Healthy Fat Verses Plastic Fat

Healthy Fat Versus Plastic Fat

Let’s talk healthy fat versus plastic fats. Which one do we want and what do they do?

Once you have a visual of what plastic fats do in your body it makes it easier to make sure it is a healthy fat going into your mouth.

First, let’s talk about how plastic fats even came to be. It all started in the ’20s. Food manufacturers needed something to prolong the shelf life of food. The very first trans fat to be on the market was Crisco in 1911 by Proctor and Gamble. I grew up eating pies that my mom always used Crisco for the flakiest crust ever. Which is one of the reasons so many have a hard time sticking to better food choices. We have memories and associations with that flaky pie crust.

Did Your Mom Use Crisco for Pie Crust?

How is trans fat even made? Trans fats are created in an industrial process that adds hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils to make them more solid. Most trans fats in processed food are called  “partially hydrogenated oils.” The upside for companies is that it creates a longer shelf life for the food. The downside to using them is what is walking you away from being healthy. So can we talk about it? My goal is simple. to get you thinking about what you are putting in your mouth.

My goal is to help you make better (not perfect) food choices

Better but not perfect. You do not have to eat 100% perfect to create better health. That is a broken mentality that unhealthy people hold strongly. If that is you just let it go as of this moment.

Back to the point, please

Plastic fats in your body are breaking down all the areas that so many people struggle with. let’s get right to the cellular level so you can visualize the process.

Plastic Fats break stop your cells from working properly

When it is time for your body to produce a new cell it needs materials. Ideally, you are eating healthy fats. If so your body uses those fats to create the cell wall. The cell wall holds the voltage for your cell. This voltage determines the ATP energy right in the middle of the cell.

We Have a Problem Using Old Material For New Cells

Your cell went to create a new cell but you just ate that microwave popcorn. Did you know it was soaked in trans fats?  Or that can of frosting you just ate by the spoonful. So many packaged foods have plastic fats. They do not even have to list them in the ingredients if the per serving falls under a certain percentage.


Many companies change the serving size to keep this from being listed.

So your body needed the new cells but it had to pull from the plastic fat. When the cell has plastic fat for the cell wall it does not send out the communication to other cells. Once the cell becomes hungry your body responds and sends the cell glucose and insulin but the cell made with plastic trans fats cannot receive the glucose and insulin. It cannot penetrate the wall of the cell.  So the cell sends the signal again that it is hungry. The body sends more glucose and insulin. Eventually, the cell is flooded with insulin and glucose that cannot go into the cell because of the plastic wall.

So the glucose gets stored as fat and the insulin washing through your body creates type Insulin resistance that leads to Type 2 Diabetes. Do you see the problem with a plastic cell wall? It is almost as bad as plastic shoes!! Wait, perspective, it is worse than plastic shoes. I know, I know, not much is worse than plastic shoes.

Your Brain on Plastic Fats

Your brain needs fat to function. When plastic fats are available your brain is not able to uptake crucial neurotransmitters like serotonin. Causing depression issues because of that cell wall having to be made from plastic fat.

All or Nothing

So is there a difference from natural trans fats compared to man-made trans fats? Yes, your body is able to produce a healthy cell with a natural trans fat found in the following so make sure not to throw out all of them. natural versus synthetic is different.

Healthy Fats




coconut oil


extra virgin olive oil


mct oil

dark chocolate

full fat dairy

Which is your favorite from the above list?

Remember not all the foods listed will be a good fit for everyone.

Synthetic Trans Fats







microwave popcorn

cream filled candies


fried fast food

 frozen pizzas

bottled salad dressings

 Making sure you are eating healthy fats is crucial for this journey of health.

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  1. Just curious, where do lard and tallow fall if they’ve been sourced from healthy well fed animals? I use them to roast my veggies and things that need higher temperatures.

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  2. This is fascinating! When I was healing from my TBI I was counseled to eat a lot of healthy fat and now I understand why! Thank you for teaching me ❤️

  3. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I love all those healthy fats and can easily incorporate those in my diet.
    The plastic fats were a bit of a wake up call. I can certainly let some of those go without a second thought. Have you ever used coconut oil in pie crust instead of Crisco?

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  4. This is so interesting. I have just learned — while exploring methods of maintaining and improving brain health to avoid dementia — that one of the reasons babies are often born fat and/or quickly become fat is that healthy fat is require for brain development! Amazing! It is also needed especially in later years for healthy brains. THANK YOU Kristen. Important info here!

  5. Wow 😲
    Talk about eye 👁👁 opening! I actually have crisco sticks in my pantry as I type 👩🏼‍💻this (along with a few other items on that list📝). Time⏰ to clear out the pantry and fridge!

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