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Magnesium Soak- 32oz


Transdermal magnesium offers essential benefits for overall health and wellness. Oral magnesium supplements are not easily absorbed by the body, and synthetic isolated magnesium can harm the digestive system. Traditional food sources lack sufficient magnesium due to modern farming practices.

Living the Good Life Naturally provides clean, undiluted liquid magnesium chloride from the Zechstein Sea, with products designed to target specific health concerns such as muscle pain, stress, insomnia, and migraines. Our 30-day challenge with our Magnesium Soak can help determine the optimal magnesium intake for each individual.

Let the power of transdermal magnesium to promote overall health and wellness, with the caveat that this information is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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Pure, undiluted, liquid magnesium chloride from the Zechstein Sea


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This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice; always seek the guidance of your qualified health professional.

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Kelly Aroesty
Never received

Never received and having difficulty getting someone to respond

Oh no Kelly!!

We have searched our emails high and low and cannot find anything from your email address. We just sent you an email to help you track down your package that was delivered April 27th to your mailbox.

Deborah Maysonet
5 stars

I’m not done with the bottle but so far I’m enjoying the benefits.😊

Cynthia Maes
I love living the good life.

Magnesium soak and the muscle cream and spray have really helped my body. I would recommend this to anyone with arthritis, muscle tension. I believe it to be healing, healthy. It's scent is just right too. I plan to continue using this product as I have tried many creams, soaks but this tops them all.

Tanya Bakko
My daughter

My daughter has Lyme disease and the Lyme has attacked a list of things through out her body but the main reason we got this magnesium is because of her really bad joint pain. We used the magnesium everyday for 30 days and such a night and day difference. This is not only helped with her pain but has also helped with her sleep and being in a joyful mood the next day. We will be continuing to buy this product! ♥️

Dixie Blain

I like the soaks

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