Podcast: Gelatin, my mandatory superfood.

Bovine Gelatin 

Oh, you’re going to love this one. Well, I think you will. Well, let me say this. I’ll love it and I do love it because it’s simple and easy and that’s what I like. I think it’s easier to add things to your life than take things away. We’re talking gelatin. It helps sleep. It helps hormones. It helps energy. It helps adrenals. It helps brain function. It helps joints. Wow! It does so many things.


Now, I have a very specific way, though, that I see gelatin making a difference, in that I know there’s great recipes, and any time you get gelatin in that’s good. I don’t see the gelatin little cubey jiggler-like things making that much of a difference, though, when it comes to all of those things that I listed. Is what I do see is when you’re drinking it in liquid form that it really starts to make that difference.


I take my gelatin any time I have broth. I boost it with gelatin. Any time that I drink Crio Bru, which is basically every morning, I boost it with gelatin. Gelatin absorbs xenoestrogens, therefore making it a huge boost to your hormones. It supports joints for those of you that are like me and are working on arthritis-like symptoms. It helps heal and seal the gut, so you uptake nutrients better from your food, and that’s what helps you to sleep better. The gelatin actually helps heal your gut so that you can tap into that melatonin that your body needs to relax.


But did you know gelatin supports thyroid. Any time we do anything for adrenals, we’re opening up the door to help our thyroid to be better, because that was the first door that broke down. Gelatin is so good to support adrenals because adrenals sit in gelatin, and as we get older, our gelatin and collagen starts to break down, and so adding it is just a dang super food. Really helps with brain function. I love what it does for my brain.


You have to find your spot, though. I personally want the least amount for the most amount of benefit. The least amount of product or food for the most amount of benefit. Now there for a while, when my health was really crashed, I was taking three scoops a day at separate times. I have noticed more than a scoop doesn’t really make a difference at the same time. It’s almost like it’s too much for your body to uptake. Now, I only need one scoop a day for the same benefit because I’m so much healthier because I paid the price and added lots of layers to get me where I’m at today.


Really play with your gelatin intake. How much does your body need. You’ll tell a difference in your nails, in your skin. It really supports nails and skin. Now for those of you losing your hair, this can be a real trigger. Seriously, I could have seizures in public and urinate in public, and I cried over losing my hair. I know, I know. A little backwards. It was traumatic, though, to lose my hair. Gelatin can be a huge layer for those of you who are losing your hair because adrenals are almost always a part of that.


The other thing gelatin does is it boosts liver function. Any time you boost liver function, everything gets better. Do you see what a super food it is? It’s amazing. I do have a very specific brand that I like. It’s the Perfect brand. I used to say Great Lakes, but Perfect brand has a better amino acid profile, and so right now currently, I’m using the Perfect. And we’ll throw up a link in the show notes for this brand of gelatin. Getting it in drinkable form makes such a difference also. You can’t even taste it.


I do have a little trick for how I use it, and that is, I put a scoop of gelatin with about two scoops of water, so a couple tablespoons of water, cold, and I mix that and it congeals. Then I put that little ball of super food goodness into whatever hot drink that I’m drinking. Now the reason that I do that is it has a little bit of a different mouth consistency, a mouth feel, if you don’t do that. Some of my kids don’t need me to do that. They can’t tell if it’s in there or not. Others are like me and they can tell. It’s worth that little bit of extra effort for me to make sure I’ve mixed it in cold water and then plopped it into the hot water.


You do want to be careful. For example, my Crio gets really, really hot while I’m infusing it into the water through the French press. I wait until the very end and I’m protecting that amino acid profile from the heat and I’m putting the gelatin in at the very end. You do have to make sure that you drink it while it’s warm, or else it will start to set up and you’ll need a spoon to eat your gelatin. But even if you eat it that way, it’s still an amazing food. It’s a super food.


Have you added it yet? I’d love to hear. Let me know. Tell me. Has it made a difference for you? A lot of the people it does. And boy, the more we can layer and get you feeling better, the faster you can wake up feeling amazing, and my belief is that when you have a woman who wakes up feeling amazing, she lifts all the people around her and changes the world. We need more women doing that. Lean in. Add something today.


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