Vitamin D: What You’re Missing

Vitamin D: What You’re Missing Here’s the scoop. I am super worried about your vitamin d status. Truth is, your doctor has probably only been testing for stored levels of vitamin d, and that’s only part of the story. Your body has not only stored levels of vitamin d, but you actually have something called active vitamin d. And trust … Read More

Podcast: Rising Through Depression w/Supplements

Sending love. My name is Kristen Bowen. I’m the founder of Living the Good Life Naturally. If you’re listening to this recording about rising through depression and the supplements that make a difference, it means that you or someone you love struggles with depression. Please understand if there’s a little bit of laughing or if something comes across as I’m … Read More

Podcast: Rising Through Depression

  Depression, a board of directors, and medication, these are all some of the things floating around in my brain that we’re going to talk about. Sit back and get comfy. Grab something to drink. This podcast might be a little bit longer than my typical podcast. You see, I have to set the stage for you to know where … Read More

Podcast: Thyroid and Mucin Overproduction

Resources: Thermometer Adrenal Thyroid Drink Recipe Kristen: Are you ready to talk mucin and your thyroid? If you’re struggling losing weight, if your hair is thinning or falling out, if you’re tired all the time, if your weight is going on a spare tire, and if the shape of your body is changing you probably have a thyroid issue that … Read More

Podcast: Layers to Better Digestion

Kristen Bowen: Welcome to Living the Good Life Naturally. My name is Kristen Bowen. Today we are talking digestions issues. This last week in the shop, there has been more digestion issues coming in than I think I’ve ever seen before. We’re going to cover lots of ways, not to overwhelm you, but to help you find something that will … Read More

Podcast: Stress Got You Down? You Might Have a Cortisol Addiction

TRANSCRIPT: Kristen Bowen: Healthy people walk away from cortisol spikes. You, my friend, are in a space to create health. You’re here with me, and I am with you, and we have got this together, you and I. We are not alone on this journey of wanting to experience our very best day. You know that day when you wake … Read More

Podcast: Creating health can be easy if you do this

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Being healthy is so hard. I can’t do this. I give up. I’m done,” only to wait a little while to try again? Judging yourself harshly without compassion puts you more deeply into the very pattern of what you’re trying to walk away from. How about celebrating that you restarted and tried to get … Read More

Podcast: Foods That Walk You Away From Pain

Show Links: DIY Sauna We are talking simple ways to decrease inflammation. How do you know you have inflammation? If you have pain. So here’s where I’m at. A lot of these things I’m already doing and my pain increased. So listen to the end and we’ll talk about those solutions that we can take control of our bodies and … Read More

Finding Your Superfoods

Speaker 1: Do you know what your superfoods are? Because your superfoods and my superfoods could be totally different. So let me backtrack a little bit and help you understand. I have a daughter that traveled and got really, really sick, and so when we brought her home to help her heal, I gave her all of my superfoods. I … Read More