Acerola Cherry Powder


whole food vitamin C grown in a permaculture system.

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Our Acerola Cherry Powder is the number one whole food source of vitamin C available on the planet. Grown in a poly-culture system in the Amazon Forest of Brazil . Our Organic Acerola cherry power is the finest you can buy. The human body does not produce vitamin C so you must be adding it on a daily basis to enjoy the health benefits. Vitamin C is crucial in promoting circulation, bile production, and boosting your immune system. Studies have shown that Acerola Cherry Powder is also useful in balancing out the pH levels in your gut, which leads to better digestion, less bloating, and and overall intestinal well being. Acerola Cherry powder is the most potent form of vitamin C available and compares with medically provided intravenous doses of Vitamin C when you take the proper dose for your individual body chemistry. Acerola Cherry powder is great for daily use and will give you an all natural, whole food boost for optimal health. Most commercial vitamin C is made from high fructose corn syrup and is not easily assimilated into the body. Our acerola is all natural, real food that has been shown to give a stronger immune, better adrenal health and assisting in T4 to T3 conversion rates in your thyroid. The only downside to this Acerola Cherry Powder is that because it is a whole food and not mixed with maltodextrin it takes a fews hefty stirs with a fork to help it dissolve in water. We find there is always a small clump that does not dissolve which is a reminder of the whole real food that it is.

220 grams per bag approx. 8 ounces

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