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Hello, hello! It’s Whitney! I’m here to talk to you about scent.  Again.  I promise I’m capable of sharing more than just history and fun facts behind smells and our fragrances but let’s make an exception, just for today.  

Today, I wanted to share a little bit more on our spring/summer collection that has, in fact, just been RESTOCKED!! Let’s raise the roof in celebration together! No? Too much? Hopefully at the end of this post you’ll change your mind. 🙂Image result for raise the roof gif


Our latest trio for this season is very special to us because we really wanted to think outside the box with this scent family. As cheesy as it may seem, spring is such a magical time of year. Especially this year considering the snowmageddon we experienced during January and February. It took some serious strength for all of the plants to come back from that and they did it SO beautifully! The start of the warm season in Utah is a wondrous sight to see. Everything is so green and lush. The rivers start moving again, birds sing the songs of milder weather, and  the buds on the trees begin prepping for their big, colorful show. Everything is just so FRESH. Which is what we wanted to incorporate into all three of our scents. So we did! But then.. We thought even bigger. We wanted to take the freshest scents not only found around here but from different points all over the globe! Lots of research and induced travel bugs later, we found all of our wonderful scents and aromas to be formulated. Come along, let me introduce to you each of our scents and the story behind them.


Magnolia & Bamboo     

What I love and also the first note that the nose actually detects in this scent is not the magnolia nor the bamboo but the champaca flower. It’s part of the magnolia family and is known for it’s beautiful scent. Used for centuries, it’s known as the Joy perfume and is native to South Asia, and especially used in India. The tree is cultivated for the flowers and used for ornamental use. The flowers are considered sacred in the worship of Lord Krishna and are used in many temples during wedding ceremonies, gifts to the Gods, and some say have many healing and medicinal purposes. They are also used as a decorative sign of beauty as well as fragrance by Indian women and girls when worn in their hair or behind their ears. Combining the flower with another traditional Indian element was our next step. Incense. Not the way you think, though. Although incense is another time-honored tradition performed in Indian temples as well as therapeutic and meditation aids, we wanted to let the champaca flower shine. Incense is composed of essential oils and aromatic plants that is applied to a bamboo stick. A bamboo stick. There it was. Bamboo is known for it’s pleasantly green, although light scent. What better smell to make the perfect balance?  Our Magnolia &  Bamboo is a fresh, clean scent with foreign botanical pleasures that exudes femininity. 



Satsuma & Lily

We all agreed that out of the three scents,  Satsuma & Lily had the most POP! Satsuma is a type of small, easily peeled orange that is believed to have originated from the old Satsuma province of Southern Japan, currently known as Kagoshima Prefecture. Belonging to the Mandarin Orange family, Satsuma is also known for it’s smaller size and slightly sweeter, less bitter citrus taste and smell… and well, since the words ‘fresh’ and ‘citrus’ go together like a wink and a smile, we couldn’t help but formulate something for all of the citrus lovers out there. Our next step was figuring out how to set it apart from every other orange fragrance while staying true to it’s Oriental lineage. By Jove, we’ve got it. Lilies. Although lily fragrance can range from overwhelming to completely scentless, we wanted to pick one that complimented the juicy punch of satsuma just right. Enter the Sonata Lily. Completely gorgeous in sight and smell this was the the perfect counterpart to pair with fruit. Sonata Lilies fall into the mid-range section of scent. It has a nice light floral smell, accompanied by a sweet honey-vanilla like quality. Paired with Satsuma orange, this scent is bright, sweet, and here comes that ‘f-word’ again.. FRESH.




Coconut & Lemongrass

Last but certainly not least, let me break down the ever popular Coconut & Lemongrass. Believe it or not, we came across this scent as we were discussing our love of Thai food. It’s true, inspiration really can come from anywhere. Keeping FRESH in the foreground we wanted it to be sweet without being sickeningly sweet. Herbaceous but not acrid. Staying true to our Asian-inspired scents, we researched the East coast.  

Coconut is a common base of foods sweet and savory as well as the a starring role in the economy in Asia but especially in the Philippines. Over 19

 million tons were produced in 2009. That’s a LOT of coconuts!  They’re sweet, creamy and have an almost vanilla-like quality but with an exotic twist. To many, they’re a

memory of places traveled and warmer weather. Since our release of these fragrances would be in the warmer months, why not incorporate such a beloved and strange fruit? Travel another 1,400 miles east and you will find yourself in Thailand. The land known for its cuisine, beautiful beaches, and exquisite temples. If you’ve ever traveled there or even partaken of Thai food, you know it’s a very rewarding experience. Lemongrass, which grows abundantly in most South-East Asian lands sets Thai cuisine apart from all others. Green and citrus-y, lemongrass is a straw-like plant that is known to enhance foods like rice, soups, seafood, and even teas and coffee. The perfect balance of sweet and herbaceous was found. Coconut & Lemongrass is exotic, tropical, and perfect for those sunshine months.



I hope you’ve enjoyed as well as learned a little bit of why we formulated this fresh family of fragrances as well as motivated you to find inspiration anywhere! Like I said, the warmer months can be a magical time. Take time to enjoy them.


You can find these lotions as well as corresponding mini bath bombs here. Available in store and online.  Enjoy!!


This is a limited collection, it is not part of our signature line, unfortunately we cannot guarantee another restock.


-Whitney, member of the #teamgoodlife Image result for smile wink gif

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