Finding Your Superfoods

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Do you know what your superfoods are? Because your superfoods and my superfoods could be totally different. So let me backtrack a little bit and help you understand. I have a daughter that traveled and got really, really sick, and so when we brought her home to help her heal, I gave her all of my superfoods. I gave her bone broth. Bone broth is my superfood. It calms down my immune system. It heals and seals my gut, helps my brain function, makes my skin glow.

So I kept giving her bone broth. Guess what? Bone broth is not that girl’s superfood. It is not. It is just not her superfood because it has histamine, and at that point, her body was having a hard time breaking down histamines. So one of the things we’re working in the discovery portion of Project Radiate, which is an online group of women that I meet with every single week, it’s my favorite part of the whole week.

We’re discovering what their personal superfoods are. Do you know what your personal superfoods are? Because if you have a low energy day or you get a weakened immune, if you know what your personal superfoods are, boom, you can jump right back on board and add those superfoods and really boost your energy levels up.

So let’s go over, and this is not a complete list of superfoods, but let’s just talk about some of the superfoods. There’s chia seeds, bone broth, raw milk yogurt, raw milk,  kafir,  fermented foods,  grapefruits,  kale,  and broccoli. 

A superfood is just something that’s loaded with nutritional value. Dandelions. Did you know dandelions were brought to the New World because of their nutritional value? And we spend so much money nuking those things? They’re so loaded in nutrition. So finding your superfoods is so important. One of my superfoods is grapefruit on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. The reason is, I tend to lean toward thicker bile, which slows down my energy.

And did you know that grapefruit is a natural bile thinner? And so when I start my morning with a fresh grapefruit or fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, I have more energy during the day. Now if you don’t have thick bile, it’s not going to make a whole hill of beans of difference for you. It’s massive for me, so understanding your superfoods, so just start isolating those foods that you eat and for example, chia seeds. Do you add chia seeds? How do you feel on the days that you add chia seeds? Do you think better? Do you function better? Is your energy better? Just focus on those chia seeds for a couple days, and then drop the chia seeds for a couple days. Notice what the difference is.

Is it time-consuming? A little bit. Is it worth it? All the way, because when I start to feel a little down, a little discouraged, a little low-energy, I know exactly which foods will nourish me quickly and easily, and that’s what Living the Good Life Naturally is all about.

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