Vitamin D: What You’re Missing

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Vitamin D: What You’re Missing

Here’s the scoop.

I am super worried about your vitamin d status. Truth is, your doctor has probably only been testing for stored levels of vitamin d, and that’s only part of the story. Your body has not only stored levels of vitamin d, but you actually have something called active vitamin d. And trust me, there’s a difference. An imbalance of the two could be the cause of your fatigue, anxiety, hormone imbalance, and a whole slew of other things. Here’s the info you need to asses where you’re at, and some facts to empower your decisions.

Pros + Cons of  Synthetic Vitamin D

Vitamin d3 is the most common supplement most of us are getting, but it’s actually a synthetic form of the nutrient. Once it has been processed into supplement form, it can only become part of your stored vitamin d levels. While you need stored vitamin d for calcium absorption, immune support, and muscle function, our body reacts badly when we have too much. 

For example, synthetic vitamin d (d3) antagonizes the vitamin a in your liver, which starts a downward spiral of functionality.  Vitamin a is crucial for mineral biochemistry. Vitamin a balances oxidative stress in the liver. Without it, you have a liver that ages faster than normal, and won’t be able to keep up with the 500+ functions required to keep your body healthy.

And vitamin a isn’t the only one that suffers. With too much of the stored vitamin d, your body tries to balance the amounts by dropping magnesium and calcium too. In order to allow our body to use all of these nutrients properly, we need to be looking at the full picture of vitamin d: calcidiol and calcitriol.

The Vitamin D Dynamic Duo

Calcitriol vitamin d is the active version.

Calcidiol vitamin d is the stored version

Active vitamin d should not be more than 1.5-2x more than the stored version of vitamin d. The issue is that the stored type of vitamin d is being added to most of our food. From orange juice to your favorite granola bar, the nutrition facts you see aren’t telling the full story. 

Ok, Now What?

So what do we do to fix the overdose that we’re finding in the foods around us?

Vitamin d acts like a key to unlock the cell. Active vitamin d enables the lock to be opened. Stored just sits in the lock. Both are useful! But, if you were using synthetic vitamin d as a supplement and you find out that your stored vitamin d is higher than it should be, there are two things that can make a big difference:

First, you’ll want to increase your magnesium levels. This will enable your vitamin d to convert to an active form of vitamin d.

Second, you’ll want to know that blue-green algae (like the E3 ‘brain on blue-green algae’ we carry in the store) and magnesium act like batman + robin for your body, and together become the perfect way to clean up any residual problems from too much stored vitamin d.

Implementing these two simple supplements can help your body correctly use the vitamin d you’ve been trying to use, and vastly affect your health and daily feelings of wellness. Pinkie promise it’s something your body will thank you for.

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14 thoughts on “Vitamin D: What You’re Missing

  1. I was unaware that it is best to get Vit D in the morning. I would like to have more information about which labs to test Vit D levels.

    1. Cathy in Core7 there is a sheet with vitamin D lab testing. If you are unable to find it tag Shelley Hansen or Sarah Rigby to help youfind it.

  2. For now I’ll make sure to take my CLO in the morning. Ultimately I’d love to get my numbers as well!

  3. Im tAking both liquid Mg (Remag)and plant based Vit D3 plus K2. I haven’t had any blood tests. I’m still not experiencing optimum energy and sleep. I also take Blackseed oil recently for help with inflammation and joint health.

    1. So important to know your numbers so you can make decisions based off of what your body needs.

  4. Magnesium never ceases to amaze! I didn’t know that magnesium can convert vitamin D into its active form. Or that blue green algae will help magnesium clean up my excess stored vitamin D. I love it!

    1. It is foundational.

  5. Very interesting!

  6. Thanks Kristen!! This is great information! I love the Tidbits about what we are missing.

    1. welcome

  7. I cannot not read #1, 3 and 5 on the white background. The blue writing is very light.

    1. oh shoot. Some monitors have lighter color saturation. Ours is super readable. I will ask Taylor to tweak it when she has a chance.

    2. Just a heads up that Taylor updated this and made it easier to read.

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