Balancing EMF Exposure

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Simple Ways to Balance Your EMF Exposure

Worried About EMF’S?

If you are looking for a study to support whether or not electromagnetic frequencies cause health issues let me tell you something upfront. You will find hundreds on either side. Maybe even thousands.

Sweden Has Recognized EMF Causing Functional Impairment Since 2005

Sometimes we can go into “overwhelm” mode when it comes to EMF. We can’t see them and so much about them is out of our control. However, that is where the lie is, there are so many things that you can do to protect yourself.

Simple Ways to Keep Your EMF Exposure Down

  • keep your cell phone on airplane mode all night long
  • turn your wifi off at night using this simple switch
  • never use your laptop on your lap

Symptoms of EMF Exposure

skin problems ~ dizziness ~ sleep disorders ~ numbness ~ anxiety ~ depression ~ hearing problems ~ confusion ~ speech difficulties ~ migraines ~ joint pain ~ tremors ~ cramps ~ flu-like symptoms ~

Tools to Determine EMF’s Around You

in 2002 a study lead by Santanna determined that the closer you live to a cell phone tower, the more of these symptoms appeared. Go check the wifi on your phone from your bedroom. How many wifi routers are around your house from neighbors. If your phone can pick them up your body can as well. Here is my favorite tool to measure what is in your home.

Does Everyone Have Issues?

Think of EMF’s like caffeine; Caffeine affects everyone but to varying degrees. did you know that EMF’s can lower a woman’s sex drive and drop a man’s sperm count?

Remember: your most important tool to use is creating good habits with cell phones. turning it on airplane mode, Not carrying it in your pocket, and keep it 12 inches away from your body.

Magnesium Offsets EMF’S

Once you understand what is happening at the cellular level with EMF’s, then you can start to really understand why magnesium is so important.

Can we talk about Calcium Voltage Channels? This is in the membrane of the cell and is dictated by low-level energy. So when EMF’s scramble the signal, it tells the cell to drop calcium continuously. Calcium is like cortisol. It is necessary, but not all day every day. Calcium hardens things like the pineal gland, causes disruption to sleep, and hinders hormone function when there is too much calcium. We haven’t even discussed diabetes and heart issues that too much calcium can cause. Magnesium  offsets that signal. If you have enough magnesium then the cell membrane is not as triggered by the confusion of EMf’s.

So tell me, do you worry? What precautions are you taking to clear it up? Or do you think it is all a bunch of garbage? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Thank you Kristen! I would love that!

  2. Kristen, what do you think about things that are marketed to reduce EMF’s or their effects, such as stickers for cel phones, stones on necklaces, or decorative rocks sitting around the house. Do you think there is any merit to them? Thanks!

    1. Many of them are fabulous and others a total waste of money. I will work on a blog post with those that have worked for my family.

  3. I’m sorry I missed your class. Please keep sending me your informative emails.

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