me,” I know that we have a mindset issue and we need to combine the two. We need to combine both of those.
For example, the last two weeks, I lost my voice in being able to communicate what I needed. I don’t want to be that witch of a boss. I love team and I am the boss.I was losing my ability to communicate and just walking around so frustrated. I could have soaked five times a day and not moved my magnesium numbers. I had to tap into my voice. I found as women, when you tap into your voice, who you really are, cortisol levels come down, and that’s so amazing.
Okay. “Opposition is directly proportional to the level at which you’re creating change.” Absolutely. I believe that. I forgot it, though. It wasn’t connected to my heart on this one, because that people pleasing pattern came up in the middle and I wanted to please those people. And let me tell you, as the business grows, I get more of those. I’m so grateful. I am truly grateful, because when I get them, it reminds me, “Kristen, you have a choice. Are you going to be a people please, or are you going to step into your voice and share those things that you are passionate about?” Today, I stepped into my voice. Here’s the really beautiful thing. Team Good Life allowed me the ability to be loved imperfectly where I was at. That was a beautiful gift that I was given today from them. It was beautiful and life changing.
I absolutely believe in duality. I just forgot it. That pattern of people pleasing came up and disconnected me from my voice to my heart. Today with Team Good Life, I was able to break free because of the love that surrounded me and the fact that they were willing to love me even though I’d really messed up. They just loved me. They allowed me that flow to forgive me, to truly put it behind us and to move forward. Because they gave me that gift, we have better clarity of purpose. I have more joy and more ideas that are coming to my head. Tomorrow morning’s Project Radiate? Oh my gosh, I cannot wait to go there. I have had this influx of total inspiration and ideas of what we can do to help all of those women who meet every week to create those things that they want.
So, mind mapping? I hope you’re sold on it. I hope you think “ Hm, maybe I might want to change how I do things.” Because if you’re not experiencing what you want, you have to change something to get something different. Mind mapping is a simple way to step into more feminine energy, and it’s amazing.
Oh. Now, I do have to say this. That mind map? Whitney just whipped that out. That’s how she writes. My mind map, if that were me doing all that writing, it would not be cute little lipstick tubes and that kind of stuff. Mine would just be words. Some of you will compare and contrast your mind map to what Whit did, and you’ll want cute little graphics and things. I can’t do that and I’m okay with that. My mind map is just words but I still follow the principle. The principle is find your core, what drives you. Put that in the middle.
For us right now at Living the Good Life Naturally, it’s voice. It’s voice, and remembering that the outcome is stronger, more powerful and more beautiful than the setback. We did experience a setback today, but we came out of it stronger, with more love, and with more connection. I don’t even know how I could love team more. My capacity has increased because of the mind map. My ability to hold onto this magnesium has increased because of a mind map. You need a pen and a piece of paper. Now, if you want to get artistic, you could use crayons or markers. We use that glass board. But just do it.
Some of you have said, like Theresa was so gracious and leaned in and said, oh, this is making sense to me. If it’s speaking to you, here’s my challenge to you. We have currency in our time, our energy, our money, and our health. There’s a currency. If you will create something on your mind map in the currency of the day that you learned about it, your flow will start to increase. As women, we don’t have to go search for things. We don’t have to go out looking. Things come to us and things flow as we’re in that feminine energy. But it’s when we create action in the currency of the day that we learned it that that feminine energy starts to flow.
Before you go to bed tonight, just grab a piece of paper and a pen and start putting some things from your brain that need to happen on a piece of paper. Not linear, but just all around. That can help you step into that currency and hold onto your magnesium. Now, we’ve had a lot of questions on magnesium. Our store hours are 10:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday. Tomorrow, we will close at 5:00. Saturday, we’re open from 10:00 until 2:00. We’ll close at 2:00. This is the best sale of the year. Our next sale on magnesium is calm Black Friday. It won’t be this good of a price, because there’s like a storage fee or a homeland security fee. One of those fees, when we import it, has gone up. So it’ll still be the best price I can give you, but it won’t be this price.
I know what’s going to happen on Monday, I’m going to get all these emails, “I didn’t know about the sale!” We have been blasting it from our email newsletter, from Facebook, on Instagram, we’ve been blasting it. In the retail shop, it closes at 2:00 on Saturday. If you’re not in Logan and you don’t live in Cache Valley, we have it on sale online. It’s $50 instead of $69, so that saves you $19. Plus we reduced the shipping to $6 flat rate shipping. No matter what you buy, it’s only $6. ‘Cause this stuff is heavy to ship. Oh and did you know magnesium is the mineral of flow and movement? If things aren’t flowing, we’ve got to up those minerals, especially magnesium. It’s crucial. So important.
Go mind map. I hope you’re going to mind map. I have a favor to ask if you mind map, would you just reach out and tag me? Either on my personal page, Kristen Matheson Bowen, or on the business page, Living the Good Life Naturally, on Facebook or Instagram. Either. If you would just reach out and tag me. Tell me what was your experience? I love seeing what comes up for people, and what they experience. That feedback helps tap me into a better way to help other women understand. It’s actually a way that you can love on other women on the journey with us. Then we can make it easier for us to step into our health. My big thing about creating money and creating health is stepping into it with ease and grace. As you share what’s worked for you, we can all step into it with a little bit more ease and grace.
I hope you’ve learned something from today. Theresa, I hope you’ll do something for your mind map tonight before your head hits the pillow. It brings your cortisol levels down and it helps you hold on to your magnesium. I have had an amazing day. I’m so excited to start tomorrow. For those of you that are on here from Project Radiate, we are going to have an amazing morning together. Be on the call with us if you can, live. If not, listen to the recording. I’m really excited, because as I dropped my cortisol levels, it increased my capacity to tap into all the ideas that are around me. If that’s something that you want, go soak in magnesium and get you a mind map going.
Bye, guys. Have a great day. Have a great night. Have a great life. Have a great heart. Have a great voice. Have a great oh, whatever. Anyway see you!


Ceylon Honey Tea Recipe

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Ceylon Cinnamon Tea Recipe

1 tsp.  LTGLN ™ Ceylon Cinnamon

1 tsp.  Perfect® Coconut Oil

1 tsp.  raw honey, local is best! If you can’t find any local honey in your area, we get ours here!

1 c. hot water

Heat your filtered water to boiling. Add to your favorite mug. Mix all ingredients together and mix well. Fresh lemon can be added as an extra boost of flavor. Drinking sediment at the bottom of cup is optional but not required to reap all the benefits of these superfoods.

This hot drink can work wonders for inflammation, joint pain, and it helps regulate blood sugar. It’s loaded with manganese and antioxidants that will help boost liver function.


The science behind this awesome combo:

Honey is 33% sulphur based.

Ceylon Cinnamon is 26% sulphur based.

So the combination is 59% sulphur compounds. Sulphur is a critical mineral and makes a huge difference in the creating optimal health.

Did you know that sulphur helps your body hold vitamin D3 and move it through the body?

A great drink to add to your winter routine when Vitamin D3 naturally drops

Our favorite ways to get Vitamin D is first through sunshine and second with Carlsons Cod Liver Oil (don’t worry, it’s lemon flavored).


A true source of Ceylon Cinnamon

  • Contains anti inflammatory properties
  • Helps reduce joint pain
  • High in antioxidants
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Loaded with manganese









The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this website is for general information purposes only.   NEVER DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY SEEKING MEDICAL TREATMENT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ ON OR ACCESSED THROUGH THIS WEBSITE.



Boron Recipe + The Benefits Of Taking It

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What is Boron and why could drinking a bit of this concentrate benefit you? Boron is a natural occurring trace mineral found in the Earth’s crust. In every day life, it’s most often found in the form of Borax (sodium borate) and boric acid. It is most often used in skin astringent, cold creams, and mouth washes.  Now that you know what Boron is, I’ll list off just a few of the MANY benefits below:

  • Helps your body absorb & hold magnesium
  • It can help boost thyroid function
  • Aids in building muscles
  • Helps with arthritis pain
  • Good for candida and yeast infection
  • Decreases “brain fog”
  • Balances hormones
  • Decreases inflammation

As you can see, just by adding one teaspoon of the Boron Concentrate can help assist or sometimes alleviate ailments that come with aging, poor diet, and mineral deficiencies. Even better, it only takes two ingredients to make the concentrate! Recipe below!


Boron Concentrate

1 tsp. 20 Mule Borax (Make sure it’s PLAIN with NO SCENT. This is VERY important).  Did you know that Borax is actually just the mineral boron? It’s true!

1 qt. of distilled water (It simply MUST be distilled. Unfiltered or tap water has too many impurities such as chlorine and fluoride).

Mix the Borax into the water. Our favorite method is to use a glass mason jar. Shake it, stir it, however you prefer! Keep the lid on tight when you’re not using it so your concentrate won’t evaporate. You can store this at room temperature on the counter top or in the fridge.

Our suggested usage is 1-2 teaspoons of the concentrate per day.  Each teaspoon of the concentrate equals 3 miligrams of Boron.

There’s a great morning drink that includes boron founder here!

Read the transcript to the video above here.



The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only.  NEVER DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY SEEKING MEDICAL TREATMENT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ ON OR ACCESSED THROUGH THIS WEB SITE.