Magnesium During Pregnancy

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Should we call these quick questions of the day? Here’s a question that came in today about magnesium: Is it safe to use while I’m pregnant? Oh my goodness, yes! So let’s talk a little bit about magnesium and pregnancy and what it does for the baby.

As the baby comes down the birth canal, that head needs to tuck in to make that transition. How far it can tuck in depends on the levels of mom’s magnesium that she can give to the baby. Acid reflux in a baby was magnesium deficiency in the Mama. A healthy liver in a baby is directly related to magnesium levels in the Momma.

So when we take a pregnant woman and she soaks, we’re getting 2-for-1! We are getting magnesium levels up in mom, and we’re getting magnesium levels up in the baby. It is absolutely critical to go into that labor and delivery with cell saturation because when you do, your body is able to relax and have an easier transition to bring that baby into this world.

Is magnesium ok for pregnant Mamas? Yes! Is it mandatory? Yes, and my goal is to just keep talking about it from the top of the mountains so that everybody knows how important magnesium really is. Not just for children, not just for moms, but especially for pregnant moms.

1 Ingredient To Avoid In Your Supplements

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1 ingredient to avoid in your supplements

Seattle was such a fun magnesium class. It was a small class so we were able to dive a little deeper. One of the topics we got into was synthetic vitamins. My goal with everything I buy to boost my health is a long-term investment. Synthetic vitamins simply cannot play the role that the real vitamin does.


There are hundreds of synthetic options and since writing blog posts is a skill I am learning, I decided to keep it to the one main synthetic vitamin that i avoid at all costs. Synthetic vitamin d which is listed as Vitamin D as  Ergosterol or Calciferol. Also listed as vitamin D3.

At this point in a live class, eyes are starting to pop as people wrestle with what they know about vitamin d. We read everywhere about the importance of vitamin d. You simply must decide if you want the real deal and not a synthetic version that clogs cellular function.

Vitamin d actually functions as a hormone. There are two types of vitamin d active and stored. Active vitamin d is where all the benefits happen with this crucial vitamin/hormone.


Think of vitamin d as a key that unlocks the cell. Synthetic d sits in the lock and causes problems.

There are 3 metabolic processes to convert vitamin d. Your skin, liver, and kidneys. Cholecalciferol is converted to Calcidiol which is the active form of vitamin d. Here is where it gets so interesting, None of these processes can happen if you do not have enough magnesium. Magnesium is what kick-starts the process into action. So even if you are taking a supplement which is the storage form of vitamin d you are not adding the type of vitamin d that activates all the benefits of this superpower nutrient.  Plus once your storage vitamin d is higher than your active d we start to see an increase of auto-immune issues and lowered immune function.

6 ways to increase your vitamin d

So, how do you get your vitamin d? Here are a few of my favorites.

  1. that old-fashioned thing called sunshine
  2. fatty fish (salmon is my favorite)
  3. portobello mushrooms if able to be exposed to the sun
  4. egg yolks if the chickens are exposed to enough space and sunshine
  5. beef liver ( i simply cannot get it down so I use this)
  6. whole food cod liver oil (make sure it is naturally occurring and not just synthetic added)

target goals

Do you ever have a target goal? Most of mine are things like water intake 85 ounces, 8 hours of sleep and just a square of dark chocolate a couple of times a week. If I did not have those target goals I would be chronically dehydrated, totally exhausted and be eating crappy chocolate all day. When you have target goals you have specific goals that are easier to stay on track with.

vitamin d target goals

Vitamin d has very specific target goals in your body. It keeps the calcium in balance. So a vicious cycle is created. Magnesium levels drop which aids in the production of vitamin d levels which then causes calcium to become de-regulated and hardens the arteries and bones.

supplement section reduced when deleting synthetic d

So walking down the supplement aisle becomes so much easier once you understand how detrimental synthetic vitamin d is. Most supplements contain this synthetic nutrient and if it does it is off my list. Making supplement choices much easier.

So tell me, do you avoid synthetic vitamins? Drop me a comment and let’s talk.

Do You Ever Feel Guilty?

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Every woman I have ever worked with has experienced guilt. Guilt over how clean her bathrooms are. Guilt over how she feeds her family. Guilt over how her body looks. Guilt over a million little things.


Can we talk about guilt? In my belief system, guilt is a heavy, low vibration. It is meant to be that way. When you experience guilt it is because you have committed a sin.  You then have a desire to drop to your knees and connect with God and let go of the guilt


When you feel guilty for everything you actually break natural law. Guilt no longer becomes transformative.  It becomes something you get used to carrying. Something your family gets used to being around. Think about that for a minute.  Guilt is for sin. Let me remind you that the definition of sin is the immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.


What did you say you were feeling guilty for? That your car was not clean? That you spaced out a meeting? Please ask yourself if what you feel guilty for is an immoral transgression against divine law.


If not, then maybe you are buying into guilt to hold yourself back. How are you ever going to get healthy when you are holding yourself back on a daily basis? Did you know that women who feel guilty have a harder time holding their magnesium levels strong? Magnesium is the foundation that you build your health on. When you carry guilt you burn through magnesium faster.


Is it time to let go of the guilt?


What do you think? Do you hold yourself back by holding onto guilt? Leave me a comment and share what you feel guilty about. Putting it in writing can be a powerful tool.


I am choosing not to feel guilty there is no picture to go along with this blog post.


Creating Consistency

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Get healthy by creating consistency. You don’t have to be perfect to create amazing health but you do have to have a system. This is how I simplify my supplements, track my hydration and boost my auto immune issues.

Cod Liver Oil Capsules
Pill Box
Hydro Fask
Daily Water App
30 Day Magnesium Challenge
Brags Apple Cider
Trader Joes Stevia
Histamine Intolerance Article

D.I.Y Juice Reboot

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D.I.Y Juice Reboot

Please tell me I’m not alone in using food to do more than fuel my body. it’s so easy to buy into the lie that food is a replacement for love. That it can keep my calm and help me feel apart of what is going on around me. For years I ate late at night and I finally figured out what drove all the snack food binging. After my kids would go to bed I would go over my day and go over and over all the places I had messed up. The more time I spent thinking about it, the more food I needed to stuff down all of the emotions. Once I changed my thinking, the late night binge snacking stopped.

Food Is Not A Replacement for Love

Carol Tuttle wrote a great article on this very subject that I love and try to read at least once or twice a year.

Another place I tend to lose the big vision of what I want for my body is when I am in the car. Basically, my brain tries to convince me that food choices do not factor into my life if eaten in the car. Lie, lie lie. This is such a lie, that for me, it comes from buying into the “good girl” mentality. Basically, I got all my jobs done so I deserve to take a break. Deserving snacks means that I have to prove up when it comes to deserving love and deserving the air I breathe. Which is a lie. Journaling on this one has really helped my car trips meet my goals. Please realize not perfectly but has really helped.

Benefits of Juice Fasting

A 30 Day Juice Fast is Not For Everyone

There are so many ways to incorporate juicing. Find one that works for you.

  • take 24 hours and add all the juice you can drink while still eating food
  • take a three-day break from food and juice
  • replace one of your meals with juice for 2 weeks
  • replace 2 of your meals with juice for a couple of weeks
  • stay on your current eating plan and just add some fresh juice every single day

Which Juicer Is Best

That totally depends on your budget and goals. I have this juicer and love it. This last juice fast I did, I found myself in a different state than my favorite juicer so I ran to a big box store and found this one.

Masticating Juicer

The difference is between centrifugal and masticating. The more expensive juicer is a masticating juicer and it uses so much less produce to get the juice extracted. My husband and I both commented that the increased amount of produce could have actually paid for me to buy the more expensive juicer.

A masticating juicer chews through your produce slowly and extracts more juice. The upside is the juice stays fresher longer than the centrifugal. The downside is the expense upfront. Will you continue to use it or is that a test run to see how juicing goes for you? The juice is also sweeter if the heat has not broken down the enzymes and you really can taste the difference from a centrifugal juicer. A masticating juicer can also make baby food, pasta, and ice cream out of frozen bananas. Yes, it’s amazing. Trust me and just try it. The pulp is very dry and extracts so much more that a centrifugal. It does take a bit more effort to clean a masticating juicer, but worth it to me in how much less produce I have to buy to make the juice.

Centrifugal Juicer

A centrifugal juicer spins really fast and the juice is extracted from the spinning motion. The pulp will be very wet which, to me, is wasting the juice. It is loud but super easy to clean. Plus it is so much cheaper upfront; but if you juice a lot, the cost of produce could have made up the difference in the prices of the juicers. 

My Favorite Juice Recipe

one whole lemon partially peeled

one large carrot

one large apple

two – three  massive handfuls of super greens

one entire head of celery

one cucumber with the skin on (make sure it is organic)

Add in some ginger if you are feeling cold during your juice feast. It will warm you up and add a bit of zing to your juice.

Centrifugal Tip

Giving your body a break from digesting is part of the beauty of a juice fast. using the centrifugal this last round I found that I had to strain the juice to get all of the pulp out. With a masticating juicer, I don’t have to do that. I really tried to stay impartial, but can you tell I love my masticating juicer? I have had mine almost 20 years and it’s still going strong.

Adrenals Determine Your Success

The stronger your adrenals are the better your fast will go.

Simple Adrenal Tips

Will I Lose Weight?

Yes, but it will be short-term weight loss. A juice fast, for me, is motivated by health not weight loss. If it’s motivated by weight loss you will be discouraged when the weight comes back on as you add food back in. I don’t even weigh myself during the fast so that I don’t buy into the “weight-loss” game.


Please remember to stay flexible on a juice fast. There have been times when my plan was seven days but my body needed to be done at three. So I always go into it with a desire to meet the needs of my body, No matter how many days you end up doing it make sure to celebrate that you gave it a shot.

My Personal Benefits Juice Fasting

  • increased clarity
  • better sleep
  • improved mood
  • improved skin quality
  • arthritis pain GONE!!!!!
  • more energy, at least after the first day
  • better focus
  • feeling aligned and able to meet project deadlines
  • tapped into more joy
  • tapped into my own rhythm

So tell me have you ever done a juice fast?

There is a great documentary on Amazon Prime called The Science of Fasting



So tell me, are you interested in doing a juice feast?



This website contains general information about medical conditions and treatments.  The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such.







Balancing EMF Exposure

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Simple Ways to Balance Your EMF Exposure

Worried About EMF’S?

If you are looking for a study to support whether or not electromagnetic frequencies cause health issues let me tell you something upfront. You will find hundreds on either side. Maybe even thousands.

Sweden Has Recognized EMF Causing Functional Impairment Since 2005

Sometimes we can go into “overwhelm” mode when it comes to EMF. We can’t see them and so much about them is out of our control. However, that is where the lie is, there are so many things that you can do to protect yourself.

Simple Ways to Keep Your EMF Exposure Down

  • keep your cell phone on airplane mode all night long
  • turn your wifi off at night using this simple switch
  • never use your laptop on your lap

Symptoms of EMF Exposure

skin problems ~ dizziness ~ sleep disorders ~ numbness ~ anxiety ~ depression ~ hearing problems ~ confusion ~ speech difficulties ~ migraines ~ joint pain ~ tremors ~ cramps ~ flu-like symptoms ~

Tools to Determine EMF’s Around You

in 2002 a study lead by Santanna determined that the closer you live to a cell phone tower, the more of these symptoms appeared. Go check the wifi on your phone from your bedroom. How many wifi routers are around your house from neighbors. If your phone can pick them up your body can as well. Here is my favorite tool to measure what is in your home.

Does Everyone Have Issues?

Think of EMF’s like caffeine; Caffeine affects everyone but to varying degrees. did you know that EMF’s can lower a woman’s sex drive and drop a man’s sperm count?

Remember: your most important tool to use is creating good habits with cell phones. turning it on airplane mode, Not carrying it in your pocket, and keep it 12 inches away from your body.

Magnesium Offsets EMF’S

Once you understand what is happening at the cellular level with EMF’s, then you can start to really understand why magnesium is so important.

Can we talk about Calcium Voltage Channels? This is in the membrane of the cell and is dictated by low-level energy. So when EMF’s scramble the signal, it tells the cell to drop calcium continuously. Calcium is like cortisol. It is necessary, but not all day every day. Calcium hardens things like the pineal gland, causes disruption to sleep, and hinders hormone function when there is too much calcium. We haven’t even discussed diabetes and heart issues that too much calcium can cause. Magnesium  offsets that signal. If you have enough magnesium then the cell membrane is not as triggered by the confusion of EMf’s.

So tell me, do you worry? What precautions are you taking to clear it up? Or do you think it is all a bunch of garbage? Leave a comment and let me know.

33 Phrases That Will Increase Your Power

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Prepping for back to school with magnesium

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You’ve seen it slowly start to trickle into the stores for the past few weeks…
The backpacks, the folders, the un-sharpened, number two pencils. You can practically smell the untouched, brightly colored wax crayons wrapped in paper just BEGGING to be used on some construction paper. You can see the waves of homework coming in and proud evidence of finished projects that will soon adorn your refrigerator. Back to School season is upon us!
Some of you may have prepared for this day a long time ago, and some of you may feel the calm before the great storm of panic, stress, and your child’s most wanted/needed items selling out right before your eyes! Maybe there’s a great sense of relief, thinking, FINALLY! A house that will stay clean longer than an hour! Some of you may be in denial that the summer has already flown by, you’re not ready for your littles to head back to school all day. One thing that all mamas have in common is the love that they have for their babies! You want them to feel prepared, ready for a brand new year. Ready to make new friends, handle new schedules and regimens, and expand their genius little minds.
The clothes, the new shoes, all the supplies, the lunchboxes, backpacks, and even more supplies that you’ll inevitably pick up after the syllabus comes home is a great deal to tackle and help them feel at ease the night before school starts.. But what if I told you there was something else to help them prepare and perform at their best that you could be doing long before the school bells ring?

Did you know that magnesium is a VITAL nutrient to our bodies but deficient in our modern day diets? It’s true! Have you ever heard someone utter a phrase like, ‘that just didn’t happen back then’, or ‘back in the olden days, we didn’t have problems like that’. Well unfortunately, that’s also pretty true. Long ago, our ancestors didn’t have to worry about magnesium deficiency. They maintained good levels of magnesium just by what they ate! Meats, mineral water, seafood, fruits and vegetables all proved to be great sources of magnesium. Even taking a dip in the ocean once upon a time boosted your RDA (recommended daily allowance).

In this day and age the magnesium rich soil and waters are just not there anymore. Which in turn, means that the magnesium levels aren’t even traceable in the fruits and vegetables that are grown. If they are, they’re usually extracted by various forms of treatment.

Right now I want to talk to you about how your child could be affected by magnesium deficiency. Signs are very similar if not the same in adults with low levels of magnesium but some may be trickier to spot in young ones depending on their age, ability to communicate, or what stage of development they may be in.

Here are some things to look for:

Difficulty sleeping
Muscle spasms and/or twitches
Irritability (this one can be the hardest to decipher if dealing with a teen, haha).


Magnesium not only helps your child with the ailments above but it can also help prevent and aide in coping with disorders such as ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Long-term deficiency in magnesium is linked to high blood pressure, Parkinson’s Disease, Restless Leg Syndrome, kidney stones, and diabetes.

Magnesium so SO important, that magnesium deficiency is responsible for more disease than lack of any other nutrient. It’s the most critical mineral required for electric stability in every single cell in our bodies. Wow!! Because magnesium affects our cells, including the cells in our brain, which are very, VERY MANY, and that’s where the MOST electrical activity takes place, it makes perfect sense that a brain that has healthy levels of magnesium can perform much better than one with low levels.
Here’s just a handful of ways that magnesium affects the brain:
Strengthens the pre-frontal cortex, aka short term memory
Boost’s the brain’s recall function, ensuring it the ability to pull up memories/knowledge
Strengthens the hippocampus! The hippowhatis?? That’s the part of our brain where long term memory and where objects and locations are stored. (Fun fact: Every time you’re on your way home and you don’t even have to think where you’re going.. You can thank your hippocampus for that).
Strengthens the synoptic nerves. The stronger your synapse is, the less impulsive you are. Less impulsivity leads to better made choices. It also aids in jogging memories fast and correctly.
Nourishes your entire nervous system

Let me kick you a hypothetical scenario.
Max starts school, his diet is fair. Buckling down, back into stricter schedules proves to be a bit of a challenge for him. He is very bright but sometimes has trouble concentrating. Max feels overwhelmed. Fellow students and possibly even teachers tease him for mentally wandering off all the time. Max again feels another wave of frustration, driving his cortisol up and losing any remnants of magnesium he had to begin with. He starts down the path of self doubt and negative self talk. Thoughts like ‘I’m stupid’, ‘I’m a bad student’, ‘I’m going nowhere’ begin an even further downward spiral and the snowball effect begins and now he’s an adult with scarily low self esteem and a detrimental mental block that he can’t do anything worthwhile. Like Kristen Bowen says, ‘If you play a pattern anywhere, you play a pattern everywhere’. Many of the patterns we play and may be unaware of we actually pick up in our childhood and early adult years.

This scenario is obviously is fake and very dramatized. Also, this article in NO WAY is saying that magnesium is the sole determining factor in your child succeeding in school. This could be a typical day for any student no matter what level of learning they are at and even if your child is soaking in magnesium, these days can happen. This article is meant to inform and perhaps inspire parents who might see signs of deficiency to get their children soaking NOW. Plus, there’s a bonus! People who soak during the summer months where there is plenty of vitamin D to be stored actually retain healthy levels into the winter months when they’re extra crucial to the body.

Why not try it? See if you notice positive changes in your child! If they are babies, the magnesium lotion is such a calming and mild form. It helps baby’s digestion, sleep cycles, and is great to aid with acid reflux. If they are 2 years or older, pour ⅛ c. of the soak into the bathtub while they’re playing. You can even try to have them soak their feet while watching their favorite T.V. show for 30-40 minutes in a glass or stainless steel bowl. Once they are over 4 feet they are able to soak in ¼ c. Deeper sleep, heightened memory recall, corrective thinking, memory/knowledge retention, the list could really go on and on!! Also, if you are interested in trying any of our magnesium products they’re all going on sale in August! We will be featuring a different magnesium product every week during August and since there’s a fifth week we will be featuring our best selling Magnesium Soak twice this month! Back to school means back to magnesium! Let’s get soaking!

Bonus!! Our magnesium products are on SALE the ENTIRE month of August!! Right now, our Magnesium soak is on the all-time lowest sale price!!


Here at LTGLN, we import magnesium from the Zechstein Sea, near The Netherlands. It’s never diluted and it goes through a very clean salt mining process to get the best source, free of impurities. It’s used in all of our magnesium products! You can read more about the mining process as well as more benefits of soaking in magnesium in our other post found here.









Supporting adrenals for higher level of recovery

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heathy adrenals better recovery


Angie here following up to another blog post The Benefits of Magnesium While Pregnant and the role it plays in the process. Read it, you love it! Birth is fascinating to me, not in a weird I want to watch live youtube surgeries but in a “whoa, like, look what you just did!” kinda way. I choose to look at birth in awe then in ouch. I’m amazed and intrigued in the process and what a powerful opportunity it is for a woman to realize just how feminine yet strong she is. It is beautiful that the female body was designed to do such a thing and come back from it. Pregnancy and birth is so physically and mentally demanding but obviously so rewarding, hello little human! All these wonderful moments are followed up with the recovery.

healthy adrenals better recoveryLets talk recovery, if you haven’t experienced postnatal recovery on a personal level you defiantly have seen it in all its many ranges. On one end you’ve got the bouncing-back-from-birth-like-a-rubber-band mama who you’ve just run into at the grocery store, days, DAYS after the little peanut was born! This is the type of encounter that I walk away wide eyed looking to take refuge in the freezer aisle so that I can pull Facebook up on my phone just to double check the dates she posted those hospital pictures! My heart goes out to the opposite end of the recovery spectrum with the mama who is trying her hardest not to nod off and fall asleep in her hospital bed while chatting with her relatives that came from out of town to visit her and the new baby. Heres a shout out to all the inbetweeners, we know you’re out there! Now give me the secret to that rubber band mom! If we are look at the range of births that generally are the same without any complications, how can one mama drive herself home from the hospital while the other has to be wheeled out a week later? Adrenals, the level of your recovery in any situation is held within the strength of your adrenals. 


  • waking up tired 
  • brain fog
  • hormone imbalance
  • low energy
  • craving salt

You have two of these little adrenal glands, they sit on top of your kidneys and secrete essential hormones, control blood sugar, regulate blood pressure and burn protein and fat. The main purpose of your adrenals is to help you manage stress. They help determine and appropriately balance your body’s responses to all types of stress internally, externally and environmentally. How? Using cortisol. Cortisol, an adrenal hormone regulates those responses to stress. Prolonged levels of high or low cortisol affects sleep, brain, hormones balance and energy. The toll stress takes on our body is a destructive one, it etches into our foundation and keeps us from rest and renew where healing happens. Adrenals need to have a strong foundation. When adrenals are stressed we walk away from our big dreams getting caught up surviving and not connecting and creating! So if our adrenals aren’t sitting pretty then neither are their functions to help us recover. Now, how do we support these lil glands who might be fatigued? 

SUPPORTING ADRENALShealthy adrenals better recovery

  • HEALTHY FAT    Healthy cell walls are created from fat. When a new cell wall is created and doesn’t have new fat to build from it uses older adrenal cells. Coconut oil, omega 3s, fish oils, high fat foods.
  • SALT   Minerals, minerals, minerals! Switching out your bleck table salt with a high mineralized salt will give you minerals you are missing.
  • ACEROLA CHERRY POWDER    Acerola Cherry Powder is a building block to help build collagen. We source ours because of the way its grown, processed and the copper ions found in it.
  • GELATIN      Adrenals sit in gelatin and collagen comes from gelatin. Think of how skin looks as you age, this shows your collagen level. Taut vs Saggy
  • MAGNESIUM    Magnesium gives your adrenals voltage and keeps them relaxed, when those little glands are tight they cant do what they need.

The benefits of magnesium while pregnant

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Hey guys! Whitney here! In the last week I’ve had four different friends spill the beans about a little bun growing in their oven.. Call it inspiration, fate, or just plain ironic that that is the very subject I’ve been back and forth on blogging about.  

Pregnancy has to be one of the most fascinating, weird, precious, miraculous things to happen to the body. Growing a tiny human in your body that you will also pass through your body 9 months down the road.. could sound a little science fiction-y if that wasn’t the way it’s been since the dawn of time.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 3.37.08 PMI won’t lie, the day my own loving mother broke the news to me that in fact, the stork did not drop me off on the front porch or that babies don’t mysteriously go from your tummy to the crib made the images of my future self holding my own babies quickly fly out the window. Ignorance is bliss has never been a more perfect phrase.



Thankfully, I grew past the ‘grossed out’ and a ‘terrified’ stage to “just little anxious’.(insert nervous laugh emoji here). Working alongside Kristen and the rest of the team here at LTGLN has changed my perspective immensely. (Thank you guys).

So, without further ado, let me share with you the benefits that are just waiting to be reaped by soaking in magnesium while pregnant.
Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 4.49.16 PM

The magnesium chloride hales from the Zechstein Sea in The Netherlands. It’s obtained by salt mining and undergoes numerous processes  including water injection, pressure, dissolution, and precipitation. All of this work naturally removes nearly all impurities.  Thus resulting in pure magnesium oil, also known as magnesium chloride.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 4.35.56 PM

If you’ve ever been into the shop or have been to a workshop hosted by Kristen, you know that magnesium is one of our favorite products and top sellers. Magnesium is a cornerstone in the foundation of your health, pregnant women included. Its many benefits include:

  • better sleep cycles
  • balancing hormones
  • aids in decreasing inflammation
  • rebuilds body tissue
  • it regulates blood sugar
  • and is great for muscle aches and restless leg syndrome (RSL).

Without magnesium, muscles don’t relax properly, which is where cramps happen. Kristen has talked to numerous mamas who had completely different birthing and labor experiences when they compared delivery experiences before they were introduced to magnesium versus after. Night and day difference. Can you imagine the simple act of soaking your feet or chilling in the tub with a splash of magnesium is actually putting you on the fast track to a smoother delivery for both you and your sweet baby?

Leveling up in magnesium can also avert baby from having acid reflux and other digestive issues. Magnesium helps the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) to close, preventing stomach acid from coming back up, causing vomit or spit up. It’s also the natural relaxant mineral, so a baby with healthy levels of magnesium will sleep better, too!

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 4.45.37 PM

Many of you are familiar with taking Magnesium supplements orally, it’s also found in antacids and laxatives. While taking Magnesium supplements have short-term perks, it’s really just acting as a temporary bandaid. It fixes the problem on the surface but the problem still lies underneath and can be quite detrimental to your health long-term. The part where taking magnesium orally starts to be detrimental is where it’s continually passing through the digestive tract. It prevents your body from absorbing all the good nutrients you’re feeding your body and baby. This puts you in the fast lane to becoming not only magnesium deficient but you’ll lose all of your crucial vitamins and minerals that feed your mind and body as well as house your sweet little bun in the oven.


Our Magnesium Soak is a great option to get your magnesium levels up. Most do it by just soaking their feet in a glass or stainless bowl with some nice warm water for 20-30 minutes. Others, such as myself, like to just pour that ¼ cup into my bathtub and level up while relaxing and washing my hair. Multitasking for the win! LTGLN also carries a very gentle Magnesium Lotion. It was formulated with babies and small children in mind so they too could feel the benefits of magnesium but in a gentle way that won’t upset their delicate, extra sensitive skin. Rubbing this on their tummies or used all over as a baby lotion is a great way to ensure they’re continuously getting magnesium.

So, once you’ve soaked or have been soaking a few times a week you’re good to go, right? Wrong! Magnesium is not something that our bodies naturally produce. We are, however, experts at draining our body of it. How you ask? Let me list below some of the biggest offenders that kick magnesium out of our body the fastest:

  • stress
  • sugar intake
  • processed foods
  • lack of sleep
  • smoking
  • anxiety
  • auto-immune diseases
  • alcohol
  • and prescription medications

Don’t let the list above further stress you out! You need to hang onto all the magnesium your body has got! Plus, there are a few factors above that I think everyone is guilty of.. If you have never felt stress in your life, I would love to know your secrets and also ask you a big, fat, giant, HOW?! These are just good things to be aware of so you can gauge how fast you are burning through your magnesium. This in no way is meant to be an added stress to your day. Instead, make it party of your daily routine! I suggest when you are begging to soak, do it at night. Make it part of your winding down regimen. I implore those of you who feel you don’t have to time to simply MAKE time for it. Who can’t find a good 20-30 minutes in their day? There are literally SO many options:Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 4.37.27 PM

  • soak while you eat dinner
  • soak in the tub
  • soak while you read the newspaper
  • soak during your quiet time after the house is calmed down + everyone’s in bed
  • soak while you pin your dream life on Pinterest
  • soak while working at the computer (carefully! Keep away from cords, outlets, etc).
  • soak while you binge-watch something on Netflix
  • you can even soak while you mindlessly scroll through Instagram & Facebook 😉

I sure hope I have given you a few little pieces of good advice or piqued your interest and laid a clear foundation on such an amazing product that we are so grateful to be able to carry.

All magnesium products can be purchased online, here, or in our shop.

Now go #getsoaked!!

-Whitney, LTGLN team member