Magnesium During Pregnancy


Should we call these quick questions of the day? Here’s a question that came in today about magnesium: Is it safe to use while I’m pregnant? Oh my goodness, yes! So let’s talk a little bit about magnesium and pregnancy and what it does for the baby.

As the baby comes down the birth canal, that head needs to tuck in to make that transition. How far it can tuck in depends on the levels of mom’s magnesium that she can give to the baby. Acid reflux in a baby was magnesium deficiency in the Mama. A healthy liver in a baby is directly related to magnesium levels in the Momma.

So when we take a pregnant woman and she soaks, we’re getting 2-for-1! We are getting magnesium levels up in mom, and we’re getting magnesium levels up in the baby. It is absolutely critical to go into that labor and delivery with cell saturation because when you do, your body is able to relax and have an easier transition to bring that baby into this world.

Is magnesium ok for pregnant Mamas? Yes! Is it mandatory? Yes, and my goal is to just keep talking about it from the top of the mountains so that everybody knows how important magnesium really is. Not just for children, not just for moms, but especially for pregnant moms.

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