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Lemon Tree Bath Bomb



This tart bath bomb is sure to put some pep in your step. The classic lemon scent is a crowd favorite, and you won’t believe how soft your skin will be after a soak. As always, you can be sure it’s boosted with magnesium.

You’ll feel the difference with our boosted bath bombs. All ingredients are of the highest quality, tested by us in small batches, and are marine life-friendly as well as biodegradable.

We use fair-trade, all-natural Ugandan cocoa butter. Buying this supports the hard-working, inspirational women that use the proceeds to send their girls to school. Thank you for helping change the life of a young girl so she can change the world.

 **Due to supply chain issues, colors may vary. Quality is never compromised. Kristen would drop the product before ever sacrificing the quality of any product. 

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Customer Reviews

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I've had fried chicken that wasn't as greasy

Maybe it's because I was a bath bomb newbie, but I was expecting some scent, some fizz and the benefits of magnesium. Instead I felt like the ducks in the Dawn commercial. And the color was the color of pee when you take vitamins. While I was slipping around in the slime, it occurred to me that I was going to have quite a fun time getting up and out of the tub. I ended up draining the water, climbing gingerly to a kneeling position, grabbing my shampoo off the sink and washing my feet and part of the tub just so I could stand up! I washed and showered using shampoo all over my body to try to cut the grease. I still felt scummy, not clean at all. It was a nice scent and I hope I got some magnesium, but all in all it was one of the worst baths I've had since I was 5 and taking a bath with my younger sister who pooped in the tub. I think there should be some kind of warning about the grease so people don't fall getting in or out of the tub. I love every other product I've tried from LtGLN, but this one was a disappointment.

I am giving you a 5 star review.

1. My husband and I have not laughed that hard all weekend. Thank you for the liver boost.

2. You are an absolute wordsmith.

3. Celebrating your sister does not poop on the tub while you bathe anymore.

4. Hoping your greasy fried chicken was cooked in a healthy cooking oil.

5. And affirming that when you buy a yellow bath bomb it does indeed color the water yellow.

I have issued a refund for both bath-bombs you purchased.

Living the Good Life Naturally

Crossing my fingers you write reviews for the products you enjoyed. I hope they are as funny.

This also helped me realize I cannot please everyone. This is our #1 best selling bath bomb.

Bomb Bath Bomb

This is my favorite bath bomb! My skin feels absolutely amazing every time I use any of the Living the Good Life Naturally bath bombs.

Lana Powell

love your bath bombs


This bath bomb has the loveliest most refreshing scent. Love all the products!! Much more natural beautiful fragrances than I’ve found anywhere else!

Diana McNamara
Lemon tree bath bombs

I so look forward to relaxing with the lemon tree bath bombs. Good ingredients and very soothing.

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