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Magnesium Muscle Creme



Stop those achy muscles in their inconvenient tracks!


Magnesium Muscle Creme

Experience the Difference

Living the Good Life’s Magnesium Muscle Creme infused with naturally sourced ancient sea brine from the Zechstein sea, the cleanest source of Magnesium on earth. Our proprietary process is what makes it possible to infuse our muscle creme with the power of magnesium for optimal muscle recovery. 

Magnesium Muscle Creme is loaded with soothing ingredients like blue emu oil, menthol, peppermint & spearmint oils. We also source the highest quality, permaculture grown, mission variety olive oil from the Central Coast of California. We retrieve this oil directly from the farm press so it is never diluted like other olive oils are. Blue emu oil is high in fatty acids which are used by professional athletes to reduce inflammation. 

Purely natural and never a trace of parabens or formaldehyde, handmade in the United States. and delivered in a glass bottle. Treat yourself, your joints, and muscle to this amazing smelling, and rejuvenating Magnesium Muscle Creme. Our muscle creme is packaged in a glass container.


Purely natural and NEVER a trace of parabens or formaldehyde. Handmade in the USA. Magnesium imported from the Zechstein Sea in the Netherlands.


distilled water, cocoa butter, emulsifying wax, magnesium, glycerin, stearic acid, olive oil, emu oil, jojoba oil, peppermint essential oil, spearmint essential oil, relieve essential oil, menthol, germall plus. 

Due to a global sourcing issue, this product may come in a different style of container. 

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