Do You Ever Feel Guilty?

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Every woman I have ever worked with has experienced guilt. Guilt over how clean her bathrooms are. Guilt over how she feeds her family. Guilt over how her body looks. Guilt over a million little things.


Can we talk about guilt? In my belief system, guilt is a heavy, low vibration. It is meant to be that way. When you experience guilt it is because you have committed a sin.  You then have a desire to drop to your knees and connect with God and let go of the guilt


When you feel guilty for everything you actually break natural law. Guilt no longer becomes transformative.  It becomes something you get used to carrying. Something your family gets used to being around. Think about that for a minute.  Guilt is for sin. Let me remind you that the definition of sin is the immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.


What did you say you were feeling guilty for? That your car was not clean? That you spaced out a meeting? Please ask yourself if what you feel guilty for is an immoral transgression against divine law.


If not, then maybe you are buying into guilt to hold yourself back. How are you ever going to get healthy when you are holding yourself back on a daily basis? Did you know that women who feel guilty have a harder time holding their magnesium levels strong? Magnesium is the foundation that you build your health on. When you carry guilt you burn through magnesium faster.


Is it time to let go of the guilt?


What do you think? Do you hold yourself back by holding onto guilt? Leave me a comment and share what you feel guilty about. Putting it in writing can be a powerful tool.


I am choosing not to feel guilty there is no picture to go along with this blog post.


12 thoughts on “Do You Ever Feel Guilty?

  1. You are so wise. Love all you said. I feel guilty for everything I don’t do and a lot of times for things I say and do. I had a good friend help me find another word for guilt and some how we landed on “sassy”. I thought it was a bit weird.
    So, the first time I used the phrase I’m sassy instead of feeling guilt about the situation, I started to feel guilt for a second and then said I’m sassy and I started to laugh and it felt so good to not feel the guilt. I know I feel I have to be perfect and do everything perfect. It is hard to get past that, but I’m trying daily to be a bit more sassy and not guilty.

    1. I love this. Look how powerful your words were. Using power words you shifted yourself to better thinking. Love it. You inspire me.

  2. I know I have guilt for the way I used to live. I have made a change for the better. It was MANY years ago… but, every now and then I feel this wave of guilt/shame wash over me.
    I know God has forgiven me. Today, I know that the past has made me into the woman I am today. I am capable of creating a new ways to combat the unnecessary guilt that pops up from time to time. I have come a long way and for that I can hold my head high.

  3. Love the comments & thoughts that have attached in my mind from them. I deal with so much guilt for having poor health. Little things started in my pre teens & has continually gone down hill, leading me to where I am today. Kidney transplant post 4 yrs, arthritis, & just turned 40. Guilt that children weren’t in the cards. So grateful for the love & people in my life but guilty I can’t attend this thing or not well enough to clean the house or cook a decent filling meal for my hubby who works 12 HR shifts. Guilt that I haven’t found a way to my healthy self, etc, etc.

    I don’t believe any of those things are going against my moral compass. I need to work on this. Thank you for asking this question!

  4. You taught me several years ago that guilt was for sin. Period. I have worked on this ever since… guilt has always been something I was driven by- something that was there until I made different daily choices that had nothing to do with guilt or sin. Thank you dear friend.

  5. Totally agree. Love the way you word this. I have friends we’ll call “guilt mongers” and have tried to explain my view on guilt to them and the damage it does. You have clearly and succinctly expressed what I have tried to share with them. I’m going to take your words to share with them.

  6. Thank you for this, it was helpful for you to name what I experience….fake guilt. My fake guilt is from imperfect meals or food. I didn’t feel well this weekend, so none of the meals I had planned got made. Instead we went with eggs, bacon, and smoothies. Thank goodness I have my kids who are teaching me to be more flexible and roll with the punches. Some days I’m better at it than others.
    Some times that fake guilt starts from imperfect food and leads me down a very toxic path of not being good at anything. I’m grateful that I’m getting better at recognizing that, and making the choice to course correct.

  7. Realizing that I could choose not to feel guilty about every little thing. Was a huge first step for me. Discovering how to apply that to my life is an every day journey.

  8. I have found that as I have gotten ‘older’, more ‘experienced’, whatever term you want to use, that I feel less guilt. Yay for me! I had found that it was too much to carry, and I had to let go of worrying about the things I didn’t get done, or that weren’t ‘quite right’. I feel so much more peace in my life – it is very freeing. I still work full-time and yes, I make ginormous ‘to do ‘ lists for the weekend….fully knowing that only a few things on the list will actually get done – and I’m ok with that! Crossing things off my list is therapeutic (and yes, if I do something that’s not on my list – I add it just so I can cross it off!), but I’m also ok with still having things on my list as the week goes on – it gives me a visual reference and reminder of the things that I want to do. I can guarantee that the things that are really important get done – and those things that are ok to wait, usually don’t….and I’m ok with that! 🙂

  9. I sometime feel guilt when I don’t find time to take a shower, brush my teeth or soak in magnesium.

    I also feel guilty when I don’t stick to healthy eating, and indulge in sugary treats

    The most recent guilt I have that is affecting me right now is by choosing a path to raise my child that my boyfriend doesn’t agree with. Some people say that you have to force your grown kids (son is 18) to pay a ridiculous high amount of rent for allowing them to live with you. If you’re allowing them to pay a smaller amount and they are saving I feel that it’s okay. You’re helping them save and invest for their future. My boyfriend told me by allowing this that my son is not learning to be an adult.

    I am wondering if I have made the right choice and feel that kids are more important then this relationship, if he loves me he should love me and my choices, even if he doesn’t fully agree with them.

  10. Excellent definition of guilt, after I moved away from the life I felt wasn’t suited for me and moved to California it till me at least a year to move through the heaviness of guilt. I can say any guilt that transgressed divine law has been forgiven and the guilt I put on myself has been worked through for the most part. My life is happier and there is more room for joy and peace. Yay!

  11. I agree. I cannot add more to your comments. You covered it really well. Thank you Kathleen

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