Meet the Team

My name is Kristen Bowen and I am the founder of LTGLN

Sitting in a wheelchair, having daily seizures, losing my hair and being fed through tubes was finally enough to wake me up to making some changes in my life. I wake up every morning grinning because my clients are crushing it at a pace that blows my mind and it helps me remember that everything that happened to me now serves as my greatest gift to help people tap into their health with ease and grace. This is more than a job to me. It is my mission to touch as many people as I can to cut the overwhelm we all experience when it comes to creating the very best day we have ever lived.


Our warehouse manager and maker of all the things. She keeps this show running smoothly and is the reason we have so many incredible skincare products. Her two cats (Mycroft and Odette), ancient doggo (Ella), and 21 year old bff/sister (Hannah, see bio below) are the main joys of her life. She has traveled all over, trained at culinary school, taught in China, sings like an angel, (among countless other hobbies/talents) and never ceases to make everyone around her feel loved and welcome.


Our resident Dutch immigrant and we we are SO glad she decided to move to the United States to raise her family because we would be absolutely lost without her. She makes sure products are made, cleaned, labeled, and shipped with care. She keeps everything so clean and organized we don’t know how to function when she’s on vacation or spending time with her three cute kiddos and husband.


Currently at Utah State University studying Communications with an emphasis in marketing. She cuts her hair way too often and enjoys ice cream more than the average joe. Her duties at Living The Good Life include running the retail shop, social media, marketing, and any strange errands that are required of her. If you need a good assortment of bad dance moves, she’s your girl.


Right now she is going to school at Utah State University and you can usually find her with her dog, hiking some new found trail, watching Netflix documentaries, or being straight-up adorable all the time. She works in the retail shop so you can stop by and say ‘hi’ if you need to see a friendly smile.


Taylor runs our Core 7 program and occasionally moonlights as a photographer and graphic designer. She is a talented artist and illustrator and has had her work published in children’s books and various graphics. You can find her hanging out with her darling puppy or singing and acting her guts out in local theatre performances.