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My Miracle Tea


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4 bags- $35.20

13 bags- $104.00

26 bags- $175.20

48 bags- $249.60

This tea is a wonderful aid for constipation, bloating relief, and can work as a digestive aid. This tea isn’t made like regular tea. Each package comes with two tea bags, and the bags make up a gallon of concentrate. After brewing this product, it can last up to three weeks if kept in the fridge.


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This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice; always seek the guidance of your qualified health professional.

Customer Reviews

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Kitty Smith
My Miracle Tea

I’ve been drinking this tea for a few years now & it is strengthening my digestive system & improving my peristaltic action, it works!

Michelle B
Quite pricey, but started doing great things after second bag

The first bag didn't seem to do anything for me. But I had forgotten it some days. And I'd made the whole batch at once, and it sat in the fridge for a while. It seemed like a good idea to try again, a little while later. Second time was the charm. This time I did only 1/2 batch (1 tea bag) at a time to keep it fresher. And I made sure to do it each morning. I loaded it up with fresh lemon juice to improve the taste. The first tea bag didn't seem to do much, but the second tea bag, wow, it had my colon gurgling . And it started making me poop like crazy. By the end of the second half of the second tea bag I was almost starting to have urgent poop accidents, like while out shopping. not good. So after that batch was gone, I haven't made any more yet. So my question is the timing of doing another round, and maybe spacing it out a little, to avoid any more almost-accidents? How far is too far to space it out such that it will be ineffective? Does every other day work? Or a couple days on, a couple days off? Or use up one tea bag worth, then take a few days off? I know you can't tell me how to use it... Can you tell me how you use it? (And please don't tell me to ask my doctor -- as if they have any clue about this.) Thanks!

Stacy Nichols

I love My Miracle Tea.
I purchased it again at my local store.

Lorette A Lythgoe
Love the results I get from the tea!

I have been using MMT for constipation. I have SIBO-C. It’s a “bummer“. (Haha)
The tea has been a regular in my tool box for easing my results.
When it’s fresh made, it works better for me.
I usually take it in the morning, warm with some lemon.
I never want to run out again!
Thanks for offering it in your shop!

Ruth H.
Magnesium Great Help

I like the overall well-rounded health approach without focusing on just one aspect. But using the magnesium has definitely been a great help to me and to those I have shared it with. It has helped them with energy, joint pain, depression, and sleep.
Thanks for sharing all you have learned!

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