Podcast: Creating Power Moments


Are you creating power moments? If you want to be healthy, you need to start creating power moments. Here’s a quick overview of how to figure out what your power moments are. I want you to look back over the last week, when were those moments, you know, those moments, that you just felt like you could conquer the world? That’s what you need to identify and then make sure you’re creating them more often.

For example, one of my power moments is getting my hair don. A good hair day, and I just feel like I can conquer the world. I started, oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m even telling you this, I love it though. Okay, so here it goes, standing out of shame. It’s something I do for myself. It is a little frivolous, it works though, and I get so much more done. Typically the only time I go to the hair dresser is when I need a color touch up, or a hair cut, well now I’ve started going just to get my hair done. Why? It’s a little bit of pampering and it creates a power moment, and I get so much more done that day. Now, your power moments may not be what my power moments are. I just want you just discovering what your power moments are.

Another power moment, for me, is going to bed with everything picked up and wiped up. When I wake up in the morning to order, I have a power moment, and feel like, “Oh, I can move forward with this day.” Go back, when were your power moments? Some of mine are a clean, ordered home, when I wake up in the morning, getting my hair done, getting my nails done, after a beautiful hike and I’ve come back down off that mountain, and I just feel like the world is mine, clarity is there, and I know the pathway that I need to work on for that day. Hiking is definitely one of my power moments. Now I use to be a crossfit girl. I loved crossfit. Until I blew my knees. That moment after a hard workout that I didn’t think I could accomplish that, and I did, that endorphin rush, that’s a power moment for me. I’m more respectful to my body now, crossfit isn’t a good fit for me, now if it’s a good fit for you, hallelujah, that’s awesome, it just isn’t for me.

Finding exercise that is a good fit for my body and then doing it, creates a power moment. Being really connected with my husband, knowing that he’s got my back, that’s a power moment for me. Teaching a class and bringing a group of women together are united in their purpose and their vision is a long ending source of power moments for me. Because on those days that I feel alone, and discouraged, and I can’t do it, and I just want to give up, I think of all those women that were in that room, and that they wanted the same thing for their families, and lives, that I want. I realize and I remember I’m not alone. Those are continual power moments for me.

Now one of the things I really want you to understand about power moments is this, I use to always get a power moment, power surge, a power month, the beginning of January. I would get so motivated, oh my gosh, this was going to be my best year ever, blah, blah, blah. Literally it would just … the feelings would just pulse through me. I’d feel so excited and so motivated, nothing was going to stop me. Then about 21 to 30 days in, I was right back on the regular thing. I loved feeling so empowered though. I loved feeling so excited. I realized something about myself. Putting this into place has drastically changed my health. That is, I was waiting for the world to tell me that it was time to get excited about my health, that I could do it. That there was a plan. I was waiting for the world to give that to me.

I’ve switched that around now. I create that on the inside and push it out. Imagine you can see me right now moving my hands while I talk. The first way the world was pushing in on me, and I’m literally, my hands are up in the air, and I’m collapsing them down on my heart. The second way, my hands are on my heart, and I am generating the energy. I am the one that is so powerful that I can create that, and I’m pushing that from my heart out to the world. Making that simple change changed my life. Because I don’t have to wait for January for the world to tell and for everyone to jump on the bandwagon and fill the gyms for 21 to 30 days, that it’s time to get healthy. I create that every morning.

It’s so simple. It’s so simple to create it. I want to share with you how I do it. Are you ready? Okay, oh I’m excited. My nieces. Oh my goodness, I love my nieces. I was around them when they were little girls and I remember being a really self centered teenager, and falling in love with these little babies that crawled, and loved you, and patted your cheeks. It was the first time that I started thinking about somebody else. I fell in love with them. I loved to watch them play. I loved to watch them interact and see their personalities. One thing they all had in common when they were little was when they would to play, they would ask each other, “Are you ready?” I do that. I follow their example when they were little girls. I’ll ask myself, “Kristen are you ready?” Because literally is what they were doing as little girls is they were changing their brain patterns.

They were asking, “Are you ready to create the momentum? Are you ready to create that place of imagination where anything can happen?” Oh sorry, sorry. “Are you ready to step into your potential? Are you ready to create action steps for the dreams? Are you ready to be powerful? Are you ready to be the person that you were meant to be?” Every single morning as a part of my morning routine. I ask myself, Kristen are you ready?” My answer is a resounding yes. I am ready. Because I recognize how powerful I really am. Now sometimes, here’s where the disconnect can happen, in that do you have a lot on your plate? Do you have a lot of responsibilities, a lot of things that you need to do? Well if you do, and if your answer to that was yes, why would you want to take on more responsibility if you already feel overwhelmed? This is a massive disconnect for women. Because to become healthy we need to take more personal responsibility for our health. With that responsibility comes power when we take it back.

It can feel a little overwhelming. It’s okay, embrace the overwhelm, say, “Oh my gosh, I’m so overwhelmed right now that I’m actually in charge of generating energy internally. I’m not waiting for someone to hand me the help. I’m not waiting for a supplement to make me healthy. I’m creating health internally. It can be overwhelming and feel like a lot of responsibility to take that back. I’ve been there, I know. I promise you though, lean into the overwhelm, embrace it, be okay with it. Because ultimately you will never achieve the help that you’ve been dreaming of if you’re not willing to take on more responsibility. With more responsibility comes the opportunity to stand in that powerful place. Every morning I make that choice and I say to myself, “Kristen, are you ready?” My answer is yes.

I hope you’ll join me. I hope you do. I hope you’re ready too, not perfectly, I hope you’re ready on the overwhelmed days, on the tired days, on the not so good days, on the beautiful days, and on the days that you want health. I want it everyday, so join me. Are you ready?

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