33 Phrases That Will Increase Your Power

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NOW is the time to take action

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Hello! We are talking parasites today. I know, take a deep breath and if you’re eating something right now maybe set it aside for a quick minute. (No images. You’re welcome).

Did you know we all have parasites squirming around in our body?! And WITHOUT our permission?? Say it ain’t so! Even the word ‘parasite’ induces crawling skin and shudders of denial. (Maybe that’s just me but I have a feeling I’m not alone on this).

Recent CDC reports say that parasites are no longer a problem only in third world countries but a GROWING epidemic here in the U.S. They thrive in your body and are even able to travel throughout your organs and bloodstream. They can wreak havoc on digestion, make you crave absolute junk, and have the power to cause major health problems. The most common way these creepy creatures enter your body is through food and drink and they are often invisible to the naked eye.

Even though they are squatting in our bodies, that doesn’t mean you have to let them stay. Kristen is talking all things parasites and how to eliminate them from your body. NOW is actually the prime time to start flushing them out. She’s offering a FREE call to action and will give you all the details on how to bring balance and health back into your body. And life.

Click on the link below to sign up for a LIVE call on how to eliminate parasites from your body. Once you enter your email, dates and times of calls will be sent to you.



-Whitney, Team Good Life