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Magnesium Body Spray


Magnesium Body Spray: The same product as our Magnesium Soak packaged in a spray applicator for ease of liberal application or travel. Spray magnesium liberally on the soft tissue parts of the body, think bottoms of feet, inner thighs (NOT near groin area) and inner arms (just down from the armpit), or wherever the sore muscle is. A tingly sensation may occur, and traces of powdery white residue may occur. We recommend spraying at night, before bedtime, and wearing clothing that can be easily washed. 

Absolutely no additives.  Imported from the Zechstein Sea from the Netherlands.


Pure, undiluted, liquid magnesium

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 This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice; always seek the guidance of your qualified health professional.

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It makes my legs burn


Let me share a few things with you that will help you understand why you experienced that.

When your body is deficient in magnesium you can experience tingling as the magnesium is absorbed through your skin. Many companies dilute their spray bottles to avoid this.
Kristen has found over the last 20 years after several session of soaking in magnesium that this always goes away.

We recommend a 1/4 cup of your spray bottle and adding it to a bowl with water and soaking your feet. This will help you increase your magnesium levels.

As always this is not intended to be medical advice, but sharing what our clients have experienced.

Here is some more information on our FAQ page

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Magnesium Body Spray

I've taken a couple of classes from Kristen before. I was glad to hear it could help with my getting and staying sleep issues. I use the Magnesium Body spray about an hour before going to sleep ~ it definitely helps!

Julia H.
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I have been to Kristen's class twice. I learn new things every time! She is amazing. I love learning about how magnesium affects so many different things. This magnesium has helped me so much. I use to get leg cramps at night, I don't anymore! It is very pure and concentrated. This is the best magnesium product that I have ever tried! If you get a chance to go sit at Kristen's feet and learn, do it! Seriously she is an expert!

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