Facial Polish


Apply gently to a clean face in an upward and outward motion. Use on face, neck, and chest. For an extra dose of moisture, let sit for 3-5 minutes before rinsing off. But wait! There’s more! Our facial polish is a wonderful step 2 to use once or twice a week. It’s best to use it after our facial bar and before our facial cream and/or cucumber tonic.



Exfoliation and natural caffeine in one? That’s the type of multitasking we’re all about! Did you know caffeine can perk up your skin just as much as it can perk up your mind?! Caffeine has been shown to shrink the tiny blood vessels in your face making your skin appear tighter, smoother. No one has to know you decided to binge watch something on Netflix last night instead of catching a healthy dose of Z’s, after all, who hasn’t done that? Our facial polish is loaded of a finely ground coffee (gentle enough for your face), cocoa butter and vitamin E oil to ensure your face is hydrated and glowing from the inside out. Use this polish as often as needed to slough off those dead skin cells and rejuvenate tired or dry skin. Purely organic and NEVER a trace of parabens or formaldehyde. Handmade in the USA.