Best Apps 2018

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Best Apps 2018


Do you run your life from your phone?

These are the apps I go to over and over.


The following are in no particular order.

TED: I am a TED junkie. I love the information and listen daily. This app will put talks in my feed I would not have normally chosen and I have found some nuggets.

Forrest: This app grows tress when you are not staying on task on your phone. I truly have grown a forrest but it helps me get back on track.

Simple Habit: Meditation made easy for busy people.

Plant Nanny: No mocking me. This pone helps me stay hydrated and I am not telling you how many plants I maintain.

Free Flow: One of the few games I will let my grandkids play on my phone. Helps build visual spacing and improve brain function.

Canva:I gave up trying to master photoshop and use canva. More limited but I can navigate it.

Zappos: Shoes people. I love shoes.

Unfold:My favorite app for templates for instagram stories.

Plann: Best way to plan a blog like post for instagram and see what it will look like visually.

Breethe: Sometimes there are so many ideas running through my brain and I need help calming it down.

FavorEats: Download your recipes from pinterest and actually use them.

Chefling: Gives you ideas as to what you can cook with what you have in your pantry.

Time Hop: It gives you pictures of the previous year. We love this one.

Google Keep: This is a daily use app. Think of it like a post it note for your phone.

Happy Color: A little spot of creativity in the middle of the day.

So now I have told you mine share yours? Leave a comment below with your favorite app.

Pear Pomegranate Clafoutis Recipe

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Pear Pomegranate Clafoutis Recipe

Seriously healthy enough to eat for breakfast and so simple to make.

Does it get any better? My family celebrates Thanksgiving a week early so that we can prep for our annual Calm Black Friday event. This is the perfect time of year to serve this dessert that has been enjoyed by all.

Pear Pomegranate Clafoutis Recipe


4 eggs

1/4 cup honey or maple syrup or agave if you must but agave is so processed.

1/2 cup heavy cream or coconut milk (the coconut milk is from a can–no the drinking coconut)

If using coconut milk it really changes the flavor profile but if you need it to be dairy free use it.

1/2 cup of melted butter (dairy free version use 1/4 cup of applesauce)

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1/3 cup of blanched almond flour. The only kind that works in this recipe is Honeyville.

Trust me on this one and  do not use the stuff you buy in the grocery store.

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

4 large pears peeled and sliced


Butter a nine inch pie pan. I use a stoneware pie pan with a fluted edge.

Whisk together the honey, eggs, cream butter and vanilla.

In another bowl mix all of the dry ingredients.

Whisk the contents of both bowls together.

Lay the pears in the pie pan and pour the combined bowls over the top.

Cook for 45-55 minutes at 325 degrees.

As it cooks this will create the consistency of something between a cake and a custard. The fruit rises to the top and it is just beautiful. We like to let it cool and then sprinkle fresh pomegranates  seeds on it.


Calm Black Friday 2018

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Calm Black Friday 2018

It is here. It is almost here.

Check out our Facebook Event for Calm Black Friday this year. Daily giveaways to help us get the word out will be happening.

We need to explain about Living the Good Life and how Calm Black Friday came to be.

12 bottles of lotion around my kitchen table.

12 bottles and it took me two batches to make that many.

Friends told their friends  and they came and bought them.

The next year I tripled the batch and they came and bought them.

The next year I made lotion for  weeks in advance. I sold out of lotion.

The next year we rented a booth and I prepped for a month to have enough lotion. My kids worked along beside me and it paid for Christmas presents for them. All of them wanted ipods that year and we were still  financially not caught up from my health crash. The money helped put those ipods under the tree.

We moved into a retail space.

Friends told their friends.

We needed a warehouse.

We rented a warehouse.

We outgrew the warehouse.

Warehouse Moving AGAIN

We moved to a new warehouse with a loading dock to accommodate the pallets of raw materials we needed to create product.

Fast forward to our new retail space with our warehouse attached. Insert a hooray!

953 West 700 North Suite 104 Logan Utah

Calm Black Friday is now a way for me to show gratitude to the community for being a part of this journey we call Living the Good Life.

During one of those first black Friday’s we had a problem.

Women pushed each other to grab the last bottle of product.

Not Cool

So we really emphasize the Calm in Black Friday. The lotion is now made in 300 bottle lotion batches and each scent will have numerous production runs. I am clueless how to make the lotion as my daughter Meghan runs her Team at the warehouse and runs the wholesale division and product development  at Living the Good Life Naturally.

My husband Morgan loves talking with everyone and serves healthy hot chocolate every year. He actually flew in to serve it this year. He is a tradition man and  loves meeting up with people who show up every year for our party. So we have learned a few things along the way and our goal is to always make it better each year. So here goes for this year.

Online and retail will happen very differently.


Starts at 6 AM MST Friday November 23rd.

Those on our newsletter will receive some specials that no one else does.

This sale is while supplies last.

We will run out of product. Our goal is to produce enough but we can already tell.

Shipping will be FREE for orders over 30.00.

Almost EVERYTHING will be on sale.

The best pricing on magnesium all year long.

The best pricing on our bath and body products all year long.

A gift from me to you  in every box. Imagine me saying thank you while you and I sit and sip something nutritious and delicious with you.

Randomly throughout the day  numerous online orders will receive a free jug of magnesium or a 50.00 gift bag full of some of my favorite things. These will be picked at random and you will not know you are receiving it until it shows up on your doorstep. 20 winners will be chosen.

Shipping does take longer than usual to get everything to you wrapped and arriving safely.

Retail Location

953 West 700 North  Suite 104 Logan, Utah


Doors open Friday morning at 10:00 AM

Everyone will receive an armband.

This armband will put you in a group that prizes will be drawn. Spreading the magnesium love to the entire line instead of the first ten people in line.

Healthy Hot Chocolate will be served.

My favorite healthy marshmallow recipe will be put in all bags.

Gifts will be given out.

Drawings will happen throughout our sale.

Magnesium will be given away.

50 dollar gift bags will be given away.

Products from Moonbeam Apparel, Glo-Mobile Tanning, Leather Love by Amy, Huckleberry Paper and Gigi Cupcakes.

Olivia Lindhardt will be serenading us with Christmas Music.

Morgan will serve healthy hot chocolate.

The Giving Tree

We love everything that the Little Lamb’s Foundation does for foster care children. So you will be able to purchase a tag from our giving tree that will go straight to Little Lamb’s.

Team Good Life will then sleep.



Magnesium During Pregnancy

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Should we call these quick questions of the day? Here’s a question that came in today about magnesium: Is it safe to use while I’m pregnant? Oh my goodness, yes! So let’s talk a little bit about magnesium and pregnancy and what it does for the baby.

As the baby comes down the birth canal, that head needs to tuck in to make that transition. How far it can tuck in depends on the levels of mom’s magnesium that she can give to the baby. Acid reflux in a baby was magnesium deficiency in the Mama. A healthy liver in a baby is directly related to magnesium levels in the Momma.

So when we take a pregnant woman and she soaks, we’re getting 2-for-1! We are getting magnesium levels up in mom, and we’re getting magnesium levels up in the baby. It is absolutely critical to go into that labor and delivery with cell saturation because when you do, your body is able to relax and have an easier transition to bring that baby into this world.

Is magnesium ok for pregnant Mamas? Yes! Is it mandatory? Yes, and my goal is to just keep talking about it from the top of the mountains so that everybody knows how important magnesium really is. Not just for children, not just for moms, but especially for pregnant moms.