Bone Broth: Food Into Medicine

DIY Bone Broth: Turning Food Into Medicine

I simply love bone broth. I love it. It’s one of my superfoods. Is it your superfood? Part of Living the Good Life Naturally is becoming the CEO of your own health and determining which is a superfood for you. Bone broth is a superfood for me. If you struggle breaking down histamine, bone broth will NOT be a super food for you. If it is a super food for you and you would like to add incredible levels of nutrition to your body, to your life, you might want to make bone broth. Did you realize even if you go to a store and buy organic in the paper box bone broth, it’s not going to have glutathione. Glutathione is the magic in bone broth. It helps you fight bacteria and virus. It keeps your liver healthy. You can only get that in homemade bone broths.

Are you ready? Let’s start. Here is the number one stumbling point I see people make with bone broth.

There Is No Such Thing As The Perfect Chicken!

If you wait until you find the perfect chicken, you may never get around to making bone broth.I can’t find the perfect chicken, so I get the best chicken I can find. I’ve even made bone broth … Oh, my goodness, the bone broth police, you may want to send them to me because I’ve made a decent bone broth out of the chicken roasted and purchased at Costco or Sam’s Club. Now you do want the cleanest chicken and the better chicken that you have, the better bone broth that you have. If you wait and never make bone broth because you can’t find the perfect chicken, you will be missing out on one of the most phenomenal places to add nutrition to you and your family’s life.

Buying Your Chicken

Proceed to buy your chicken. If not already roasted, you’ll need to do it yourself. Eat the meat. When you’re done, you’ll have that carcass. That carcass is a powerhouse. Here’s what I do. On Sunday, my family usually has roasted chicken and then I take that carcass and I put it in my crock-pot or stockpot, whichever works best for you. Then I take the best water I have access to. Never use tap water, this broth will be simmering for three days and the chemicals in tap water are really going to make a negative difference in the health benefits of your broth. Quality water will be the difference between “What’s for dinner? It smells amazing!” and your family walking into the kitchen and gagging from the smell! It makes a real difference.

Using the Best Water

Put your carcass in your crockpot or your stockpot, cover it with the best water you can and put in a tablespoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. Now let that sit for 30 minutes before you turn on the heat. What’s happening is the malic acid in apple cider vinegar is pulling more nutrition out for your bone broth and that is a good thing. While it is sitting for the 30 minutes, I go over and grab an onion or two and a couple of cloves of garlic. I leave the paper on the onion. Did you know the further out the onion, the more nutrition there is? I don’t want to take off all of that stuff. If there’s dirt on it, just brush it off a little and chop it in four pieces and toss it in.

garlic - the perfect addition to bone broth

Boosting Bone Broth Benefits

Now here is an important step because if you do this right, you’re boosting the benefits of your bone broth and that is a good thing. Take your garlic, peel it, cut it, chop it, mince it, however you want to let it sit there for 8 minutes. There are 2 enzymes in garlic that when you let it sit for 8 minutes, it will create allicin and that takes garlic from one of the best-smelling foods there is to one of the most nutritional foods there is. We want that nutrition, so let it sit there for 8 minutes. It will actually become a little sticky. Now at that point, the allicin is not broken down by the heat of your bone broth, so that is a beautiful thing. Take that garlic and plop it into your crock-pot or your stockpot.

Now you’ve got your onions, you’ve got your garlic and you’ve got your carcass with your apple cider vinegar and that sat in cool water for 30 minutes. It’s time to bring it up to a boil. Bring it up to a boil but don’t let it stay there too long. If you do, you’ll break down the collagen and the Collagen supports our joints, our stomach, our brain, our hormones. Collagen is a beautiful thing. Bring it up to a boil and then reduce it to a simmer. Now this is where my mom would put in celery, carrots and all sorts of different vegetables to help flavor the broth. We’re turning this broth into medicine and cooking it for 3 days. When you do that, the vegetables become bitter. I don’t add vegetables until the last 12 hours of the cooking process.

Increasing Glutathione

I’m cooking this for 3 days to increase the glycine and the proline. When you increase that, you increase glutathione levels in your body. When you increase glutathione levels in your body, you increase your body’s ability to fight bacteria and virus and keep your body clean, keep your joints healthy and keep your skin glowing.

Now bring it up to a boil, turn it down to simmer and cook it for 3 days. Make sure not to boil it for to long as that actually breaks down the collagen. Some people aren’t comfortable cooking their broth at night time and leaving it on simmer. I get that. It works for me. You could put it in your fridge and pull it back out. That’s fine, whatever works for you. When we get 3 days’ worth of cooking on that bone broth you have taken it from food to medicine.

  • Calms the immune system.
  • Heals the gut.
  • Loaded with collagen.
  • Loaded with minerals and nutrition.
  • One of the most healing foods known.

stock pot - the starting point for bone broth

Now that you have cooked that bone broth, you can add some good salt. I’ll take out a cup of the bone broth and add some good celtic sea salt. I like adding some avocado, some coconut oil, extra gelatin and a raw egg yolk. To me, that’s breakfast and it is loaded with healthy, amazing nutritional support for your body.

The beautiful thing about adding a raw egg yolk is that it’s very easily digestible protein, so think fast food protein. It just makes the broth creamy. Sometimes people can feel like they’re going to have a Sylvester Stallone moment of gulping raw eggs. We don’t want a Rocky moment, but when you put in that raw egg yolk, it just truly takes the broth into this creamy experience. You don’t feel like you’re drinking raw egg. It’s really easy for your body to digest and it’s loaded with choline for your brain.

Don’t Skim the Fat

Now after you’ve made the bone broth, you need to pull it off and put it in your fridge. You need to keep an eye on it because it doesn’t have a long fridge life, homemade bone broth. Some people can get it three days. Some people can get it for five days. You just want to make sure … Let your nose be your guide. If it smells like it’s gone off then be smart and don’t drink it. Now to preserve the life of your bone broth, you can make sure that the fat on the top creates a seal. When I was a little girl, it was that whole fat-free phase, so my mom would skim the fat off. Don’t skim the fat. We have nutrients in that fat that support your adrenals.

Pure Love

For those of you that really want an extra boost of nutrition in your bone broth, you’ll add something. I have to tell you it kind of makes my stomach a little queasy, not my favorite, but it will boost the flavor of your bone broth and it will boost the nutritional level. It’s very inexpensive to get your hands on. That is, you want to put some chicken feet in there. My husband will put the chicken feet on the bottom, put the carcass on the top so that they don’t float on the top and wiggle. If that happens I cannot get the broth down. It is some kind of visual block I have going on. He keeps me healthy and adds those feet for me.

Those chicken feet are loaded with marrow and that increases the nutritional density of your bone broth. When something has more flavor it also has more nutrition!

Did you know you can reuse the carcass and make another pot of broth with the same carcass and the same chicken feet? It won’t have quite as much nutritional value, though, so every time you reuse it, you’re getting less from the carcass, but it can be done. Beef bones can be used more often and they don’t lose as much that first time but chicken broth, you won’t get as much fat and you won’t get as much gelatin coming out.

Figure out if bone broth is your superfood because if it is, it will improve your digestion, it will improve your hormones, it will soothe down your immune system. If you have autoimmune and your immune system tends to over-react, bone broth can actually help quiet that down. It is literally one of my favorite superfoods. Little side note here. You can tell i love what it does for me so when one of my kids was needing a boost I started really pushing the broth on her. She just got sicker and sicker. We had no idea at the time she was not breaking down histamine and so the broth was actually making her sicker. So determining what your superfoods are is a crucial component to Living the Good Life Naturally.What are you waiting for? Go make some bone broth.

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  1. Hi Kristen, is there any way you can make these “print” friendly? It would be so easy to pull out a printed copy to follow. Thank you, Linda

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  3. I did it!! I took that step out and made it. Today was day 3…. I drank a cup of it and put the rest in fridge. Celebrating action today!

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  4. Thank you for sharing all these. I’ll keep it in mind once I make my own. I’ve been drinking Au Bon Broth and I love how it helped me improve my health.

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      We had one on the old site and need to add that. I have sent it off to the IT guy to add. Let me know when you pin and we can celebrate together. Pinterest is my crack cocaine so I am careful about it not being a vortex of lost hours for me.

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      The only modification I make when I use the crockpot is to really manage water levels and heat. Each crockpot will have a different heat variability. I have three and only one I like to use for broth.

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      I freeze mine and always try to have some in the freezer for those weeks that I do not get fresh made. I like to do a quart but I have several auto-immune issues that the broth totally keeps calmed down. For most people that is overkill on broth.

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