Vitamin D: What You’re Missing

Vitamin D: What You’re Missing Here’s the scoop. I am super worried about your vitamin d status. Truth is, your doctor has probably only been testing for stored levels of vitamin d, and that’s only part of the story. Your body has not only stored levels of vitamin d, but you actually have something called active vitamin d. And trust … Read More

1 Ingredient To Avoid In Your Supplements

1 ingredient to avoid in your supplements Seattle was such a fun magnesium class. It was a small class so we were able to dive a little deeper. One of the topics we got into was synthetic vitamins. My goal with everything I buy to boost my health is a long-term investment. Synthetic vitamins simply cannot play the role that the real … Read More

Do You Ever Feel Guilty?

Every woman I have ever worked with has experienced guilt. Guilt over how clean her bathrooms are. Guilt over how she feeds her family. Guilt over how her body looks. Guilt over a million little things.   Can we talk about guilt? In my belief system, guilt is a heavy, low vibration. It is meant to be that way. When you … Read More

Facial Créme

I used to be so terrified of moisturizing my face. I thought it would just turn me into a greasy, oily, mess. When I turned about 18, I realized that moisturizer is one of the most important steps in skin care. Luckily for you, my absolute favorite moisturizer is our Facial Crème. This stuff is packed full of amazing things … Read More

Acerola + Ceylon Immune Drop Recipe

  Acerola + Ceylon Immune Drop Recipe 1/2 cup coconut oil 1 teaspoon Ceylon cinnamon  1/4 – 1/3 cup of acerola cherry powder 1/2 cup raw local honey Mix cinnamon and acerola into softened coconut oil, then add honey. Spoon drop or pipe into small bite size circles on cookie sheet and place in the freezer until hard. Flash freeze … Read More

12 Qualities to Cultivate Health

12 Qualities to Cultivate Health Stick to it: Stopping and starting is slowly killing you. Stick to it on the hard days. Stick to it on the long days and especially stick to it on the fun days. Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Willingness to stomp … Read More

Customer Questions and Answers

Stephanie sent in some great questions. Always remember that I am not a Dr. I am just sharing my thoughts and personal learning curves. Hi Stephanie, I enjoyed answering these and hope it helps bring some clarity for whatever you decide to do. Hi! I was just talking with my sister who participated in the adrenal masterclass last week. She … Read More

90 Day Goal Setting Made Easy

90 Day Goal Setting Made Easy     Some serious nerves are happening to share this with you. I have never done this before and I am clueless if it will make sense to you. Do not over complicate this. Spend no more than a total of 1-3 sessions on planning out the next 90 days. Usually, I find I  … Read More

Creating Consistency

 Get healthy by creating consistency. You don’t have to be perfect to create amazing health but you do have to have a system. This is how I simplify my supplements, track my hydration and boost my auto immune issues. Cod Liver Oil Capsules Ashwaghanda Pill Box Hydro Fask Daily Water App 30 Day Magnesium Challenge Brags Apple Cider Trader … Read More