My Miracle Tea


Miracle Tea Ingredients:

Holy Thistle, Blessed Thistle, Malva Leaves, Marshmallow Leaves and Roots, Persimmon Leaves, Ginger, Chamomile.

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Whether you are making your first attempt at becoming healthier or you are an athlete trying to get an edge. No matter the goal, the road to health is always a easier journey with My Miracle Tea. It comes down to a simple concept, proper digestion is the key to health. My Miracle Tea is the key to proper digestion.

Long-favored, ancient medicinal herbs form the tea. Malva Leaves soothe the stomach. Holy Thistle and Blessed Thistle promote better functioning of liver and gallbladder. Marshmallow Roots and Leaves aid intestinal disorders, while Persimmon Leaves act as a mild laxative and natural antihistamine. Ginger, a traditional herbal remedy for bloating and diarrhea, and Chamomile, favored for aiding bowel and stomach functions, make My Miracle Tea the perfect, premiere blend to promote and improve optimal functioning of the entire digestive system.

Contents will make one gallon of tea (which will last one to three weeks supply depending on usage).