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Stored Vitamin D

Have you heard about vitamin D? I bet you have. There are so many things to learn about vitamin D. This is why I’m absolutely opposed to synthetic vitamin D. Let me clarify what synthetic vitamin D is. Synthetic vitamin D is a supplement, whether it’s D2 or D3 or liquid or pill form or put into food. That is synthetic vitamin D.


We know how important vitamin D is. Every single cell has a receptor, I think of the receptor site like a keyhole that you put the key in and the vitamin D is the key that opens up the keyhole to open up all the good stuff happen in the cell. That’s crucial. So when we realized how important that vitamin D is, we thought, “Oh, we’re really smart. Let’s make vitamin D supplement.” Well, that vitamin D supplement isn’t as smart as the sunshine. We haven’t figured out how to put sunshine in a bottle, because even though it’s a vitamin D3 and it’s from a real source, it has to go through a synthetic process.


And so what happens in your body when you take it, is it goes to that receptor but remember sunshine opens up the cell, puts the key in and opens it, synthetic vitamin D only sits in the receptor of the keyhole. It sits there like sludge, it doesn’t open it. And synthetic vitamin D, whether it’s pill form or liquid form, can only move your stored vitamin D. So we have stored vitamin D and active vitamin D, and in the show notes I’ll put the two tests to test that, because in my opinion it’s crucial that you know each number, because we don’t want your stored to get higher than your active. If it does, it slows down healing, it aggravates autoimmune, it increases pain.


We need to know where’s your stored and where’s your active. Then, the other ratio that we want going on, is we want your active one and a half to two times what your stored is. It’s really important that you know your stored and your active. Now here’s the kicker, are you ready? Your vitamin D dropped because your magnesium dropped. That’s why your vitamin D dropped, magnesium creates both of those things and helps both of those things to get processed.


Two people can go stand in the sunshine and the person with more magnesium is more effective at building vitamin D than the person with low magnesium. Do you see how we start with magnesium? Magnesium is crucial to your vitamin D status. One of the reasons that August is back to mag, we use the little hashtag #backtomag, is because so many people come in in the winter and they’re just crashed. Their depression has kicked in, their anxiety has kicked in, their energy has dropped.


Right now is the time to be working on that, not waiting until it crashes on you in the winter. You know it’s coming. You know it’s coming. Work now to create what you want later. Soaking in magnesium in August does more for your body than waiting until you’ve crashed, because we have access, most people have access to more sunshine in August than they do in November and December. You add soaking along with more access to sunshine and bam, you’ve got a beautiful combination.


What are you waiting for? Go soak in magnesium and learn about your  You know it’s coming. Become the CEO of your health and know your active and your stored numbers, because you can’t change it unless you know where you’re starting at.


We’ll post in the show notes active, stored, the names of the tests. Remember, you want your active one and a half to two times higher than your stored. A lot of people will ask me, “Kristen, what do you do if you took vitamin D and your stored is really high?” Are you ready for this? Magnesium helps bring that down, and one of my other favorite products, blue green algae by E3Live, it helps to clear up that receptor site in case it’s gummed up with stored vitamin D. It’s kind of grandma wisdom, you can’t put sunshine in a bottle, you have to walk the real path, get outside and get that sunshine.


The more magnesium you have, the more efficiently your body will produce the vitamin D that it needs. Did you know that vitamin D is crucial for strong bones? If you’re working on bone health, you need strong vitamin D patterns but not just stored, you need to know your active too. If you’re like me and depression is a part of your story and your history, you need strong vitamin D. My gosh, maybe you’re like me and we’ve got some autoimmune stuff going on, vitamin D levels are crucial. But not just vitamin D levels, not just stored, and typically we’re just testing for stored. It’s the active we need to know. The ratio of the active to the stored, I’m so excited for you to get on top of this in August with me because August is the month to get your magnesium levels up so you stay strong in the winter time.


Start checking your supplements. How many of the supplements that you take have vitamin D synthetic added? Does your milk? Does your pastries? Does your bread? They’re adding it even in orange juice. You really have to start reading those labels and staying away … Well, I choose to stay away from those synthetic layers of vitamin D, because getting on top of my stored and my active has been a game changer for me.


Now, has it completely annihilated my depression? No, it’s still a part of me, and I’m okay with that. Has it made a day and night difference in managing it? My gosh, absolutely it has, just ask my family what a difference in managing my depression. If you know that you have a little crash coming up in the winter and you don’t do as well, your immune goes down, you get sick all the time, your depression kicks in, your anxiety, your arthritis gets worse, your autoimmune flares, your skin gets worse, your eczema gets worse. It has to do with that stored and active vitamin D. Check out the show notes, we’re going to put the tests. We’ll link to the actual test so that you can know your vitamin D levels and become the CEO of your life.


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