Supporting adrenals for higher level of recovery

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heathy adrenals better recovery


Angie here following up to another blog post The Benefits of Magnesium While Pregnant and the role it plays in the process. Read it, you love it! Birth is fascinating to me, not in a weird I want to watch live youtube surgeries but in a “whoa, like, look what you just did!” kinda way. I choose to look at birth in awe then in ouch. I’m amazed and intrigued in the process and what a powerful opportunity it is for a woman to realize just how feminine yet strong she is. It is beautiful that the female body was designed to do such a thing and come back from it. Pregnancy and birth is so physically and mentally demanding but obviously so rewarding, hello little human! All these wonderful moments are followed up with the recovery.

healthy adrenals better recoveryLets talk recovery, if you haven’t experienced postnatal recovery on a personal level you defiantly have seen it in all its many ranges. On one end you’ve got the bouncing-back-from-birth-like-a-rubber-band mama who you’ve just run into at the grocery store, days, DAYS after the little peanut was born! This is the type of encounter that I walk away wide eyed looking to take refuge in the freezer aisle so that I can pull Facebook up on my phone just to double check the dates she posted those hospital pictures! My heart goes out to the opposite end of the recovery spectrum with the mama who is trying her hardest not to nod off and fall asleep in her hospital bed while chatting with her relatives that came from out of town to visit her and the new baby. Heres a shout out to all the inbetweeners, we know you’re out there! Now give me the secret to that rubber band mom! If we are look at the range of births that generally are the same without any complications, how can one mama drive herself home from the hospital while the other has to be wheeled out a week later? Adrenals, the level of your recovery in any situation is held within the strength of your adrenals. 


  • waking up tired 
  • brain fog
  • hormone imbalance
  • low energy
  • craving salt

You have two of these little adrenal glands, they sit on top of your kidneys and secrete essential hormones, control blood sugar, regulate blood pressure and burn protein and fat. The main purpose of your adrenals is to help you manage stress. They help determine and appropriately balance your body’s responses to all types of stress internally, externally and environmentally. How? Using cortisol. Cortisol, an adrenal hormone regulates those responses to stress. Prolonged levels of high or low cortisol affects sleep, brain, hormones balance and energy. The toll stress takes on our body is a destructive one, it etches into our foundation and keeps us from rest and renew where healing happens. Adrenals need to have a strong foundation. When adrenals are stressed we walk away from our big dreams getting caught up surviving and not connecting and creating! So if our adrenals aren’t sitting pretty then neither are their functions to help us recover. Now, how do we support these lil glands who might be fatigued? 

SUPPORTING ADRENALShealthy adrenals better recovery

  • HEALTHY FAT    Healthy cell walls are created from fat. When a new cell wall is created and doesn’t have new fat to build from it uses older adrenal cells. Coconut oil, omega 3s, fish oils, high fat foods.
  • SALT   Minerals, minerals, minerals! Switching out your bleck table salt with a high mineralized salt will give you minerals you are missing.
  • ACEROLA CHERRY POWDER    Acerola Cherry Powder is a building block to help build collagen. We source ours because of the way its grown, processed and the copper ions found in it.
  • GELATIN      Adrenals sit in gelatin and collagen comes from gelatin. Think of how skin looks as you age, this shows your collagen level. Taut vs Saggy
  • MAGNESIUM    Magnesium gives your adrenals voltage and keeps them relaxed, when those little glands are tight they cant do what they need.