Dropi Cod Liver Oil- Ginger


Dropi Cod Liver Oil is a raw, gently filtered cod liver oil that contains naturally occurring vitamins A and D (in a healthy ratio), DHA, EPA, and a full spectrum of omega fatty acids. Pure Icelandic, extra virgin cod liver oil, with fresh organic ginger extract. 220ml. Servings per container 44.


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Kristin Mosman
Great stuff

I'm grateful for your careful screening of products, and testing them upon arrival. Good to have products we can truly trust. This one tastes good enough with the ginger that I now just lick it right of my measuring spoon. don't want to waste a drop!

Cathy Porritt
Easy To Down

This cod liver oil is easier to get down due to the added ginger, which helps cut the fish taste. Great natural source for vitamins A and D.

Jean Payne
This is one thing that I won’t be without!

I have better energy, better focus, and more happiness in my life when I take this faithfully. I notice when I miss more than one day in a row. I will also honestly say it made me gag in the beginning. But I got used to it and the benefits far outweigh the gag!!!

Ryan Hansen

I can see and feel the difference this cod liver oil makes!

Mary Ellen Young
Ginger cod liver oil.

At first I wasn’t sure I liked it, but after taking it for over a week I realized I was liking it much better than the regular stuff. Will definitely buy it again!

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