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Feel the energy. Get empowered. Learn the secrets of natural health and vitality, and put your life into hyper drive. My name is Kristen Bowen, and I am the founder of Living the Good Life Naturally. And there’s a little disclaimer today, before we start, because this podcast is going to be a little harsh; it might hit home. Remember, it’s said with love; not pointing a finger, but recognizing a pattern in my own life that might apply to you. Did you know that you nagging other people, specifically husbands, boyfriends, children, is actually making you more tired? It’s leaking your energy. I am convinced, after working with thousands of women, that we are creating more energy that we don’t access and tap into because of our thoughts and our patterns. And we can help you tap into that energy if you’ll start paying attention to your thoughts and your patterns.


Now, face it; nagging doesn’t work. Because, if it did, we would all have perfect husbands. Culturally, as women, we have bought into this belief that nagging works. But, I want to throw something else out to you for you to think, and to process, and determine if it’s a good fit for you. And that is, when you are nagging, you’re actually overwhelmed about your own life, and walking away from being 100% accountable for yourself; and so, you’re getting into other peoples’ lives, trying to fix them. Think about it. 100% accountability creates incredible health without changing your foods and your supplements.


Now, are foods and supplements important? Absolutely, they are. But, we start with mindset. When you are nagging, you’re walking away from your own accountability for what you need to be doing. After raising those six beautiful babies, and launching those six amazing children, and having seven beautiful grandchildren, one of the things I’ve recognized in looking back is those people that I love, those people that drive me, those people that I want to be connected with, and want to have beautiful, deep relationships; they are 100% more inspired when I’m living the thing I’m nagging them about. Do you nag your husband about eating healthy? How healthy are you eating? Do you nag your husband about more order picking up his socks? Where do you need more order in your life? In fact, I think the nagging might even be a reflection of the very thing that you need to do yourself, and you leaked it, and projected it on someone else instead of stepping into 100% accountability.


So, the next time you have the desire to nag, ask yourself, “Is this about them? Or, is this about me?” I’ve found personally, for me, and my clients, and those people that are willing to accept 100% accountability, that the nagging is really a reflection of what they need to do. And if you’ll take that nagging thought, you’ll turn it around, and ask yourself, “Where do I need to clean that up in my life?” Your family just might like hanging around you a little bit more, you’ll be more deeply connected to them … Because, think about it, do you like to hang around people that nag? No! Then, why do we do it? Because it’s a way to walk away from accountability when we feel overwhelmed. And someone who is overwhelmed is leaking their energy. Someone who is overwhelmed doesn’t want to take on 100% accountability. But, I promise you, by taking it on, you’ll start living those very things you’ve always wanted and dreamed of. It’s a life-changing difference.


So, join me over here at Living the Good Life Naturally. 100% accountability. No more nagging. And, when the thought comes up, take the nagging thought, turn it towards yourself, and ask yourself kindly, and with love, “Where do I need to eat healthier? Where do I need to create more order?” And you just might find a little burst of energy that starts happening in your life that’ll change your world. And, when that happens, then, you start waking up in the morning ready to start your day and serve those people that you’re meant to serve, and make a difference in the world. And it’s a good feeling.


So, come on; join me. What are you waiting for? Thanks for listening to this podcast. If you’ve been listening … Before the podcast, it was a radio show for seven years, and now we’ve switched it over to a podcast. I would love it if you could leave a review if you’ve ever enjoyed or learned anything from what I’ve done. You see, we have a goal. We want to get in the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes on their podcasts. And I need your help. So, if you love Living the Good Life Naturally, and moving forward, and creating clarity; help me by leaving a review of this podcast, and let’s see if we can do it together. Until then, start living the good life naturally.


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12 thoughts on “Podcast: Stay Away From Nagging

  1. Love this nugget of truth! Thank you for loving us enough to shoot it straight!

    1. We will call ourselves the straight shooters. ???

  2. Thank you for your kind and loving words!! It is sad when we project onto the ones we love the most. My husband and I recognized we have both done this lately and agreed to work on it. We try not to nag each other, just discuss things. I feel blessed to have a loving husband that understands me 😉 It has taken years of working on this very subject 😉

    1. Hooray for awesome husbands!

  3. Thanks for adding help to achieve my WHY! My family! Better relationships ! To myself and my darling loved ones!

    1. I cannot say I am motivated enough to not need external motivation. Mine is my family and promises I have made. ?

  4. Wow!!! Kristen I love starting my day with inspiration. This was a shock of truth to my soul. Thank you for teaching and giving me steps to improve!

  5. Thank you for this deeper perspective. I feell God meant for me to hear this.

  6. Oh wow! I’d never thought about it this way before, but man, is it true! Accountability is what I need to focus on for sure. My husband will surely be grateful for your wise words 🙂

    1. I wish I could say it never comes from my mouth anymore. The best part is it is so much easier to inspire my family when not nagging them. My husband says Life is much better since I realized he real cost of nagging. ???

  7. Thanks for the great advice.

    1. Isn’t it crazy how easy it is to fall into patterns that really do not help even though we think they do.

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