Playlist: Get me dancing!

Big huge double triple thanks to our More Money Now 30 Day Challenge class for helping us put this playlist together. Moving your body moves your emotional and physical blocks. Money is all around you, we want you to step into the flow with some dancing. Below are some of the break throughs those in this class have experienced.
I am choosing to celebrate for others with gratitude.
Embrace & send love and gratitude to the negative/jealous feelings.
Tap into power of movement and celebration.
Love on it!
I am capable of feeling ALL my feelings so I can choose something new.
Recognize broken patterns and love on them.
Don’t push the feelings down embrace them so they don’t drive you.
Physically recognize where the emotion is coming from.
Tap into the power of celebrating for others.
I am creating a strong mind-body connection.
Is this mine to take on?
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5 Comments on “Playlist: Get me dancing!”

  1. Oh my goodness, great songs! Thanks for sharing! David covered Scars to your Beautiful in his concerts after a beautiful talk to the young ladies about what he thinks true beauty is. Love both versions now.

  2. Kristen, you are so cute on your Facebook live about dancing. I emailed you some links of David’s music if interested. You’ll still be my friend if they are not added ❤ Btw, I not only gave him your lip balm, but some lotion too! ? love, Roxanne

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