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There are simply three types of people when it comes to magnesium.

  1. take it orally enjoy the short term benefits and never look at the damage that is done to digestion because they will deal with that when it becomes a massive issue. These are also the people who do not care about cell saturation. They are short term haul kind of people.
  2. those who do not care about their health and wait until it crashes
  3. those like you that research and want to build a strong foundation so that they are healthy today and in 20 years from now( I am in this category)

So come on tell me. What category are you?

For those like you and I who are invested in the long term and do not buy into short term fixes there is the 30 day magnesium challenge

It is actually a really simple way to increase your chances of being at cell saturation

5 simple steps for the 30 day challenge

Pick your day to start

buy your magnesium

pick your bowl

Celebrate like crazy that you invested in your health and that you kicked into action

Now here is what will usually kick in.

The pattern of perfectionism. Your mind will kick in and say but you do not have 30 days to soak every day (this is also called time poverty)this is happening or aunt mary is getting married and you know you will not have time. Not to worry. Your goal will be to soak 70% of those days. We do not have to be perfect to be healthy.

The next question is usually how long do I need to soak the answer 20-45 minutes. In 20 minutes most people have actually utilized about 80 percent of the magnesium. In 45 minutes most people have utilized about 98 percent of the magnesium. So after 45 minutes very little uptake is happening.

Then you will wonder about water. After extensive testing we found temperature of water only made a difference in the comfort of the soak and not in the uptake.

Then many people will wonder if they can soak in the bath tub. That is how I get mine in because I love the ritual of a long hot bath. If you are not a bath person though no worries just soak your feet and your lymph system will do the work for you and uptake just as much as those of us that sit in the tub.

33 thoughts on “Magnesium Challenge In 30 days

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  2. Hi Kristen,
    Started the 30 day soak 4 days ago. Been soaking in the evening. Noticed I’m not sleeping as well. Thinking it may be giving me a little energy boost. Do you recommend soaking in the morning instead?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi jill,
      Yes , this can happen when adrenals get wired and tired. So soaking in the morning can be a better fit. Also making sure you are getting enough potassium, the goal is 4700 milligrams a day.

  3. Received my Magnesium jug today!!! Excited to start 30 day challenge. I am currently soaking right now- will do 45 mins. Excited to post results. Keeping daily journal to note changes

  4. I put my feet in the soak and my left foot started hurting terribly—I am assuming it’s a really bad Charlie horse but it won’t go away. I never get Charlie horses in my feet and I think I’ve only had 2-3 total Charlie horses in my life. Is the cramping due to lowering potassium ? Can magnesium soaks cause these?

    1. Hi Buffy, usually cramping is due to a potassium issue. Spend a couple of days getting your potassium up to 4700 a day and then soak. The other thing it can be is synthetic calcium being broken up.

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  6. Where can I buy the liquid magnesium?

  7. I started the 30 day challenge following Kristen’s presentation in Sandy Utah. I have felt unusually tired. Is that normal with soaking?

    1. Jenny
      When the adrenals are super tired we need to boost them as they drop potassium when they start to get so excited about getting the magnesium they need. Start by adding 1/2 tsp of baking soda in water and drinking. If that does not bring you out of it try this drink to boost adrenals.

  8. I’m like 3 weeks pregnant and would like to know if its good for me to start the 30 day challenge if it will hurt the baby or not

    1. Hi Trisha,
      That is one of THE BEST times to start. AS that babies magnesium levels are dependent on what your magnesium levels are. Acid reflux is magnesium deficiency. So a great time to start.

  9. Please give me a suggestion for the “bowl” I should use.

    1. My husband uses a casserole dish, a crock pot insert, a glass mixing bowl or even a stainless steel dog dish. hth

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  12. What type of magnesium should I use and what’s a good source

    1. I love my transdermal magnesium.

  13. I have begun a 30 day foot soak program (before I found this site), but I’ve been doing a 1/2 cup of Epsom salts, 1/4 cup of baking soda and some drops of lavender oil. Based on what I read above, should I reduce the Epsom salts amount to a 1/4 cup? Also, will including the baking soda in the soak cause any conflicts with absorption of the magnesium? Any other suggestions or recommendations? Thank you! CD

    1. We love adding baking soda and Epsom salts to a magnesium soak. The reason for both is on their own Epsom salts cannot get you to cell saturation. Magnesium chloride does not have sulphates and they assist with the uptake of the magnesium. The baking soda does also. I personally never use essential oils with magnesium as it is a salt and can react with the oil after time leaving people unable to use the essential oil.

    2. Amounts are approximate and the levels you are using are great.

  14. Is there an age you recommend starting this or is it good for kids too?

    1. Hopefully mom soaked in magnesium during the pregnancy then the day they are born start using the lotion. Once you can convince them to sit and chill for a bit they can do the soaks or you can add it to their bathtime routine.


    1. Magnesium can shine the light on what is not working in your body. Try adding 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to 1/4 cup of water and change the ph of your body. So far it always chases those symptoms away.

    2. Hi Jalene,
      When adrenals have really been pushed hard the magnesium can shine the light on what you are needing. When this happens we typically see people feeling better when they add 1.2 teaspoon of baking soda to 1/4 cup of water and drinking it. Baking soda is a co-factor of magnesium and helps bring the body in a better ph.

  16. Annette,
    Make sure to use the #getsoaked to enter to win a 64 ounce jug. You can go to Instagram or Facebook and post to enter. Then you could soak and do the #mag30challenge

  17. Today I received a small sample spray bottle of Magnesium at the opening of Lee’s Grocery Store in North Salt Lake, Ut. I am not sure how to use it. Is it to be used topically or orally? There isn’t enough for a soak, as advised on your site… Thanks, in advance, for giving more precise directions.

    1. Hi Annette,
      We gave out spray bottle samples to be sprayed on your skin. It is a great travel size that I keep with me on the road in case a muscle tightens up or cramps. Soaking in magnesium will take you to cell saturation. Wouldn’t that be awesome if I could have given away jugs so everyone could have soaked. We opted to do sample spray bottles so people could experience the benefit of relation on a sore muscle. Spray right on the area. If it tingles it is an indication that you are low in magnesium.

      1. Thanks so much for the quick response! Can’t wait to try it!

  18. You do not state how much water and how much Magnesium!!
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Grace,
      The amount of water does not matter but
      we recommend 1/4 cup of magnesium per soaking session.

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