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Magnesium Body Spray


Magnesium Body Spray: The same product as our Magnesium Soak, packaged in a spray applicator for ease of liberal application or travel. Spray magnesium liberally on the soft tissue parts of the body, think bottoms of feet, inner thighs (NOT near groin area), and inner arms (just down from the armpit), or wherever the sore muscle is. 

Those with a low Magnesium RBC may experience a tingling sensation. Increasing your magnesium levels by soaking in magnesium can help this to go away. Traces of powdery white residue may appear. We recommend spraying at night, before bedtime, and wearing clothing that can be easily washed.

Absolutely no additives. Imported from the Zechstein Sea from the Netherlands. 

**Avoid spraying in or near eyes and open wounds. 



Pure, undiluted, liquid magnesium chloride

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This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice; always seek the guidance of your qualified health professional.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Sue Tomashek
Dry skin on feet

I am not noticing any improvement. But what I did notice was my normally healthy skin on the soles of my feet got dry and peeling. Any thoughts why?

Linda Cook
Not yet

Good Day,
I have not used this spray yet. I love the foot soak and have used a little of the lotion. So far soooo good. Spray, I’ll let ya know.

Jody Jensen

Magnesium Body Spray

Dana D
Absolutely Fantastic!!

Having hashimotos and fibromyalgia this has helped bring some quality of life back! I don’t wake up feeling like the tin man every morning. I use the spray as well on hectic days and has helped with arthritis aches and pains. Highly recommend this product.

Great. I use it on my arms, legs and feet.

It is like using an expensive lotion and the effects are great.

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