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  1. I just bought the magnesium tonight at your free class, thank you! It was so nice to meet you. I am perusing your videos and came across this. I had been considering Ashwagandha for help with EBV and also think it would help me not be so “reactive” , but am nursing. Safe for nursing mothers?

    1. The data is not concrete. It is not safe to use during pregnancy and I must admit being cautious when I nursed my babies. You can find people who have done so but not any data on the safety.

  2. How do I know If I have Ashimodo?
    i do have the symptoms you talk about. very lethargic alomost faintly during the day, and after 2 hrs of sleep in the evening I can’t sleep anymore

    1. Hi Marie,
      Getting a full thyroid panel is crucial and then working with someone who understands the ratio between the tests. When thyroid is involved healing is facilitated going gluten free. Hang in there.

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