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We are talking simple ways to decrease inflammation. How do you know you have inflammation? If you have pain. So here’s where I’m at. A lot of these things I’m already doing and my pain increased. So listen to the end and we’ll talk about those solutions that we can take control of our bodies and bring that pain or inflammation down.

So, number one. If someone is experiencing pain, go gluten free. I’m not saying that you’re gluten intolerant. I’m not saying that you have Celiac disease. I am saying that when people go gluten free, it reduces their inflammation. You just can’t mess with a food that many times and not have it cause triggers in your body. Now the next thing that we need to do is up your magnesium levels. Have you heard me talk about magnesium before? Because magnesium is crucial in managing that inflammation. Another layer is boron. Have you heard about boron? It’s a mineral. It’s crucial. It is one of those things that does so many things that we could just spend hours. So quickly, it helps hold magnesium in your cell. So investing in some boron will help you hold on to your magnesium. And it also regulates your inflammatory process.

Boron is becoming deficient in our soils. In fact it’s so interesting as you look studies in different places, arthritis is determined … The levels of arthritis in a culture is determined by the boron in their soils. The higher the boron, the less the arthritis. All over the world that patter holds very strong. And countries that don’t have a strong boron presence have as much as 20 to 70% higher arthritis issues. Now is boron the only trigger with arthritis? Absolutely not. But it’s a big one. So getting boron in is crucial. But guess what? I’ve done all those things. I am gluten free because I’m Celiac, and I take boron every single day. And this last week I have had a horrific, horrific arthritis flare. So I want to dig a little bit deeper into other things that we can do to decrease that inflammation. And that is … That pain was talking to me. It was feedback from my body that something was off.

And so as I started journaling and writing and evaluating, I realized what it was. It was my stress levels. They went through the roof. So remember, there is no supplement, there is no food, there is no diet, there is no exercise program that will offset the effects of high cortisol. This last week I just fell prey. Some big decisions and where my business is going, and they’re massive and they’re big, and I let it eat me alive. And I walked away from doing a couple of things that naturally help my body fight inflammation. And one of those is my simple homemade sauna. Oh my gosh. I was so busy, so busy running, living the good life naturally, and making all these big old decisions, that I quit doing my sauna. That sauna will put you in rest and renew.

So there’s fight or flight, and there’s rest and renew. And there’s only two places you can be when it comes to healing. And it doesn’t matter what you’re doing for your body if you’re in fight or flight. So even though I was doing all of these good things for my body, my stress levels were putting me in fight or flight. A sauna can walk you away from that. Now I’ll put in the show notes the link to a homemade version that is wonderful. And I was saving up for this really expensive sauna, total reconstruction on my 1908 bathroom to make it fit. In total was going to be about $20,000. This little sauna was about $50 and I love it, and it works, and it’s amazing. So we’ll put that in the show notes. So if you’re someone who struggles with pain, recognize that pain is caused by being in fight or flight too much. The very pain puts us in fight or flight, and so we have to walk out of it. And the sauna can do that.

Now here’s the other thing that came up for me while I was journaling. I have always had a love hate relationship with corn in the fact that I crave corn. Like popcorn. Oh my goodness, be still my soul. I love it. I love corn. I love it. I know that I do better without corn. Now about, it was about two years ago that I really started on this parasite journey and releasing these massive parasites, and I realize that corn was a massive trigger to feed the parasites. And so I backed away from corn. And then I got the parasites managed and a really beautiful balance there. And I love corn. I love corn tortillas. And I added some corn back in because my body was handling it. And I added just a little bit. Not very often. But I handled it and I was like, “Yes. Yes. This is fabulous.” And then I added just a little bit more and I handled it. “Yes. Yes. This is so awesome.” And then a little bit more, and the pattern was the same. A little bit more, and I hit the tipping point.

I was back to eating corn four to five times a week and my body can’t handle that much corn. Now I don’t know if corn is a trigger food for you. If you have autoimmune and you have arthritis, it probably is. It is for most people. But you do need to determine what those trigger foods are. Corn is my trigger food, and I’ve been eating a lot of fish tacos which means they’re wrapped in corn tortillas. And so I realized I need to back off of those to decrease this inflammation. So let’s talk about the seven foods that are the highest inflammatory triggers that, if you’re in pain can be aggravating and keeping you in pain. So we talked about gluten. We have talked about dairy. Soy, eggs. We talked about corn. Peanuts, sugar and other artificial sweeteners.

So you have to become the CEO of your body. You are the big boss lady of your body and you have got to determine which of those foods are aggravating you. Which of those foods are increasing your inflammation? So for me it’s corn. I am gluten free, I will always be gluten free. I take my magnesium, I take my boron. Those numbers are right where they need to be. But adding back in that trigger food isn’t enough to walk me away from the pain. So if you’re in pain, I hope your motivated to go find your trigger food because I’m less … I’m just a little bit over 24 hours with no corn, I can already tell a difference. So let’s go over those trigger foods. I’ll list them one more time. Gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, corn, peanuts, sugar, and sugar substitutes.

And here’s the other thing that I just realized as I was going over that list, there are these little drinks, oh you get them at like the health food store, so they should be healthy for you right? Wrong. They’re called hints, or flavors, or something, and they have just a hint of watermelon. Or just a hint of blackberry. I love them. They have natural flavorings. Natural flavorings can be comprised of over 300 different chemicals. I’ve been drinking those. That’s another trigger. Oh my goodness. So I’m really glad for this podcast because I realize I need to drop those too. I don’t like waking up in pain. Pain walks me away from my potential. Pain sucks at the very essence of who you are at your soul. And I like being pain free. And so I’m celebrating that I discovered it was the corn and those hint drinks that were really flagging my inflammation and putting me into more pain.

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    Thank you so much for the work you are doing in sharing your journey with us❣

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