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Kristen: Are you ready to talk mucin and your thyroid? If you’re struggling losing weight, if your hair is thinning or falling out, if you’re tired all the time, if your weight is going on a spare tire, and if the shape of your body is changing you probably have a thyroid issue that isn’t showing up on your blood work. Let’s talk about what it is and what in the heck is happening to your body. So here’s the deal, mucin protects your body in small amounts from friction. Think of mucus, mucin. It’s a glycol protein but when your thyroid isn’t functioning, your body creates too much of it and then we have a problem. Here’s how you’ll know if you have a mucin problem. I want you to go to your deltoid muscle on your forearm. I didn’t know what deltoid was until a couple of years ago. I knew it was a muscle but I didn’t know where it was. It’s on your forearm and I want you to pinch that muscle. You should be able to grab skin over your muscle.

Now a lot of people pinch that and they think that big gap between the pinch of skin is actually muscle, but let me tell you, it’s not. That’s mucin built up in your muscle. You should be able to grab that skin. If you can’t, that’s the first place your body starts depositing mucin. Now the second place, I want you to put your hand right underneath your chin. Are you starting to get a little double chin there? Is your face getting more round? That my friend is mucin from an under functioning thyroid. Now let’s go the next place. Take your hand right at the top of your spine. If that’s starting to get rounded and a little puffy, that is mucin.

Now let’s go to another place. In your thighs, you know right inside of your leg at the top of your thigh? If those touch, that’s a mucin issue. Did you realize that? So now we’re going to talk a little sensitive areas now, are you ready? Clear the room of any men. I don’t know why, but they get uncomfortable talking about some of this stuff sometimes. If your breasts are changing shape and starting to look pendulous, that’s a mucin issue. That means you don’t feel good and your body is pushing so hard. Think of excess mucin like pouring karo syrup in your car’s engine and expecting it to run. It’s not going to and neither is your body if you have excess mucin. Now, here’s the deal, it’s not an overnight fix. We can fix that together. We can do it. I’m here with you. I got you, but it’s not an overnight fix. I don’t see it clearing up until about six months in of solid foundational layers being built upon to clear up that mucin.

Let’s talk about where you need to start, because now you’re like, oh my gosh I have mucin. Do you know I have toddlers come in the shop that you can pinch their little arms, and they already have mucin. Before we talk solutions, can I talk one more thing with you? I want to share this with you. Did you know the levels of fluoride in our tap water are proven to shut down thyroid function? In the early 1920’s, there was a lot of testing done, that showed the levels in our drinking water is actually the level that suppresses thyroid function. If that’s not enough to get you drinking something besides your tap water, I don’t know what will. That level of fluoride is suppressing your thyroid. Suppressing your thyroid means your body goes, oh no, create mucin to protect. In actuality, it’s just slowing you down and making everything not work.

In fact, do you know high blood pressure almost always had a mucin component? What happens is the thyroid stops functioning, the mucin is created, and your body has to work harder to maintain your blood pressure. Therefore whacking it out with high blood pressure. I can’t tell you how many women I’ve worked with, as they clean up their mucin their blood pressure normalizes. It’s pretty incredible. Number one, we need to see where your temperature is at. We’ll put a link in the show notes to my very favorite body temperature thermometer that you take your body temperature with. It’s crucial you do it first thing in the morning. Do it for five days. If you’re cycling, do it on the second day of your period. That will be the most realistic picture of where your temperature is at. We want that temperature between 98.4 and 98.8. If it’s low, your body is producing mucin to protect itself. If it’s high, that’s a whole other podcast.

The majority of people are low. If it’s low and you’ve done that little pinch test on your arm and you’re not grabbing skin, then you know you’ve got mucin. The next thing we need to do is balance hydrochloric acid levels. It’s crucial that we do that. If it’s a small hydrochloric acid issue, we can do that with enzymes, honey, wine vinegar or Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar. If it’s gone further than that, we need to go into a betaine protocol. We need to help the hydrochloric acid so that your body can start breaking down those glycol proteins called excess mucin.

The next thing we need to do is nourish adrenals and thyroid with Living The Good Life Naturally’s adrenal thyroid drink. It’s crucial. It’s got potassium, it’s got micro and macro minerals, enzymes, B vitamins, all the goodness that you need in a one and done drink. We need to start supporting those adrenals. Now the next step that we need to do, is to determine if you’re needing a little thyroid boost with some desiccated thyroid. There’s several ways that you can do that. You can get a prescription from your doctor. I much prefer the Westhroid prescription over armor. You can buy it at over the counter as a thyroid gold. You can work with Dr. Christopher’s herbal pack that he has, that supports thyroid. It just depends on where your thyroid’s at, what you’re needing. We need to add that desiccated thyroid or herbs to get that thyroid functionality up. That’s crucial.

After we’ve got all of those done, we need to make sure that you are walking away from foods that inflame you. For example, nightshades inflame me. Red peppers and spicy peppers, they just cause some inflammation. While I’m working on my mucin, I have to walk away from those foods. Realizing all of this is done with the foundation of a magnesium level at six. It is a minimum of six that we want to maintain it at. Now our goal is between 6.3 and seven. I do see this working and starting to really kick in to clean up that mucin if you hold a solid six on your magnesium level. So are you ready? Join me. This doesn’t happen overnight. Let’s clean up that mucin, let’s get your body working really well and let’s be realistic. It’s not something we’re going to do for a week and then it’s going to clear up. It’s a good six month journey but what a difference it makes and I promise you’re worth it.

You didn’t get where you’re at in six months, but we can get you feeling a lot better in six months, if you won’t give up. If you don’t do the start, stop and overwhelm and starting over. That’s where we get in trouble. If you’d like deeper support of learning how to clear up the mucin, how to build those foundational layers, then come and join me on February 8th, 9th and 10th. I have my three day class. It’s held in Logan, Utah. We have people flying in from all over the place to join us. I do it once year. The cost is $97.00 and we are going to give you the tools to build your foundation strong. When you have a strong foundation, your body’s not creating mucin. So go check it out over at livingthegoodlifenaturally.com. Click on shop, then click on workshops and it will be right there. I want to see you there.

If you’re interested in learning how your body works, understanding that those little swollen puffy knees is a mucin build up in many people. If you want a deeper understanding of that, then you will love my three day class of stop starting over, February 8th, 9th and 10th. I’ll see you there.


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  1. Hi there, I have a big mucin build up in my abdomen from pseudomyxoma peritoneii, appendix cancer. Do you think this would also work for Me? Would it be the same kind of mucin? I also have some deposits..,thighs and my face is round. Many thanks, Vicky

    1. Hi Vicky,
      Mucin is mucin and building a strong foundation with magnesium always makes a difference. Best of luck to you as you rebuild your body after the cancer.It is no easy task and you inspire me that you are out there searching for solutions.

  2. Hi,

    Would you consider doing an online seminar about how to get rid of mucin for hypothyroid patients? I don’t live in the US but I would love to hear more about what you’ve got to say! I would 100% pay for it 🙂

    Your information is great! Thank you.


  3. Kristin, I am recently diagnosed hyperthyroid. Biopsy, ultrasound and blood work support this. No malignancy. I’m seeing my ENT Tues, the 13th. Likely, will ve prescribed something like Synthroid. Sorry, I’ve just read about the class this week! What can you suggest for hyperthyroid? Should Imake appointment to see you?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Marsha,
      Hyperthyroid can throw everything. I no longer do one on one appointments but have focused on the gorup classes. Our next one is coming up on April 21st. Start with magnesium. Get those levels up to 6.3.

  4. Where is the link to the thermometer I should use to test for thyroid issue?

    Is a small amount of coffee with coconut milk ok while clearing up mucin?

    The deltoid is the muscle over the humorous at the shoulder. Is that the forarm area being referenced?

    1. I have found when clearing up mucin the most important factors are strong hydrochloric acid, proper adrenal recovery and a temp. as close to 98.6 as you can get. Then making sure the foods we eat are not creating inflammation. So some would be able to and others not.

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  6. I love your site. I have submitted my email added to get the news letters but I’m not getting them. Is there something else I need to do?

    Thank you ~

    1. Hi Linda,
      Sometimes you need to check your spam folder. Yahoo and hot mail especially. They tend to block us because it is coming from a web based email address. If you used the email that you used here it is yahoo stopping it. Check out that spam filter and see if it is there.

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