My name is Kristen Bowen and I am the founder of LTGLN

Sitting in a wheelchair, having daily seizures, losing my hair and being fed through tubes was finally enough to wake me up to making some changes in my life. I wake up every morning grinning because my clients are crushing it at a pace that blows my mind and it helps me remember that everything that happened to me now serves as my greatest gift to help people tap into their health with ease and grace. This is more than a job to me. It is my mission to touch as many people as I can to cut the overwhelm we all experience when it comes to creating the very best day we have ever lived.

Hi! My name is Whitney Forbush

I’m a state licensed cosmetologist & basic esthetician. I’m married to my sweetheart & together we have 5 cat children. Yes 5. Judge me. I’m constantly looking for my new favorite ice cream flavor and insist that I visit at least one ice cream shop wherever I travel. I work in the shop as well as behind the scenes at Living the Good Life Naturally. Creativity is my leading quality! I’m always finding new inspiration in everything! I try my very best to take team visions & put it into physical form whether it be photos, labels, hair and makeup applications here and there, & even some interior decorating.

I am Angie.

I love birthdays, felines and unrestricted sneezes. Let that thing FREE! Vinn (my only cat) and I love to share car rides and our daily coconut oil. I find fulfillment with capturing and following through tasks to help our big dreams come alive! And yes, I also do our magical stop motion videos. My role at the shop is a perfect companion to my other role as a Doula. I am passionate about birth and what a positive birth experience can do for a mother, her new child and family.