FAQ's about Magnesium


How do you maximize the effectiveness of the soak? Do we add something to the magnesium length of time we should soak in it?

How often should I soak?

What is the optimal amount of time to soak?

What is the optimal amount of time of day to soak?

How much magnesium do you add to the bath when you are using one of the bath bombs?

Hot or cold water? What difference does that give?

I don't have time to soak, can I just use the spray and spray the bottom of my feet every day?

Can I add anything to it to maximize uptake?

Can I soak in the morning and night since I am so low?

Can multiple people soak in a bath and all get the same benefit?

Why can’t I just take oral magnesium?

Is a foot soak or bathing in it more effective? What about taking internally? Is it safe?

How long will a jug of magnesium last?

What type of container do I soak in?

Can kids soak?

How much for kids?

Why are my feet so dry after?

Why do you feel tired when soaking in magnesium?

Does transdermal magnesium cause diarrhea?


What are signs that I might be low in magnesium and should soak?

How do you find out if you are low on magnesium?

When do you know when you’re at magnesium cell saturation?

How do you maintain cell saturation?

Health benefits of magnesium soaks?

How important is to soak when you have Ulcerative Colitis?

I am pregnant or nursing, is it safe to soak?

How will soaking in Magnesium help for pre-op and post-op surgery?

Why does soaking in magnesium make my face look so amazing?

How and/or why does magnesium help you feel calm and less stressed?

Will, it help with hypothyroid? I have Hashimotos.

Why Magnesium

What makes LTGLN magnesium a better choice over other brands?

Why is magnesium so important?

Why magnesium oil and not Epsom salt?