Facial Créme

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I used to be so terrified of moisturizing my face. I thought it would just turn me into a greasy, oily mess. When I turned about 18, I realized that moisturizer is one of the most important steps in skin care. Luckily for you, my absolute favorite moisturizer is our Facial Crème. This stuff is packed full of amazing things for your skin: red raspberry seed oil, jojoba oil, meadow-foam oil, rose absolute, omega 3’s, and that’s just to name a few. It works for all types of skin as well. My skin is an even combination of oily and dry. My T-zone is typically very oily, and my cheeks, chin, and nose are very dry. I try to incorporate the Facial Crème into my skin care routine after I’ve taken off my makeup, cleansed my face with the Rose & Coal facial bar, and hydrated any problem areas with the Hydrating Facial Serum. I usually just massage a small, dime-sized amount onto my cheeks, chin, and nose until all the product has been absorbed.

If you struggle with an irrational moisturization fear, like I did, worry no more! Keeping your face hydrated is one of the best ways to maintain healthy, glowing, vibrant, skin. And always make sure you are applying moisturizer to your neck as well! Just the other day my mother informed me that forgetting to moisturize your neck while you’re young is a grave mistake, so be sure to keep that in mind while you go through your skin care regime.


P.S this (or any of our facial line) would be a fantastic gift for your mom, grandma, aunt, or the mom in your life. Our entire Facial Line is on sale for 20% off from May 7-12. Mother’s days is this Sunday, the 13th, so hurry on in and get your mom the gift she deserves.



-xoxo, Hannah, Team Goodlife.



Customer Questions and Answers

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Stephanie sent in some great questions. Always remember that I am not a Dr. I am just sharing my thoughts and personal learning curves.

Hi Stephanie,

I enjoyed answering these and hope it helps bring some clarity for whatever you decide to do.

Hi! I was just talking with my sister who participated in the adrenal masterclass last week. She said I needed to ask you about desiccated liver capsules for anemia. I’m 27 weeks pregnant, my hematocrit keeps dropping so my doctor said I need to take 325mg ferrous sulfate to avoid anemia. My sister said this liver capsule will be easier on my digestive system than iron (thank goodness because pregnancy is rough enough on it ha). 3 questions…

1. Does it have a bad aftertaste? I’ve been very sick this pregnancy and don’t know if I can handle a lingering aftertaste. I can manage it if it’s just while swallowing though

I wish I could answer this one for you. Some people have a hard time with it and others think it is no big deal.

2. If I need 325 mg of ferrous sulfate daily, how much of the desiccated liver would I need each day?

We need to dive deeper with ferrous sulfate which is a non-heme iron. There are two types of iron. Heme and non-heme. Heme iron is bound to hemoglobin and myoglobin. It is the most efficient iron that is absorbed well. In fact a whopping 35% absorption rate. Non-heme iron is ferrous sulfate and ferrous fumarate. The absorption rate for non-heme iron is 2.9% on an empty stomach and 0.9% with food. The other drawback to synthetic iron is our body recognizes it for the imposter that it is and there tends to be more side effects with the synthetic version. One can be excess burping on desiccated liver but that just means you do not have enough hydrochloric acid. Which is another blog post. So the two do not compare in terms of absorption and are not interchangeable. When people know they are low I see taking four pills 1-3 times per day making a mass difference. Then after 2 bottles of that backing off and seeing if you still hold the benefit of the higher dose.

3. I see in your shop that you’re currently out of stock…do you know when you’ll have more? Or do you know somewhere I can get it if yours will be out of stock for a while?

We have had inventory issues with our growth. What used to last us for a week is now gone the day it comes in. As I write this our inventory has been increased and is in stock.

Thank you! I’ve been to your magnesium soaking class and loved it! Soaking in magnesium SAVED me through the first trimester

I love hearing about your pregnancy with magnesium added. It is the most amazing thing when you have enough magnesium nausea can be greatly diminished or sometimes completely eradicated. I loved connecting with you through the blog and wish you all the best during your pregnancy. Remember that your omega 3 level is crucial for that sweet babies brain function and that will be determined by your omega 3 level. My favorite way is through cod liver oil that is clean and low in heavy metals.This website contains general information about medical conditions and treatments.  The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such.





This website contains general information about medical conditions and treatments.  The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such.

Creating Consistency

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Get healthy by creating consistency. You don’t have to be perfect to create amazing health but you do have to have a system. This is how I simplify my supplements, track my hydration and boost my auto immune issues.

Cod Liver Oil Capsules
Pill Box
Hydro Fask
Daily Water App
30 Day Magnesium Challenge
Brags Apple Cider
Trader Joes Stevia
Histamine Intolerance Article

21 Reasons People Fail Creating Health

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21 Reasons People Fail Creating Health

The following is a list that I have created over the years. What makes people succeed and what is it that stops people from living their dreams. Please realize my filter is that I love a new year and a fresh start. Many people shrug it off or roll their eyes and my question to them is,  are you seeing constant improvements in your life? If not, you may be a frustrated perfectionist when it comes to setting goals.

Please do not forget the basics when jumping into your new determined goals for 2018.


Not enough water

Not enough sleep

Not chewing your food

Eating foods that cause inflammtion

Eating foods late at night

Drinking soda

Negative self talk

Setting up unrealistic expectations

Being a perfectionist

Not enough magnesium in your system

Following someone else’s protocol exactly. Your Body Your Way

Having unhealthy foods in the house

Not enough support

Doing the same thing you have always done

Not taking  time to create your life  on paper

All or nothing. One mistake and you throw it all out the window

Not clearing your soul of what has not worked in the past

Not celebrating enough

Attempting this entire list

Telling yourself you will start when such and such is over. Start NOW!

Not enough enzymes

Not enough minerals

For those of you that have that perfect gene running through your soul you will attempt perfection with this entire list.  Just pick one or two things to add and see how being an under achiever can change your life.

For those of you that play the victim you will think to yourself there are way too many things and I can never get all of that right so I am giving up.

Do not forget the core basics:

Magnesium to jumpstart your cells,

Acerola to course correct your zinc/copper

Dessicated Liver to boost your b12 and strengthen your oxygen levels making everything work better

Brain On to feed you a natural balance of nutrients plus load your body with minerals.


Building Gut Health – 3 Easy Layers

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Building Gut Health – 3 Easy Layers

Everything for your health comes down to your gut. EVERYTHING……

After taking probiotics for years you would think that my but health would be through the roof. After extensive gut biome testing I found out it was really low. Basically non-existent. So time to try something else. After learning that synthetic probiotics actually turn on your good gut flora and overtake it. The decision actually because quite easy, as I do not like wasting money.

1. Build Hydrochloric Acid

Simple Pieces of Grandma Wisdom:

  • chew your food 35 times (digestion starts in your mouth)
  • slow down while you eat (give your body time to digest)
  • don’t gulp your food down (we are coming back to that chew your food layer again)
  • sit at the table with the family ( sitting actually signals digestive enzymes to start)
  • take a moment to smell your food (the first moment of smelling your food signals your body to digest and uptake nutrients)
  • drink as little water as possible with your meals
  • adding lemon ginger water throughout the day
  • walk away from shame cortisol 
  • walk away from rage cortisol
  • noodle therapy (more to come on this amazing tool)


Add Prebiotic Foods:

  •  Chicory Root
  •  Dandelion Greens
  • Jerusalem Artichoke
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  •  Leeks
  • Asparagus
  • Bananas
  • Barley
  • Oats
  •  Apples
  • Konjac Root
  • Cocoa
  •  Burdock Root
  • Flaxseeds
  • Yacon Root
  • Jicama Root
  • Wheat Bran
  • Seaweed

Add Probiotic Foods:

  1. yogurt
  2. kefir (2nd ferment is best)
  3. saurkraut
  4. tempeh
  5. kimchi
  6. miso
  7. pickles
  8. fresh peas
  9. green olives
  10. beet kvass

The above list is not in order of importance. I will be posting soon the ones that I ate with some recipes.

Lemon Ginger Water

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Dirty Lemon Water

A little side note. My family does not like this drink without stevia. I like the zippyness (my new word) without. So play with it and see how you like it. I load mine with loads of ginger as the gingerol is a ROCKSTAR nutrient. Watch out for how I do my rice with ginger + garlic blog post that is coming soon. It is amazing. Did you know that this combo of ingredients helps boost metabolism. Anything you do to boost metabolism is good for adrenals and thyroid.


Dirty Lemon Water

1 gallon of good water

2 fresh lemons that you have juiced

3-5 one inch pieces of fresh ginger peeled. I like to just scrape it with the back of a spoon to clean of the outside.

a dusting of cayenne pepper

stevia 0ptional

I use my vitamix and add it half way full of my water then add my ginger and blend until smooth. Strain this to get the hairy little fibers of the ginger out. then in a container that fits in your fridge add your strained mixture and the rest of the water. Dust the top with cayenne.

My family needs some stevia added in but I like it straight. Ang noted you could add honey also. Let us know if you do if you like it that way. If I have water in my hydroflask  it is Dirty Lemon Water.


Oh my. I have to show you the juicer that Kelly got me. It is my favorite thing ever and gets so much more juice out of my citrus and is super easy to clean. SCORE and THANK YOU Kelly.

Kristen’s Granola

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Kristen’s Favorite Granola Recipe

This is one of those recipes that was copied on a scrap of paper and then tweaked numerous times. The original actually got milk spilled on it so I had to improvise. My family loves it and it is often given during the holidays as a gift with the recipe attached.

4 cups old fashioned oats (the kind you have to cook for five minutes) It gives the granola a much better texture

1 cup shredded coconut ( you can so skip this if you do not have it)

1/3 cup sesame seeds (such a power house of nutrition those sesame seeds are)

a pinch or two of good salt

1/2 cup melted coconut oil

1/2 cup honey

3 cups mixed nuts ( my family likes the extra step of pan toasting the nuts to deepen the flavor before starting the granola recipe)

2-3 cups of dried fruit (blueberries are my personal favorite with lots of almonds)

Preheat over to 300 degrees

Combine the oats, coconut, sesame seeds and salt in a large bowl.


In a sauce pan combine warm the coconut oil and honey until bubbly.

Pour the honey and coconut mixture over the oat mixture and stir to coat. Add the nuts.

Spread the mixture in shallow cookie pans.

Bake, stirring frequently for about 25 minutes or golden brown.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool and then stir in dried fruit.

Store in airtight container.

I usually triple this recipe.


Flavor Combinations:

Cranberry + Orange:  lots of flavor with orange zest, pecans, a little cinnamon, and dried cranberries. It’s a flavor combination that’s great for the fall.

Apricot + Pistachio: using all pistachios and only apricots and subbing some of the coconut for olive oil gives the granola a grown up kick.

Vanilla + Almond: This is a classic. Add some vanilla to the wet oat mixture and use only almonds for the nuts.

Cinnamon + Walnut: sprinkle the wet oat mixture with cinnamon and use walnuts for the flavor profile in the nuts.

Almond Joy: add almonds for the nuts and after it is cooled throw on a handful of dark chocolate.

The sky is the limit on what you can combine. Just take notes as sometimes the best flavor combos i have not been able to recreate after creating them.

Tell me what is your favorite granola combo?

Benefits of a Liver Flush

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Benefits of a Liver Flush

You and I both have heard that the liver plays an important role in our body, but what exactly is that role?

The liver plays the essential role of filtering blood from the digestive tract, then sends it to the rest of the body.  It converts nutrients from our diet into matter that our bodies can use. It also stores this matter for later, sending it to our body when it’s needed. It also filters out all unnecessary matter and toxins and turns them into nontoxic substances or it tells your body that it needs to just flush it out.

All of your efforts to be healthier, such as working on balancing your hormones, trying to decrease brain fog,  amp up thyroid function, and SO MUCH MORE will be rendered next to useless if your liver is congested.  It’s such an important organ and it must be taken care of.  Think of your body as a fish tank.. yep a fish tank! Inside a clean fish tank, all is well. The fish are happy, you can see right through it.  It’s its own functioning ecosystem.  If your liver is the filter and it gets clogged, what happens? Everything gets a little dingy, right? The walls start growing moss, the fish aren’t as vibrant,  it gets full of ‘plaque’ and other build up.. it’s still a fish tank but it’s not as appealing. If you keep it dirty long enough.. soon it will be a stinky, dirty water tank and all of those beautiful fish will be belly up.  A clean liver is not only a happy liver but will result in a happy, healthy body, too.

Now let’s talk about the difference between a liver flush vs. a liver cleanse.

A liver flush actually opens up the bile ducts to release stones while a liver cleanse could be classified as maintenance for your liver such as taking My Miracle Tea & Milk Thistle Dandelion.  Laughing and soaking up some sun are also really great things to cleanse your liver (hands up because these are easily available and FREE)!

Benefits of a Liver Flush:

  • Improved digestion
  • Glowing skin
  • Enhanced mood
  • Balanced hormone function
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Detoxes
  • Heightens Immune system
  • Increased energy
  • Deeper Sleep


There are many flushes you can find online!  HERE and HERE.

Did you know that Kristen will be doing a condensed and easier liver flush just so you can see what happens? You can totally join in with her or just watch from the sidelines if you’re at all curious, here. If you’re interested or feel you could benefit from a flush, I HIGHLY recommend you see for yourself what the hype is all about.


You should not do a Liver Flush if you have any kidney issues or you  have had your gallbladder removed. Those without a gallbladder find adding Ox Bile into their daily routine helpful. Ox bile helps to break down  fats. Your body need to be able to break down those fats to create new cell walls.


The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only.  NEVER DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY SEEKING MEDICAL TREATMENT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ ON OR ACCESSED THROUGH THIS WEB SITE.

Facebook Live: Magnesium + Boron Benefits

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Make your own Boron: DIY Boron Video

Make your own Boron: Boron Concentrate Recipe

Let’s talk magnesium and boron. I had a dear friend come in the shop today, she had arthritis, and I don’t know about you, but arthritis pain can slow me down. Remember, I’m not a doctor. I’m not prescribing, not diagnosing. I’m just sharing with you some things that I’ve done to get on top of my arthritis.
Some people, when they start this, don’t have great success. I couldn’t figure out why is it working for some people and not working for other people, and here’s what I learned: Magnesium and boron work together. If you just jump in and take your boron, it’s not going to be as effective if you don’t have your magnesium levels up. Boron will help your arthritis pain. In fact, many people experience more benefit from boron than they do from taking the prescription Celebrex.
Here’s my little boron concoction. I’m clear to the end, this used to be clear up here. I found the levels that worked for me. People with autoimmune need a little bit more boron than people that don’t have autoimmune. I do, so for me, two teaspoons of this concentrate in the morning and two teaspoons at night is fabulous, but it does not work as well if you don’t have your magnesium.
My goal was to be on today at noon, I don’t even know what time it is now, 7:00? Crazy busy day got away from me. Let me know where you’re from. I’d love to know. This is my time that I can answer questions. We’re really changing things up here at Living the Good Live Naturally, and I just have to be realistic that I am not able to keep up with all of the personal communication. These Facebook Lives are my way that you and I can interact with each other. If you do have a question or something that, I don’t know, maybe I could throw some light on, this is a great time to ask that question.
Shelley, I want to know, have you added boron? Boron is so crucial. The people that I see creating the most vibrant health that wake up feeling amazing are those that have hold on to grandma wisdom but stay current. I realize that’s the pattern that I want to have.
Heidi, I do not sell boron because it’s something that you can get at the grocery store very inexpensively. I have another Facebook Live video that we pulled it over and put it on the blog at Living the Good Life Naturally. That whole recipe for how I make this, it’s pennies. It’s literally pennies, and how I make it is over on that one.
Pam, you haven’t taken boron, either? When I went to get on here earlier it was a stressful day, through the roof stressful, but I wanted to honor my commitment that I would get on on Wednesday. I really didn’t know what to talk about. I was like, “Well, I’ll just talk about things that came into the shop today,” and now I’m really excited because boron is so crucial.
Remember I talked about the grandma wisdom and staying current. Please if you have any questions, I’ll answer if I can. I’ll share and this is a great time.
I did that boron video, and it was one of the most viewed videos that I’d ever done on Facebook Live so “I’m soaking in it this moment with magnesium.”
So let me tell you, these are our bath bomb bomb flops. We need a good name. Anybody have a good name for the flops on the bath bombs? They are bath bombs that have boron in them. You take a little bit in through your skin and you absorb it, but just a little bit.
Currently, our soils are becoming more deficient in boron, which means our food is becoming more deficient in boron. Boron holds magnesium in your cells. For example, because my boron levels are good, and they’re strong, today when the stress hit, I was able to be calm. Okay, a couple of times I wasn’t, but my reaction to the stress was better because boron helps me hold on to my magnesium when the stress hits. Super important for that.
Hailey, I love you so much. I don’t want to put you on the spot, I think Hailey has started on boron, so if you’re on the call right now I’d love to know if you’ve added it. Marilyn, I’d love to know if you’ve added boron, let me know if you’ve added boron because sometimes it’s just me going blah, blah, blah. If somebody else shares their experience, then it’s easier to see that whole picture. Hailey, I think you’ve started it. If anybody else here has, please jump in.
We can tell if a video on Facebook is really serving people if there’s lots of shares, likes, and comments. That’s how we gauge it. If there’s a lot of them, then we pull that video from Facebook. After about three weeks, you can’t find it on Facebook, so we put it over on the blog so it’s still easy to find at livingthegoodlifenaturally.com. The boron video that I did of how to make this is about 12 minutes long. If you haven’t learned how to make that boron, please go watch that video. I want to talk today about what boron does. Heidi, go check out that video. Marilyn, “A little bit.” Hailey, “Has totally changed my life. It’s Amazing”
Today, I was concerned though because one lady came in, and said “Oh my gosh, I started that boron, and it made me so sick.” I’ve had that happen a couple of times, and so my question is always, “Why? Why does it work for some people and not for other people?” and then I realize we have individual chemistry. They were all dealing with the same thing, and here’s what I learned, with Boron you start with magnesium. I know I say that a lot. Start with the magnesium and boron. You do those together, and the boron will actually help with hormonal balance. Did you realize that? It’s so powerful, and costs pennies. It makes your soaking more efficient.
Here’s three things that I hear every single day of my life: Being healthy is too expensive, I’m tired, and I’m overwhelmed. We’ll add the fourth thing I hear everyday, your magnesium’s too expensive.
If you’ve ever had that thought that being healthy is so expensive, this is pennies to help you bring down inflammation and help your body hold on to magnesium and to help with hormones. If you just jump in and start doing the boron without the magnesium, it can give you grief.
Before I forget my one-and-done friend Shelley, she’s the one who taught me the best name for drinks. When I put all this stuff in my drink, one-and-done, Shelley’s knees are popping. Has anybody else have that, like when you stand up, your knees creak or pop, or people can hear you coming before they see you coming? That is your body giving you feedback if you know what your body is saying. Once I started learning about the feedback loop that my body was giving me and learning this language, it makes it so much easier to create health. When knees are popping, it’s a B12 deficiency.
We don’t want to just jump in and just take B12 because B vitamins come in a family. We need to take whole food B vitamins, add a B complex and add the B12. When knees are popping, B12 deficiency, and it’s crucial. In fact, there is such a good book called Could It Be B12. Love that book. Really powerful book.
Did you know, did you know post-partum depression is a B-12 deficiency. I struggled with post-partum sometimes after some my babies were born. If you see a mama that is starting to just not connect and bond, going into that lifeless face, get them B12. I have seen a change in 45 minutes. Now, I’m not saying it’s going to heal all post-partum, because you’ve just done given everything that you had to get that baby into this world, but adding that B12 can be a game-changer.
The shop is a chick shop because there’s flowers hanging, we’ve got good smells and bath bombs that have glitter, and sometimes we have glitter on our face. Sometimes when men come into my shop they’re kind of like, “Oh my gosh, this is a chick shop,” and then sometimes they’ll call me white witch doctor. I’m learning to be okay with that. You can kind of tell when they’re being dragged by their wife. They’ve heard, “Well, Kristen says,” and they don’t even want to meet me.
After a husband has had learned about that B12 and seen the change in his wife, I’ve had numerous come back teary and saying, “Thank you Kristen.” It’s like, I didn’t figure it out. I just read it and saw it work in lots of people. B12 is really important, it’s a game changer. Shelley, that’s the feedback loop.
I want to go back to boron though. So many people, especially women, have an addiction to cortisol. Now, cortisol is crucial. We need small amounts of cortisol dropped about four times a day, but here’s what we buy into. Stress because our house isn’t picked up, perfect and decorated like all the beautiful homes on Instagram. Stress because our kids didn’t do something perfect. Stress over a job, or stress that we didn’t have anything to wear. That’s all cortisol. Every time we get that stress, we pump up our cortisol.
Here’s the thing, it’s our own little secret-sauce addiction because for the moment, it clears up our head and gives us a little boost of energy for the short term. In the long term, when that cortisol spikes, magnesium gets pushed out. So boron to the rescue. Boron will help you hold on to your magnesium if you’re like me and it kind of spikes.  
Oh, you’re so welcome Shelley. “Crazy that you say that about the knee popping. Since school started, I’ve slacked completely in my one-and-dones.” Your body’s giving you feedback, but you’re missing some of those nutrients Shelley.
Darcy, boron can be taken two different ways, two different ways. I have a video over on livingthegoodlifenaturally.com on how to make it or where to buy it.
Boron is a mineral mined from the earth and it’s found in so many different foods, but with the way that we’re growing our foods the boron’s dropping. That’s why here at Living the Good Life Naturally, we have this philosophy that is to create health, you have to hang on to grandma wisdom and you have to stay current. You have to bring those two things together.
Grandma wisdom is things like drink water, early to bed, early to rise, eat your vegetables. Those are just the basic, foundational things that are never going to change. Grandma didn’t have to worry about magnesium though. She got it from her food. Grandma also got her boron from her food. It’s crucial that we stay current with what’s happening so that we can adapt those things as needed so we have optimal health.
I know beautiful Hailey is joining us from California. Hailey, I want to know have you ever driven through that Mojave Desert? Has anyone else? I know I’ve done that. As a little girl, we lived in California. We drove to Utah and went through that Mojave Desert. There is actually one of the largest deposits of boron there, it’s a mine. It’s a mineral that comes from the earth, but we’re losing it in our foods.
Oh you have been there Hailey. If you guys ever have the chance to stop, there’s actually a museum there. I stopped and the curator of the museum was so excited that I stopped. I don’t think many people stop, but I’m fascinated with boron because for me, someone who has osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, it’s a game-changer.
I wouldn’t be functional and I couldn’t live the life I’m living with boron. Just remember, you don’t just jump in and add all of this boron. You have to build your foundation of magnesium and then add the boron. It helps you hold on to the magnesium and it helps you decrease inflammation. It’s an anti-inflammatory and it balances estrogen levels.
Shelley just put a link to the Facebook Live video for how to make the boron. She just put that link in there for you, so thank you one-and-done Shelley. Thank you. Awesome.
Here’s the thing about too much boron. I don’t know how to say this politely, in a way that my mom would be so happy of how I said that online. My husband thinks it’s worse how I say it then the actual word. I was saying disaster pants, and he was like, “That is a worse visual than just …” So anyway, it can go through your stomach. You’re getting it, I see those laughy faces. You totally understand what I meant.
What’s a polite way to say that? Go through your stomach too fast? Anyway, you totally got that. I love it. My husband thinks that’s the grossest way to say it, ever. Everybody knows what it means when I say that.
Don’t drink too much of this. You’ll get disaster pants. Get what I mean? You have to start slow. Remember first we build our foundation with magnesium. Then on the boron, one teaspoon of the concentrate is approximately three milligrams of boron.
Now, I personally would never be comfortable going over 15 milligrams of boron. You wouldn’t start at 15 milligrams. You start at one teaspoon, which is approximately three milligrams. Guess what? It doesn’t taste good. It’s really bad.
Oh Heidi, just start with one teaspoon of boron. You can mix it in water, and I was doing that and taking it like a shot. Then I’d have to stand at my sink and think good thoughts, rub my throat, hold my head back and not gag. It was so bad. I don’t like doing that. I thought there’s got to be an easier way, so Shelley’s one-and-done came into my head.
Oh Sophie, you think it taste fishy? How interesting. I don’t think it taste fishy at all. That is so interesting. If anybody else has tried it and has, “It taste like …” throw it up there. We want to know what you think it taste like.
What I do with my boron is I start every single morning without fail with grapefruit juice because for me, it’s a superfood. That grapefruit juice thins my bile. I add the boron, add my blue-green algae, add some salt, add some cream of tartar. It’s this sh-boom of health for me. I add my boron to that morning drink and that’s my favorite way.
Oh Marilee. Are you serious? You think it taste like fish also? That is so interesting. I think we need to do a poll and find out because I don’t think it taste like fish at all.
I take some in the morning and some at night. The reason for that is we have 24 hours in a day and we have a 12-hour inflammation cycle. I want my inflammation down for 24 hours. That way I’m keeping my inflammation down all of the time.
Oh Teresa, that’s my experience is it taste like detergent smells. Some people think it really, Sophie, Soph, and Merilee feel like it has a fish taste, so very individual to your body chemistry what it taste like.
What I do is a boron dose twice a day because I want my inflammation cycle down all of the time. Does anybody here have arthritis? Give me a little heads up or a thumbs up or a smiley or something. If I only take it once a day in the morning, when I go to bed I get pain points at night. Iit wakes me up, so it is just a better fit.
A couple of you have arthritis. I’ve found that breaking up the dosage twice a day is 10 times more powerful than taking it once a day. Oh Anna says, “Yes, I’m not alone in this arthritis thing.” You know what I had to happen? Somebody was saying to me, “Kristen, how in the heck do you follow through?”
First of all, I don’t follow through 100%. Nope, that’s not my life. I do stay pretty strong like between 70 and 80%. I’m different when I’m on the road than when I’m at home. I realized the reason why is I’ve learned to let me pain motivate me. I realized I’d never been grateful for my pain. I did the most beautiful journaling session on gratitude for my pain because I’m not the type of person who would normally take really good care of myself. I do it to stay out of pain so I can run and play with grand babies. I realized I’d never said, “Oh my gosh, pain, thank you.” I know that sounds dorky and really drippy. It was a really powerful moment for me.
Which by the way, have any of you read Brené Brown’s new book Braving the Wilderness? I just finished it. She’s done it again, it’s so good. Totally worth buying it. I bought it on Kindle, a hold in my hand, and audible. That’s how good it is.
Hailey says, “I take boron with coconut water and cherry powder, cream of tartar, with a splash of orange juice.” I do mine with grapefruit juice. Now, I put some salt in there too because when you add that salt, it increases the voltage, and a decrease of voltage causes every disease. So Hailey, put a little bit of salt in there, so you’re getting potassium and all sorts of beautiful things.
It’s called Braving the Wilderness, Brené Brown. I’m telling you this is going to come true. One day, I’m going to meet her. I’m going to look into her eyes, she’s going to look into my eyes. It only has to last half a second. That’s all I need. I will stand in her presence. Seriously, I don’t know how. I’ve tried to buy tickets to her classes and they sell out like that. I’m not getting discouraged because I know miracles can happen. One day our eyes, they’re going to do this, and she’s going to feel my gratitude for all the beautiful principles and things. Oh I love it.  
Soph asked, “How much do you take morning and night?” One of the concerns I have about sharing how much I take is sometimes I’ve noticed that women will do exactly the same thing instead of adjusting it to their body. This is my disclaimer. I’m telling you how much I take. My body’s a little different than your body. I really want you to learn that connection of how to adjust it to your body. I take two teaspoons in the morning and two teaspoons at night. That’s six milligrams in the morning and six at night, so a total of 12 milligrams is a good fit for me. Now, for many people, that would be too much.
Oh my gosh, I totally forgot to talk about this because normally, I’m looking through the lens of women. That’s the predominant who I work with. Let’s talk about men and boron.
You know, us women have been having some hormone issues for quite some time. A lot of women experience hormone issues. Well, guess what’s happening? Remember we talked about grandma wisdom and being current? Currently, men’s testosterone is crashing. They do not have access to their testosterone. Boron, baby. In fact, are we all adults here? I think we’re all adults. If you’ve got little kids in the room, cover their ears.
It can improve your sex drive. Yeah baby. Boron. But you have to build your magnesium. You have to build that magnesium. You can tell on a man when his testosterone drops, his muscles in his face hang a little bit, and he won’t have toned or defined muscles. There’ll be no definition, they’re just kind of soft, and there’s no curve to the muscle. That’s a testosterone issue.
They’re kind of lifeless, and they just hop. A lot of the times, they go from job to job. They have a hard time sticking to things. They know they need to get some things done, but can’t really find that drive to get up and get it done. That’s a testosterone issue, and that’s not the only thing, but it’s a boron deficiency. Boron, boron, boron, but remember, you’ve got to build that magnesium first.
Oh fabulous, you got some of the coconut water. Yay. I forgot to order, and we didn’t have anymore. Yay, you got the coconut water. That’s that potassium, and our goal is 4,700 milligrams of potassium a day.
Boron is crucial in balancing hormones and really important for men. Super important for men. Now, we got some husband checking out going on. Yeah, check out that face. The other way you can tell is if his sex drive’s gone. That’s a testosterone issue and boron can really help with those hormones. That’s the most beautiful part of marriage. I can’t believe I’m talking about this on Facebook Live. We’re going to go to different topic because I don’t want any comments.
Hailey says, “How much salt?” Salt depends on your cortisol, so your stress levels. For example, today I did more salt than I’ve done in a long time. Just kind of piled, all this stuff happening. Because my cortisol went up, my salt needs went up too.
I’ll do it this way so you can see my new pretty ring. It’s kind of different than anything I’ve ever worn, but I like it. Your hands will be feedback on your salt intake. Some people, it will for ankles. Now for some of you, you won’t get that feedback from your body if you’ve trashed your adrenals to the deepest core level. Your body won’t tell you. It’ll puff a little bit, but remember, we want our blood to be as salty as the ocean. That salt helps build voltage. Literally going from chasing symptoms to building voltage is a life-changer for people. I’s a game-changer because it keeps it simple to create health.
Sophie says, “If I take the salt, cream of tartar, and acerola at night, will that keep me awake?” It might, and it might help you sleep. It’s one of those things.
We were laughing, Hailey and I California talking about the Utah trends verses the California trends. Alex and Ani are definitely a Utah trend, but tThis is me Bellabeat, and this is what I use to track my sleep.
There is also a Fitbit and it will track your sleep. There is an app, and the paid app is worth it. It’s freaking amazing on tracking your sleep, it’s called Sleep Cycle. It’s an orange one. It’s on Android and iPhone. Tracking your sleep is something I do every day. Then that way, as you take that at night, you can track your sleep to see if it’s affecting your sleep. Some people it will wake up and other people it will put to sleep, depending on how healthy your adrenals are. That’s what’s going to make the difference. Sometimes we don’t pick up on the nuances of what it’s doing, for example, it actually made our sleep a little bit worse, but because it was really subtle, we didn’t pick up on it. That’s why I’m a tracker. Oh that would be a good t-shirt. Boom. I’m a tracker. It’s worth it to me. I know it’s a little bit of work, but not a lot. I monitor and what you monitor gets better, and sleep is crucial.
Oh thanks. I’ve never worn anything that long and I thought it my bug me because it hit my knuckle. I’m kind of liking it and think it’s kind of it’s cute. Ignore the Barbie-pink nail polish. Not cute. You know how you think, “Oh I need a change.” Yeah, not to that. It reminds me of the Barbie Jeeps my little daughters used to drive.
Do you have a deeper understanding of boron? Did this little Facebook time together help? Tell me what you learned about boron. That will help me see where did I scroll, talk about cute rings, nail polish colors and where did I not cover information about boron. Throw it in, and tell me what you specifically learned about boron.
Here’s the other thing that’ll happen. When you type it in, it actually puts it in a different part of your brain and will help you access the information. Have you ever gotten tons of information, then you can’t remember it? I want you to remember because magnesium paired with boron is a game-changer. It’s building your foundation. Anybody want to chime in and share with me? I’m going to look at the number, not throwing out a guilt trip, but there are 14 of you online. Oh 12, some of you dropped off, you didn’t like that question.
There is a link that Shelley posted to you because that was a different video. It’s a whole separate video in itself and I’m trying to keep these shorter. Shelley posted a link in here to my boron video of how to make it and where to buy it. That was kind of boron 101 and this is boron 102. You can hop over on that link that Shelley posted and watch that video of where to get it, how to make it, and that kind of thing.
I wanted to talk more about the benefits of it. Darcy, “Helps with pain and reduces inflammation.” Yay. Oh is it Kila? Am I saying it right? Tell me if I’m saying it right, it’s so important to say people’s names right.
The other thing, did anybody pick up that boron holds magnesium in your cells? For example, if you have a stressful day, and you’ve got good boron levels, it helps you not lose your magnesium through your urine. There’s another favorite word of mine to use on Facebook Live. It helps hold that magnesium in the cell and helps hormones. Remember that one, helps hormones.
We forgot one. Anybody have candida issues? If you’ve got a candida issue, you have a boron deficiency. Candida just, that goes hand-in-hand. If you’ve got a white tongue, that means you’ve got a boron deficiency. Tons of cravings? Boron deficiency. Do you see all the things, and it’s pennies. We do have to remember to make sure that we’re building the magnesium. Building that magnesium is crucial.
I’ve loved being here with you today. My name is Kristen Bowen. I’m the founder of Living the Good Life Naturally. I love hanging out on Facebook Live every Wednesday. It was supposed to be noon, so I was seven hours late. I’m also over on Instagram. I love Instagram and Snapchat. We’ve been doing some recipe things over on Snapchat. On Snapchat, sometimes, I do it right when I wake up. It’s is just how it is. I don’t always get my hair and makeup done like today when I go on Snapchat.
Sophie says, “I had a crazy, abnormal day. I was so stressed, came home, took a bath in magnesium with a bath bomb,” Sophie was it the green one that you and I love so much? That’s my favorite bath bomb. “I still wasn’t feeling completely stress-free. You reminded me to take the boron, and it worked within minutes.”
Do you see? Soph just helped you understand the connection between boron and magnesium. The magnesium helped but the boron is part of the magnesium family. When we don’t have enough boron, the magnesium can’t do its full job. Thank you so much for sharing that with us Sophie.
If you’re on Snapchat, we’ve been doing some recipes and some of my meal-planning tips. One of my favorite meals is Sam’s Club’s bone broth. I had a bone broth adventure with a Crock-Pot. I’d love to see you send me a snap over on Snapchat. We’re: LivingTGLN on Snapchat. On Instagram we’re livingthegoodlifenaturally. You know where I’m at on Facebook because you’re here.
This is the last thing and then I’ll call it a night. The Facebook Live video on how I make the boron is over on the blog at livingthegoodlifenaturally.com. We found that after about three weeks on Facebook, the search doesn’t work very well. When there’s lots of shares and if there’s lots of comments, that says to us that something has helped people. We’ll pull that video and put it over on the blog at livingthegoodlifenaturally.com.
“I am only on week two of soaking.” You can do what you want. On week two of soaking, you’ve soaked enough to add that boron in there. It’s the people that just jump in and do straight boron without any magnesium soaking. I understand, pennies compared to 69 bucks, but the two go hand-in-hand. This penny little DIY here helps you hold on to the magnesium more efficiently. Sophie is living proof of that.
I have loved being here with you today. I love connecting on social media. My goal is to always connect in real life. Someday we’re going to. You and I, just like Brené and I are going to. We’re going to look into each other’s eyes and connect because healthy people are deeply connected people.
Thank you for being here with me tonight and connecting with me. It’s been a hard week and I’m really grateful. I’m very grateful for the connections that I’ve had with people this week.
In the email newsletter there’s an amazing sauce recipe. I got it from a mom in San Francisco that told me I could share it. If you haven’t joined us there it’s livingthegoodlifenaturally.com. The front page of the website, enter in your email. We’re making a cute little graphic for it. It’s a fabulous little pop-in-your-mouth with acerola. That’s going to go out in the email newsletter.
Okay guys, thank you for the gratitude. I feel it. The connection today with the people that I’ve had has helped me remember goodness, light, and hope in the world. The discouragement just really kicked in. Really heavy for me, and so thank you for being here with me because when I connect to people, I remember I’m not alone in the world. I needed the connection tonight, so thank you. Love you guys so much.
Oh, “Where do you get the boron?” Colette, that’s over in the note section, Shelley put a link to a whole about 20-minute Facebook Live on where I get it and how to make it. Go check that out at the blog at livingthegoodlifenaturally.com. Actually Shelley just copied and pasted the link right in the note section. Love you guys so much. Have a great day. Bye-bye.