Creating Consistency

 Get healthy by creating consistency. You don’t have to be perfect to create amazing health but you do have to have a system. This is how I simplify my supplements, track my hydration and boost my auto immune issues. Cod Liver Oil Capsules Ashwaghanda Pill Box Hydro Fask Daily Water App 30 Day Magnesium Challenge Brags Apple Cider Trader … Read More

D.I.Y Juice Reboot

D.I.Y Juice Reboot Please tell me I’m not alone in using food to do more than fuel my body. it’s so easy to buy into the lie that food is a replacement for love. That it can keep my calm and help me feel apart of what is going on around me. For years I ate late at night and … Read More

Balancing EMF Exposure

Simple Ways to Balance Your EMF Exposure Worried About EMF’S? If you are looking for a study to support whether or not electromagnetic frequencies cause health issues let me tell you something upfront. You will find hundreds on either side. Maybe even thousands. Sweden Has Recognized EMF Causing Functional Impairment Since 2005 Sometimes we can go into “overwhelm” mode when … Read More

DIY Flu Buster (recipe)

DIY Flu Buster This flu has hit people so hard this year. 15 people in SLO County where I live have died in 2018. This 3 step protocol comes from  Gaylen Knight a researcher who specializes in vitalethine in immunological, infectious, autoimmune and endocrine diseases. They have been studying the effect of vitalethine in cancer also. Really interesting stuff.  Simple & … Read More

DIY Lymph Treatment

DIY Lymph Treatment Did you know that your lymph helps brings balance to your hormones, helps you process emotions and strengthens your immune? Thi is one of my favorite tools to keep it clean and moving.

Core Principle #1 Maximize Your Life With Magnesium

Give it to me straight… what is Magnesium and why do I need it? Every disease started with a magnesium deficiency. Stop chasing those symptoms and start building a strong foundation. Did you know that before your vitamin D dropped your magnesium tanked first. Acid reflux started because of magnesium deficiency. It controls the sphincter muscle that dictates when the … Read More

CORE #2 Your Body. Your Journey. Your Way.

  Principle #2 Your Body Your Journey Your Way “All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost.”   -JR Tolkien   Your Body Your Journey Your Way Aren’t you tired of programs that do not take into account your individual body?  No one knows better than you what is working and what is not.   … Read More

21 Reasons People Fail Creating Health

21 Reasons People Fail Creating Health The following is a list that I have created over the years. What makes people succeed and what is it that stops people from living their dreams. Please realize my filter is that I love a new year and a fresh start. Many people shrug it off or roll their eyes and my question … Read More