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How to Soak: Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Step 1

Order our Undiluted Magnesium Soak (32 oz.) and get a soaking container - make sure it's glass, ceramic, or stainless steel!

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Step 2

Add in enough water to cover the tops of your feet (just like a pedicure!)

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Step 3

Add 1/4 cup or 3 capfuls of the Magnesium Soak. For best results, soak for 20 - 45 minutes.

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But why magnesium?

Magnesium is the first step for everything healthy in your body. Unlike other companies, we source from the cleanest source and test each batch for heavy metals. Most others manufacture it in a lab, leaving you without important co-factors to assist in moving your red blood cell numbers.

Other FAQs


How do you maximize the effectiveness of the soak?

Magnesium is hydrophilic so drinking a big glass of water helps it to move more quickly through your body.

How often and long should I soak?

How Often: We recommend a 30 day challenge and then slow down to 1-3 times per week.

Soaking time: You should soak anywhere from 20 - 45 minutes.

When to soak: It completely depends on your adrenals. Strong adrenals can soak anytime. Weak adrenals can get wired at night and sleepy in the morning. So play with it. AS you soak and create better adrenal health you will be able to adjust your soaking time. Usually in the beginning nighttime is best as it is so relaxing. Then it becomes energizing as you balance adrenal function and then those adrenals get so happy they become balanced and you can soak anytime.

Aren't Epsom salts the same?

They are similar, but not the same. Epsom salts are good at relaxing muscles and adding sulfates for optimal liver function.

My goal with soaking in magnesium is cell saturation. Epsom salts do not have enough magnesium to move your red blood cell number to 6.3, which is where liver and thyroid functions start working better.

This is because each red blood cell is surrounded by magnesium. I add Epsom to my magnesium-soaking water to get the benefit of both.

Should I use hot or cold water? Foot Soak or Bath?

Water Temperature: I am a bit of a water snob and I was sure that it would make a difference in the uptake. During our testing, we found it did not. So just make sure you are comfortable.

Foot Soak vs. Bath: We did extensive testing on this and both are equally effective at moving your red blood cell numbers.

Internally I would never take it as it decreases your body’s ability to uptake nutrients. A short term fix that has long-term consequences.

I don't have time to soak, can I just spray my feet every day?

You can spray the bottoms of your feet every day but it will not get you to cell saturation as soaking does.

Can I add anything to it to maximize uptake?

Yes about ¼ cup of baking soda in your soaking water will help you uptake it more efficiently.

Why can’t I just take oral magnesium?

Let’s think about this for a moment. When you look at the back of a box of cold cereal it says you get 100% of so many nutrients. Tell me one person who has optimal health eating only cold cereal. No one does. But we go to the health food store and buy the same synthetic nutrition and expect it to make us healthy. Oral magnesium decreases the uptake of nutrients your body can uptake from food. Oral magnesium also cannot get you to cell saturation and that is where magnesium really starts doing the work of keeping you healthy. Oral magnesium is also usually mixed with citric acid which is made from black mold and hard on the gut lining.

How long will a bottle of magnesium last?

An adult 16 soaking sessions and a child 32. We recommend ordering 2 bottles for a 30 Day Magnesium Soaking Challenge.


What are the signs that I might be low in magnesium?

Muscle cramping, eye twitches, cramping, migraines, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, heart palpitations low vitamin d, autoimmune and the list goes on. Every disease starts with low magnesium.You can get your levels checked here.

How do I find out if I am low on magnesium?

Our food has become deficient because of overuse of synthetic fertilizers. Testing will give you your exact numbers. Link to Walk In Labs

When do you know when you’re at magnesium cell saturation?

The only way to go is Walk-in Labs. Taking the Magnesium RBC and getting those numbers between 6.3 and above.

How do you maintain cell saturation?

Each person will have different areas they need to tighten up. For some reducing sugar, others managing stress and others making sure they have optimal sleep. So maintaining is a very personal pattern of choices. Most do between 1-4 times per week but as you focus on building good habits it can be decreased. I want you out there feeling good and living your purpose not soaking all of the time.

What are the health benefits of magnesium soaks?

I seriously need to write a book for this one. Improved adrenal and thyroid function, better blood sugar control and one of my personal favorites as someone who is wired with depression better neurotransmitter uptake. And this is just touching the surface of all the benefits.

How important is to soak when you have Ulcerative Colitis?

Soaking is extra important for that, since it restores gut function and reduces inflammation which aggravates Colitis.

I am pregnant or nursing, is it safe to soak?

Yes, this is a crucial time to get that magnesium in your baby.

How will soaking in Magnesium help for pre-op and post-op surgery?

Magnesium assists in healing so optimal levels are important going into surgery. Surgery actually strips magnesium so after you need to do the 30 Day Magnesium Soaking Challenge.

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Can I soak in the morning and night since I am so low?

We found after testing that your body can only uptake the ¼ cup and anything after that is wasting magnesium. You need time to utilize it so soaking more does not do anything better than once every 24 hours.

Is it safe to cook in the glass casserole pan after you cleaned it thoroughly once you have soaked in?

Yes, just make sure to wash it well.

Can multiple people soak in a bath and all get the same benefit?

I wish they could. The first person uptakes the useable magnesium. Leaving the others without.

What type of container do I soak in?

Glass is my favorite. I use a Pyrex casserole dish from big box stores.

Can kids soak?

Yes they can. How young? I wait until they can sit up in the tub. How long? Minimum of 20 minutes. Same dosage? No only 1/8th of a cup. What’s the benefit of soaking for kids? It really helps them sleep better.

Why are my feet so dry after?

We have found over the years that magnesium shines the light on what is broken in your body. Dry feet is usually an omega 3 fatty acid deficiency.

Why do you feel tired when soaking in magnesium?

Magnesium shines the light on what is happening in your body. Usually, this is a potassium deficiency so drinking coconut water can help.

Does transdermal magnesium cause diarrhea?

Soaking in magnesium bypasses digestion and does not cause stomach issues.

Help! The Magnesium Body Spray makes my skin tingle.

When a person is magnesium deficient they can experience tingling from their body up taking the magnesium in their skin.

The quickest way to relive this is to rub lotion on the affected area. The oils in the lotion will slow down the uptake of magnesium through the skin.

The ultimate solution is to soak in magnesium and increase the cellular level in the body.

Why does soaking in magnesium make my face look so amazing?

Magnesium is the beauty mineral and helps move nutrients in your skin giving it a glow. I look younger now than ten years ago because of magnesium. I love it for that.

How and/or why does magnesium help you feel calm and less stressed?

Magnesium is the relaxer mineral and puts everything at ease in your body.

Will, it help with hypothyroid? I have Hashimotos.

Magnesium will not heal thyroid issues on their own BUT it does kickstart the processes that can help you with optimal thyroid function. It is the master mineral.

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